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  1. Yes, the thread got derailed...but there is an undercurrent of derisiveness to use gay as an identifier in this case. Why do we need to know his sexual orientation? Its not necessary info. If black were used... or short, or lesbian, or Jew , or white, or fat in place of gay in this case, it would still sound pejorative. It's irrelevant to the discussion.
  2. 2 of those 3 pics show him leading by the arm...maybe also in that first pic from Oakland. I would think Page and Plant wouldn't like to have their arm held like that much of the time. I suppose that's common for security but seems like it would be annoying.
  3. Now that is something I would really love to hear!
  4. I understand this, also I prefer to play discs through my stereo which necessitates converting lossless files to burn discs. Its not a problem for me, but I remember when I got started it was a bit of a hassle. Once you get it together though, its the most economical way to go.
  5. Because, they are fucking rampant opportunists! I've done my share to "support" EV and other labels by buying their products when reasonably priced but this shit is insane. I like to have a nice silver pressed set of discs with quality artwork for the aesthetic appeal but what they charge for many of their titles is madness. I have no problem downloading a show to determine whether or not its worth dropping $$ for a nicely packaged release, and if its not worth it , then I've saved money I need for real life concerns. I don't have disposable hundreds to burn. Eat A Peach put out an exemplary title of Montreux '70 recently called Feel All Right - 4 CD set for $50. (If anyone is interested, pm me...I am selling mine) . I wanted the EV version but it's well over $150 to $200 . One recent joke of a release is a sampler of songs from Baton Rouge 75 disc for $55. WTF?? You can get the whole concert for about that much on Rampaging Cajun.
  6. Bam! More like a stink bomb!! First of all I don't know what your financial reality is but I certainly can't afford to spend $$$ for extras I don't need . These titles don't need to be priced so high, it's pure opportunism. There will always be people who are willing to buy them, but deliberately putting out a brand new title only as part of a larger set for hundreds of dollars is jive, period. I understand that the exclusivity of the soundboards that EV puts out is their justification for charging big $$ but it's all bullshit. How did they acquire the tapes? Did they pay $100,000? What about all of the shows they simply downloaded themselves , tweaked (or not) and then press with some cute artwork and sell for stupid money ?? Nah, fuck that...I will wait for a more reasonably priced alternate of just the March 21 75 show. I won't be able to contribute to EVs goodwill fund. Also , the fact that others who have paid for the silvers and then share them on trading sites says to me there are generous souls in the trading community. Can't say that about bootleg companies. Page and Plant should share tapes freely for fans to enjoy, like many bands have. It's no skin off their asses, they're multi millionaires and can't take it with them. That way they would partly foil the bootleggers too...although there are plenty of suckers who would still pay $400 for 8 CDs. Utter nonsense.
  7. I would think he would have just attended the gig. Over all these years there would have been some mention of him recording for that show. It does seem odd that there are so few photographic documents. I mean it's not every day you play Carnegie Hall.
  8. Hear hear !!!
  9. I read Chris Welch's account in Keith Shadwick's book 1968-80 The Story Of A Band And Their Music
  10. "Do let me know if you're interested".
  11. Haha, perfect...scumbag opportunists.
  12. Really tremendous, thanks for sharing these. This trip was likely the inspiration for the title....The Song Remains The Same.
  13. Oh, yeah. Maybe have the Houses of the Holy kids as adults be the welcome team. Maybe a taxidermy room , with the black Labrador, the stiff stuffed falcon from Plants fantasy in a glass case. Dr Badgelys medical implements.
  14. Absolutely. Here are some potential bits... Guitars, basses, keyboards, amps, pedals, effects, Jonesey's recorders used on Stairway, Plants lyric sheets , music notes, lead sheets (if any exist) , Jimmy suits, Roberts package jeans and blouses, Bonzos Clockwork suit and bowler, some or all of his drum kits and an array of cymbals, studio session notes, previously unseen footage from TSRTS filming, authentic tour memorabilia, clothing, and posters, awards they were given ( Hiroshima) , the organ from the Starship, a historic chronology of major tours with appropriate memorabilia and possibly instruments used, 73,75,77 , a section on the phenomena of unofficial Zep recordings. Interactive tour with headsets that play audio related to each display as you approach the display area, and in the live tour sections, recorded excerpts corresponding to that particular tour.