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  1. Damn, there's a palpable sadness in their expressions. Page looks weary, haggard, with that long ash cig hanging from his mouth.
  2. Indeed!! Yes, I read that too. You can see the spare snare on the stage in some photos. There's a show , Leicester 71 , where Bonzo breaks his bass drum head on Celebration Day.
  3. Reasonable guess! Looks like a right hot and uncomfortable outfit!
  4. Summon the time machine!! 😋
  5. Hmm, that looks like a clear head on the snare in the pic with the goofy mask. Is that Newcastle 72?? It's a different color and texture than the tom head and it looks like you can see the bottom edge of the drum though it, even part of the snare wires.
  6. I remember reading some place that Page wanted to hear how the Dazed jam and WLL medleys were sounding post gig so that's why he had those sections recorded off the board. I've never heard of any complete March 73 Europe tapes existing. Some of their best played shows ever IMO, although Plant is in very rough voice for that tour.
  7. I like this idea. Tasteful.
  8. Yes, but possible they're in the hands of hoarders. BTW, the soundboard fragment for Long Beach 72 is one of the best I've ever heard. Much better than any 75 or 77 board. It's a multi track, not a board feed. That would be the money, to get that whole show!
  9. Never saw this pic before. Wonder where and when taken?
  10. Yes, the floor toms...but I think there is another shot where you can clearly see the snare and possibly tom head are clear. Also, this was taken in Australia, over a year before the other pic from Paris. If I find that pic I will post it.
  11. Looks like Halloween judging from the gorilla suit. LOL.
  12. I wholeheartedly agree with all of this. Too many inconsistencies with Page's sloppy and sometimes meandering playing and Plant's croaking to have a complete show from 75 or 77 without major doctoring and I don't think Plant especially would ok a warts and all performance. Perhaps a cherry picked assortment of material from '73 ( if there's any in the can) , 75 Earls Court, any good 77 video and Kneb shows.
  13. Haha, we are really getting into geeked out minutiae here but ...look at the gloss on that 14 inch tom head, its too shiny to be a coated head IMO. It has a different texture look than the snare head. I wish there were more pics of the kit from back or above. Maybe he was experimenting at this time, just before the loud Vistalites arrived. The clear heads offer more in terms of projection, less warmth. Could be?!
  14. No one yet have a comment on the forum?? 73 partial Soundboards?? Why so many? Where are the rest of those shows? How did they come about?
  15. Very cool shot! A revelation to see a black dot batter side head on the bass drum with the steel kit. Also, like earlier green sparkle kit, surprised to see a clear head on the back. I always assumed coated heads all around. Love these pics from behind his kit.