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  1. Wait... Is this real?????
  2. LOL, Is that Puff Daddy with Jimmy Page?
  3. Which do you think is better Stairway to Heaven or Kashmir?
  4. Is Live Blueberry Hill the only time Led Zeppelin performed Out on the Tiles? Other than the intro to Black Dog and Moby Dick.
  5. Jimmy's Stairway to Heaven performances on the Outrider tour were the best up to that point. Definitely better than for example the ARMS stairway rendition.
  6. That's nice but I actually want a serious answer.
  7. Do you guys think the o2 Kashmir was the best ever? Or was it the 1979 Knebworth?
  8. I have seen that it is really good!
  9. Also if you're not going give an opinion don't just spam!
  10. Whenever I search a 404 error comes up.
  11. This is a close second Communication Breakdown from Hawaii in 1970. Robert's vocals are unbelievable!
  12. What do you think is Led Zeppelin's best rendition of a song. My personal opinion is this: