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  1. Well...Achilles Last Stand and In My Time Of Dying are better songs and each one of these have never gotten the air time as the aforementioned. Down with Stairway, hail to ALS & IMTOD!
  2. It brings a tear to my eye seeing the Cubs are all but done in this series - LOL... Long live the White Sox - 2005 World Series Champ!
  3. Lol, and I really hate that damn song that is sung after every Cub home game! Try rationalizing with a Cub fan and it is as bad as trying to do the same with a Bear fan. Yes, I was born, raised and live in Chicago, but there is two things i loathe outside of Illinois politics - the Cubs and the McCaskey owned Bears! Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks, Cle-ev-land rocks!!! Pitching and clutch timely hitting wins most of the time. I'm a White Sox fan and I'd take Bryant, Schwarber, Rizzo, Baez, Contreras, Zobrist, Fowler and Russell any day!
  4. Custard Pie Night Flight In The Light Houses Of The Holy Down By The Seaside For Your Life Tea For One Royal Orleans Hots On For Nowhere Carouselambra I'm Gonna Crawl South Bound Suarez Poor Tom Traveling Riverside Blues and #1 - Hey Hey What Can I Do
  5. Go Indians go... go Indians go... hey Cleveland what do you say the Indians are gonna win today... *white sox fan here!!!
  6. Here is the rule: You can take only one member from any given band. My band is this... John Bonham - Drums Jimi Hendrix - Guitar Steve Marriott - Vocals Chris Squire - Bass Keith Emerson - Keyboards
  7. Speed? Fuck no! Look, many so called experts believe Page was always sloppy and that is not the case! There is something to be said for tone. Page had a tone that may have sounded like he was sloppy, and that was not the case! That man shredded up to 75'. He didn't get the nickname "magic fingers" for nothing. And tell me, if one is truly sloppy it would be evident while playing an accoustic guitar. Btw, SRV is my third favorite player, and he was messed up on heroin as well. Booed off the field at Yankees Satdium while trying to play the Star Spangled Banner. Does that make SRV unqualified as a guitar player? Not at all. Just a low point he eventually conquered.
  8. Page was not playing guitar the way he did in his prime on that Coverdale/Page tour!!!
  9. First i have heard of a sbd from this show. I've had the audience recording of this show for quite some time.
  10. Page was never the same after he started his heroin addiction, and was worse after the death of John Bonham. The ARMS shows are Page at his lowest. IMO, he never fully recovered, as a player, from these two (heroin,/death of John Bonham) specific incidents. And yes, I do consider Jimmy Page to be one of the two greatest guitarists ever - Page 1a. Hendrix 1b. Page from 66'-75' is some of the most powerful, pationate playing I've ever heard. I also don't wear rose colored glasses. Page played horribly at Live Aid. Post Led Zeppelin, Walking Into Clarksdale was Page's greatest achievement. Robert Plant's as well.
  11. People, we have the next best thing - the numerous Led Zeppelin bootlegs. I'd rather see Them Crooked Vultures back working together!!!
  12. I remember being 13, and very excited to see Jones, Page and Plant perform at Live Aid. At the time, I thought to myself it wasn't the same. I was disappointed because my memory had this great band sounding phenomenol on the soundtrack The Song Remains The Same, and here they were - Page still out of it and not able to play, Plant's voice shot and Jones couldn't be heard. I had no feeling one way or the other about Phil Collins joining them. I did have excitement to see Tony Thompson because it was then rumored that he may be "the " drummer moving forward if a full fledged reunion occured. To this day, I am glad Led Zeppelin never reformed. Like has been said, it takes four certain individuals, and unfortunately one of those individuals has passed. Imo, that really puts Led Zeppelin ahead of their contemporaries. There was a respect factor within the surving three members and that can never be overstated!
  13. Yeah, all the versions of Immigrant Song have an extended solo, but what i believe your talking about in the version you mention is the fact Page sort of plays two solos. That Hampton one is pretty special.