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  1. I took press conference to mean they have found a star with nine planets......which is quite something. Getting there will take some time, until a Mr Weyland meets a Mr Yutani , we will be exploring locally I hope.......
  2. Any request for some sort help or moving some ex-presidents retirement funds out of Nigeria.? If not she might actually be a "Texas Hottie" you lucky chap......
  3. Very windy and cold, a brass monkey would be worried today.!
  4. I read a interview where someone asked, why he had not made a second solo album, when his ex-bandmates seem to still be making and releasing new music. Jimmy became rather snippy and defensive, so if you meet Jimmy, best not to ask when you expect "new music" to appear.!
  5. Good point, does anyone what style of music they play.? JPJ is always up to something new.
  6. Good what were playing prior to that....?
  7. Same here.
  8. I have enjoyed most of the companion discs, Led Zeppelin seemed to have their songs nailed down before they went near the studio. Rather than that " I've got an idea, let's try to bring in drums" work in progress type of album.
  9. I'll be at the Bar...... actually make that a double...... .
  10. Wishing all on the forum A Very Merry Christmas and A Peaceful New Year.
  11. Well if the report is true, at least Jimmy is recording again, just not quite in the way we hoped......!
  12. Nose.
  13. While you are all getting worked up about this stuff, has anyone investigated what happens to men's socks in a washing machine, I always seen to lose one.
  14. Would you say the BBC collection was worth buying, because the last version I owned got played about twice,?
  15. There are some valves on that amp in that cartoon, is it worth buying a valve amp..?