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  1. Or some of the March '73 gigs which are partial. Bring them on !!
  2. The bands great live moments are plenty, it's sure tough to choose only one. I think all the choices so far are excellent!! There is something magical about that July 28th No Quarter though. I could have that original SRTS version playing all day on a continuous loop and it would be my favourite day ever. That solo cooks and is a shinning moment of pure Page bliss. Bonham in the background doing his shuffles and just letting Page run with it as the solo builds and builds and builds....insane !! I'm smiling just thinking of it lol?. This would be my pick. Time to go listen to this.
  3. Julian mentioned today that first editions are all sold out. Not sure if it'll go into wide print release? Sam might have an idea about that. Cheers.
  4. Received this in the mail yesterday. It's fuckin' amazing! 555 pages long and completely updated and rewritten. A must have for any hardcore live Zeppelin fan. I have all previous editions (3)and can't wait to dive into this new one over the weekend. I picked mine up from Julian Walker and had it signed by Luis. Cost was around $70 Canadian with shipping from the UK. I've been waiting years for this to finally be updated and now it's here.Thank you Luis Rey!! Cheers
  5. Amen brother. This album sounds better then ever. One of eight masterpieces.
  6. I concur!.This song is amazing !! The Presence out takes are mind blowing.
  7. From Toronto and also waiting. Can't wait to grab the super deluxe version of with all of them !! Love the packaging and the better clearer sound. Cheers
  8. I completely disagree. Plant is a hippy at heart. Don't think he sang any of his lyrics just "just for the money". This is the wrong place to make such a silly comment. You should be on the One Direction chat site.
  9. Bring it on already !! I thought June would be the release of the last three. Now I'm not so sure ? Either way cannot wait for the final releases. In a small way I'm also saddened by it. This has been an exciting few years to be a hardcore fan.
  10. Well said. I concur. One of eight masterpieces.
  11. But how do you explain last years release of Zeppelin 1,2 and 3 simultaneously? I say all three together at the same time in June. Then Page will get on with his next venture.
  12. Saw a few bands over the years at "The Concert Hall" including Stevie Ray Vaughan on a hot August night in 1984. Also Saga, a local Toronto band back in 85.
  13. I still find it hard to believe that Traveling Riverside Blues will not find its way onto the remastered Coda. I understand that's its already been released on the BBC sessions but it would help give Coda a bit more oomph. Can't wait to find out along with the companion book for Coda. Cheers
  14. My god your place looks like mine lol !! We also have "The Object" in the centre of our lunch table ........ true story lol. Looks like you'll need to build another shelf for the last three releases. What a great few years it's been to be a Zeppelin fan/collector. Cheers