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  1. I have a first gen source that is clean sounding and doesn't have the glitches . This one .... 6/13/77 NY Lineage: Master(Sony TC120 cassette)>1st gen cassette>cdr>cdr(x)>eac(secure mode/read offsets corrected)>wav>flac(level 7) Jimmy's solo on No Quarter is really smokin, and I'm not a big fan of 77 NQ's
  2. Agreed. Multi-track recordings would be another story! It's incredible to think there was no multi-track recording of any 77 shows , given the mammoth scale of that tour production.
  3. I have been thinking the same thing!
  4. Absolutely agree. St Tristan's Sword was another total surprise, at least to me. Capricious beast indeed. private hoarders...very strange indeed. Eyes Wide Shut.
  5. I checked and Sonic Boom ( Hampton 71) stereo version has guitar exclusively in the right, bass in the left. Pb ( Vancouver '70) is very heavy with guitar in one channel and very little in the other. If you're interested in either of those I can hook you up. The other boards I referred to are not exclusively guitar in one channel only. Texas Pop 8/31/69 is not guitar exclusively in any channel on the versions I have. I think you'd have to listen to a lot of board tape versions to check for sure and some releases pan the stereo differently but I can't think of any with extreme separation. Maybe there is a different mix out there for Texas Pop but I don't hear an isolated guitar channel.
  6. Unreal, so that was LA or Long Beach? Amazed you were there for HTWWW at 9 years old!! Did you also attend Bonzos Bday or 6/3/73?
  7. This is a golden memory post you've shared. Awesome! So, one thing I'm puzzled by is...if this show was after your freshman year of high school and you first saw Zep in '72, you must've been like 9 years old for that first concert?!
  8. I think the latest stereo release of Hampton 71 from Empress Valley has the guitar and bass in separate channels. Sonic Boom. I can check and get back to you, unless someone else knows for sure asap. I thought maybe one of the 69 soundboards too, like Fillmore, Winterland or Denmark. Obviously , we are talking only about a board or multi track, right. An audience source wouldn't have guitar exclusively in one channel?
  9. You'd have to open it up and check the matrix numbers. There are many early pressing variations. I believe a true first US press has handwritten matrices ending in -A or -AA and would be a Monarch or Presswell pressing. You have to open it up and check the deadwax.
  10. These are all great choices , especially Darlene. That is a showcase for some signature Bonham drumming. Unique groove/beat pattern, huge sound, swinging drum breaks. Great tune but, Plant annoys me with all his constipated caterwauling. 😒 Yes, so true about all those isolated drum tracks. ITTOD may not be my fav Zep album but, those drum tracks are awe inspiring. That section you just described sounds like Godzilla's samba ! Monstrous.
  11. Maltstone is now the name of the business that is located in the old New Inn. Gotta make a pilgrimage someday to these sites.
  12. Damn, so many to choose from. The above are musts. I would add... Achilles Last Stand, in My Time Of Dying, Wanton Song
  13. If it's a true first press with the uncorrected first series matrices and turquoise lettering on the cover then it's worth several thousand in near mint condition. There are several variations of first pressings . Check discogs for more info.
  14. The new Sgt Peppers 50th anniversary release is very nice. There's no compelling reason why Zep couldn't do a through the years live compilation of stuff never before released. Multi tracks from RAH, Long Beach and LA 72, Southampton and MSG 73, Earl's Court, maybe Knebworth. Maybe there are other multi tracks that can be revisited and polished up. JP should get cracking, since he doesn't play, record or tour. Zep fans are starved for previously unheard live or studio material . When I first heard St Tristan's Sword I thought, fuck ...this is what we want more of!!! That would be an optimal way to commemorate their 50th anniversary IMO.