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  1. Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    Because Stairway almost always gets flagged and taken down on YouTube. Too many flags and your account will be suspended.
  2. Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    Pardon my ignorance but, were soundboard tapes recorded to reels or cassettes? Montreux is on Ampex reels. At least I remember seeing photos of 1/4 inch reels in a Kodak box.
  3. Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    No, Sean The Bootlegger
  4. Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    Good point. Winstons source was listed as a 1st gen cassette>dat.
  5. Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    I agree with this. While there is a lot of clarity and detail in the drums, it's mostly high freqs and there isn't very much bottom end or depth or sense of space with this recording. It sounds rather thin and flat like most sound boards from this era. Also, I highly doubt Plant would sign off on much being released from this tour as his voice was pretty rough most of the time. The band however are cracking on this show, especially Bonzo. I wonder if Sean could chime in and offer his 2 cents on this subject. He has a pretty good sounding unknown gen cassette copy of this tape , not sure if that's what Winston used for his source. ??
  6. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    Don't know how I forgot the 10/2 tape! That's a really clear tape, though the performance is a bit average. Yes, Uniondale 6/15 is one of my favs too, really great performance.
  7. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    Seems like the only known multi-tracks of 72 are Long Beach. One would think Zep would've documented some if their second Japan tour but...someone more knowledgeable than I might know if there was any attempts. I'd say no audience tape from 72 qualifies as outstanding, sonically but my favs are Adelaide, Melbourne, Charlotte, Baltimore, Seattle first night (incomplete), and LA.
  8. It Makes Me Wonder

    I never read about Bonzo not liking the song, where was that noted ? He played the shit out of it live most every time. It's not a tedious song , I think it's actually fun to play because of the odd time bars. Bonzo certainly never sounded like he struggled on it, and the ending shuffle was always a fun stretch out at the end. I agree with Blindwillie, it was a really happy, loose way to end a show, after all the intense exploration of the epics. Pity there aren't some versions to hear from 75 and 77.
  9. My Moby Dick cover

    Thanks, I appreciate it very much!
  10. My Moby Dick cover

    I hadn't played Moby Dick live in front of an audience for over 33 years, but I had a blast playing with my high school rock band Nuclear Waste, in a fundraiser for our old school's music department ( Lane Tech in Chicago). My friend Terry aka BONZOLEUM was on hand and recorded it. He has a youtube channel dedicated to Bonham fanatics worldwide. He posts very entertaining and informative videos analyzing and discussing Bonzo's playing , equipment etc... ( and some other drummers as well). Hope some of you Zep nuts enjoy it. P.S. The actual tune starts about two minutes after Terry's entertaining intro.
  11. Parents Comments About Zeppelin

    I can remember , when I was about 9 (1975), going to a record store in Chicago with my dad and instead of buying his usual jazz LPs, he bought a large batch of Rock albums. I was fascinated by the covers....Jethro Tull War Child, Aqualung, Floyd - Dark Side of The Moon, Meddle, Sabbath Paranoid, Bowie albums, Lucifer's Friend. I think LZ 3,4 and HOTH were in the batch. He said of all the rock bands he heard he preferred Zep and that Bonham had the best sound , groove and feel. He liked Ian Paice too. He loved Zep even though he was an old school bebop fanatic, and he would point out things about the songs that were interesting arrangement wise. He played drums and got me started playing them. He also took me to see TSRTS when I was 11. It's because of him I became a drummer and a lifelong fan of Zep. He was a pretty cool parental unit.

    No shit! I almost expected the second E in Zeppelin was missing. 😦
  13. I thought Kenny G's brother, Stan Gorelick taped at least one of the 72 shows(the better sounding first night) and one of the two audience tapes from 73 was his as well. ??
  14. Thanks for being in existence! 🤘👏😀👍
  15. What next? AGAIN

    Word, though I'd be very happy with an officially released best of Earls Court , or 77 LA run , or Copenhagen 79.
  16. What next? AGAIN

    Dig it, well....live release it will be then.
  17. What next? AGAIN

    Yes, I agree... although I dont think anyone expected St Tristan's Sword or Carrot Celery, Pea Pod medley. Did Jimmy pointedly say no more unheard studio material exists, or will surface? Most diehard fans would eagerly welcome a live show or even a compilation. My list would be Japan 71, Earls Court, LA '77 (prob no multi tracks??) or Copenhagen Warm Ups. I just don't know if the powers at be think there are enough die hard fans to warrant another live release. I would think k so , but...🤔
  18. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    The master transfer of this tape sounds very good and clear but not as bright as this remaster. A good EQ job to the master would provide nice results, and that would be the complete show.
  19. Gawd!! I hope that's not what's being prepped for release.
  20. Seattle 73 Question

    Does anyone here have the Graf Zep 5 CD set? If so, I'm wondering if the mono source patch used for the beginning minute or so of No Quarter is only one channel? the Neckey remaster is dead on the left side. Did Graf fix that issue and put the audio in both channels?
  21. Seattle 73 Question

    Correct. As I said the Neckey remaster uses that stereo source, which is missing Dazed, Moby and some other parts. The only boot label to release it is as the primary source is Graf Zeppelin in their 5-disc title.
  22. The Rain Song

    Sometimes I think this may be Zep's greatest all around composition. It's such a beautifully written song, in all aspects. Lyrically, melodically, harmonically, the layering of the arrangement with mellotron strings. The light and shade, tenderness and power. I also love the fact that it's the only song that Bonzo ever used brushes exclusively, no sticks. I read somewhere that Page started it out as a reaction to George Harrison's comment in which he said Zep never wrote any ballads or love songs. ( I guess WLL isn't a love song really,😏). Plant is at his best here too, the lyrics are not pretentious, and he delivers the tune with great breadth of feeling and dynamics. My favorite part is the haunting coda which is entirely different than the rest of the tune. Brilliant!!

    Here here!! One of my favs too. The coda is a bitch too!
  24. Bootlegs

    I have an excellent sounding transfer on vinyl of Paris Olympia. There is almost no point though in owning the vinyl sonically over a CD if they use digital sources and transfers . It's really just for the aesthetic value, the artwork. Then again, that damn Paris show sounds and it's cool to see the colored vinyl spin!
  25. Thanks to fans, Final concert

    Yes, I agree. Only Jones would be able to cover his role without difficulty, IMO. Plant would have to speak his words and Jimmy seems like he won't ( can't) even jam on a blues with friends anymore. If they want to do something for the fans then I wish it would be a concert video, as.discussed in the other thread here on that subject. Then legions of fans young and old would be happy. If not then what we got is what we have.