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  1. Absolutely, I agree with this... however, there are many clams especially with Roberts vocals, and Jimmy, which would have to be fixed. I doubt they would sign off on mistakes being put out there officially, especially Robert.
  2. Yes! Really any version , especially the 71 ones. There's a particularly rip roaring version from one of the late UK 71 shoes, I think it's Leicester. Bonzo breaks his bass drum head!
  3. Maybe you're referring to the wooden recorders, which Jones played on the studio version. Live he used the mellotron. I think Jones said he came up with the recorder part and recorded each voice separately, overdubbing them.
  4. Exactly. Also, as I said earlier I think its likely JPJ improvised those parts in question in the OP , on the mellotron...they most likely were not written out. It's basically a solo. No composer credit for a nice solo. As someone else pointed out , JPJ had white a number of song credits, as did Bonzo, over 20. Not bad for a drummer!
  5. Thanks for the clarification, and thanks for all you've shared!
  6. I assumed this was from Knebworth rehearsals or a soundcheck because I assumed they were outside on a hot night. Weird and unprecedented way to dress for a gig, like they're just back from a day at the beach.
  7. Supposedly the taper left the show after That's The Way. Maybe the acoustic vibe bored him? LOL
  8. Is this the pic you're talking about? I always wondered what the story was with this pic. Must've been a hot night!
  9. I agree, the line is very blurry at times but basically I think whoever comes up with the main melody and harmonic structure of the song is the composer. A drummer usually doesn't get writing credits for a unique beat, unless it's a drum solo or is directly inspired the main riff or melody. Bonzo certainly made unique contributions to songs but that's not enough to get credit. I seem to recall reading that the chromatic ascending main theme of Kashmir was his idea , so in that case he deserves writing credit. Bonzo has around 20 songs credited so I'd say he did ok. He's credited for Good Times Bad Times but Jones said he wrote the riff. I guess Bonzos unique drum beat got him composers credit however he doesn't get credit for Poor Tom which is a very integral part of the song. Who knows. Jones interpretation of Kashmir isn't that same as coming up with the melody or harmony. As a bass player and keyboard player, he's doing that all the time. The fact that he is an acknowledged composer on many Zep tunes seems to indicate that there wasn't an attempt to down play his contributions compositionally. The section you are talking about at 3:25 to 4:19 I always assumed was Jones improvising on the mellotron. There are two separate high, one low. They sound different in tone to me than the strings on the rest of the song. Same thing at the end of the song , starting at 6:41 to the end....sounds like he's improvising on the mellotron. Do we know for a fact if all of that is a written part played by strings?? The ascending line sounds like strings but not the fills. Those sound like an improvised accompaniment to the vocals.
  10. That's the one!
  11. I'd go with either EAP or Winston, but each will give you different feeling as they're primary sources are different as noted by Strider and others. Personally, I love the old Cobra Standard release. The audio is bright and clear , with a great sense of atmosphere.
  12. Come to me for service, every hundred miles.
  13. On No Quarter from Salt Lake '73... the way the theramin sounds like a Nazgul scream from Lord of The Rings. Super eerie.
  14. OK, so spurred by my recent posts and feeling somewhat like a sour grapes , glass half empty negative grump...I decided to start a new thread with a more positive tone. I love how Bonzo looks like he's swearing or chewing taffy when he plays.
  15. Totally!!! Page's solo is one of his all time greatest IMO. Wish they'd do a new cut with alternate footage of the band playing. Honestly those "fantasy sequences " always bum me out as I'd much rather see them playing than watching that self-indulgent attempt at "art". Except for Bonzos which is down to earth and unpretentious.
  16. I see, sorry. It looks like you can't see a preview of the track you want, only a bit of Custard Pie. Hard to say how accurate this chart will be without being able to actually see it.
  17. Why would you need a drum score? Are you a drummer? If not , then have your drummer learn it by ear. If he can't, then I'd say get another who can.
  18. Yeah, seems right . The bass is playing a C though so that Gmin over C gives it a SUS kind of sound. He definitely voices it with the D up on top. I can see why Bluecongo thought of it as some type of altered C9 chord. Sounds like it the video above he says its a G min in an inversion. I'm not a guitarist but I think it's possible to make out the voicing he's playing in the video, no ?
  19. It sounds to me like a G7 #9 chord, voiced B, F, Bb, D ...maybe I'm just hearing that b natural and it's not really there.
  20. It could be worth several hundred dollars depending on the issue, where it was pressed, the condition. Check for comparable copies. You'll have to compare matrix numbers , pressing plant codes etc. which are found in the dead wax runoff.
  21. Sorry if this is an ignorant question but...was the band actually taped for projection screens , or were the images just simply projected?
  22. Agreed, it is a new level of bullshit. That's why I said I'm sure he's shaking his head.
  23. Totally, but that's a tradition. Take someone else's stuff and squeeze a little dough out of it. At least they acknowledge him...however erroneously....and they make it affordable for someone who can't get together the whole rip and burn thing from the torrent sites.
  24. I'm sure he's shaking his head about these releases.