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  1. I live in the US and it's the same. Many titles have been removed and blocked. I've been on discogs for several years and never saw anything like this. Warner must be on the warpath again like they do on eBay... athough titles by other artists are blocked as well. Makes me wonder if some of the bootleg sellers in Japan are flagging titles on discogs to eliminate competition.
  2. EV is getting taken down too.
  3. Thought I'd bump this thread , as this post from SAJ is very thought provoking. When I see pics of them performing on July 24 77, I can't help feel that gloom one sees in photos of a crowd just before a disaster hits.
  4. Trying to figure that one out too. 🤔
  5. For those who don't know, this is an exhaustive site dedicated to TSRTS.
  6. Jonesy gets into a little Ska groove on the Steinway there during the guitar solo!
  7. I don't have Winston's version of that show but I do have Afterburner which was allegedly a rip off his matrix and to me it sounds like a board only except for the audience patches and songs at the end. I'd like to ask Winston if he truly matrixed the sources. If he did then maybe he just used s very slight bit if audience tape as ambience. I think that's the Rain Song where the mellotron craps out so he finished it on the Rhodes. Great show, one of my all time favorites .
  8. I am not sure but I thought they can be heard outside the US. I didn't take them down.
  9. I prefer the original LP mastering to the remaster but I can understand why people like the amplified, high eq sound of the remaster. The best way to listen to the whole show IMO is the Heywood remaster. It uses the best versions of Celebration Day and No Q, no missing beat in SIBLY and adds missing sections to Dazed and Whole Lotta Love. It was really confounding that Jimmy didn't remaster the album soundtrack or simply give us a complete concert from the multi tracks.
  10. I agree with you , but apparently the original soundtrack couldn't be altered due to copyright issues so it had to be as it is in the film. Not sure what that means specifically, I'm sure there are people here who can edify us.
  11. Agreed, one of the baddest versions ever.
  12. Thank you , I appreciate the feedback. I agree with you...I wish I could've smoothed out the highs more, I probably could've done a little better had I spent more time on it but it is a fairly limited dynamic range board tape.
  13. Seriously though, the samples should be fine. It can take a bit for the file to load.
  14. How dare you ask such a personal question???
  15. Thanks! Yeah, that makes sense. In this case the big ambience of Freezer's tape does compliment and contrast the dry board tape very well , IMO. I'm sure a more skilled person could align the sources closer but overall I really like listening to this show now. I have the complete show done for a while now. Again, this is by no means meant to be definitive , I did this for my own pleasure and there are micro cuts and some overlapping but it's nearly impossible to align every note from each source. As I said, I can send it lossless via wetransfer if you like. Just pm your email addy.