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  1. My Moby Dick cover

    I hadn't played Moby Dick live in front of an audience for over 33 years, but I had a blast playing with my high school rock band Nuclear Waste, in a fundraiser for our old school's music department ( Lane Tech in Chicago). My friend Terry aka BONZOLEUM was on hand and recorded it. He has a youtube channel dedicated to Bonham fanatics worldwide. He posts very entertaining and informative videos analyzing and discussing Bonzo's playing , equipment etc... ( and some other drummers as well). Hope some of you Zep nuts enjoy it. P.S. The actual tune starts about two minutes after Terry's entertaining intro.
  2. Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Thanks Willie!! This guy has been doing some companion videos playing bass along with my solo covers of songs. He's excellent!! His name is Pete.
  3. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    Just checked it out. It sounds like a work in progress if it's going to be an official release. Levels aren't quite there, especially the cymbals, which are overloaded on the old " soundboard" are too low. The guitar sounds a bit dry, not much ambience. There are similarities to the quality of sound of BBC '71 though. I always loved the guitar solo on this night , with the cry-baby at the end. Plant's voice isn't bad but it's not great on this night. He's straining and I wonder if this wouldn't make official muster because of that.
  4. Terry from Bonzoleum and I have teamed up to create a YouTube channel dedicated to discussing and breaking down John Bonham's drumming. BONZOLOGY. Give it a look !! In our debut videos we discuss Bonzo's drumming on The Song Remains The Same in the style of the legendary June 21 1977 ( LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE BOOT) . We will be posting new videos on a regular basis and are taking requests, suggestions for topics. The video below is me playing the end of TSRTS , leading into the Rover intro, and a complete Sick Again, ala 1977 style. This is not meant to be a literal transcription, it is in the style of his 77 performances. Hope you all enjoy it.
  5. Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    My recent demo of Bonzo's drumming on Celebration Day from the original soundtrack album, from my new channel Bonzology with Terry and George. Check out our other demos. Dave Lewis gave us a nice write up in the most recent Tight But Loose blog! Thanks Dave!
  6. Copenhagen 24.07.79 Oh yes!!

    Boy am I a sucker! Ha....very cool story though!
  7. Copenhagen 24.07.79 Oh yes!!

    Incredible! Can you share your memories of that experience? Maybe in a new thread?
  8. Travelling Riverside Blues Cover

    Excellent, very nicely played. This makes you appreciate the great sophistication of what Page played. It's fairly simple but so musically rich. When you hear it isolated and see it demonstrated, it highlights it's greatness. I've been doing some drum demos of Bonham's drumming on my new YouTube channel BONZOLOGY with Terry and George. Check it out!
  9. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    I wonder if these Japan 71 SBD tracks are an indication of the "surprises" in store for release this year? Getting people to buy one song at $65 or more, then a few months later we get How The East Was Won?? $65 is the " good " price too...can't wait to see the nonsense prices on feeBay.
  10. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    Fucking $65 for one track?!! This is just nonsense. Trickling out one track at a time now , is it? Please save the woodblock prints and just give the fans the opportunity to hear the show. This just stinks of opportunism. 2 years from now , we will get Heartbreaker. Maybe I'll live to see the encores at this rate, maybe not.
  11. OK, so spurred by my recent posts and feeling somewhat like a sour grapes , glass half empty negative grump...I decided to start a new thread with a more positive tone. I love how Bonzo looks like he's swearing or chewing taffy when he plays.
  12. Backstage rehearsal, Japan 72

    Good point. Is he still around? Perhaps someone in the know could ask him? 🤔
  13. Check out my new YouTube collaboration channel with Terry Keating from Bonzoleum.  The new channel is called BONZOLOGY and it's dedicated to analyzing and discussing Bonzo's drumming.


  14. Yes, I played it without music. Thanks for subscribing, there will be a lot more to come.
  15. Huh??🤤 At 28 Pagey was lighting up stages all over the US and banging groupies left and right, hardly a crisis in his life. WTF is she on about? Maybe she read somewhere that Page had felt at at a dead end with his session work in the mid 60s but that's hardly a crisis. I dunno....this whole bit is just weird. Midlife ain't 28!
  16. Earl's Court 25/05 best version

    This one. 👍🏼
  17. Other people in the audience can be seen holding up cameras. There must be more pics from this night out there somewhere. There only a few mics on the drums. I would have loved to hear Bonzo with very little miking , about as naturally as can be. This gig must've been just astonishing.
  18. Incredible! Thank you so much for sharing these. This was supposed to be a legendary performance by Bonham of Moby Dick. Any recollection of his playing on the drum solo? He was supposed to have been extraordinary that night . I thought I read somewhere that Eddie Kramer was at this show.
  19. To not include CB, Tangerine and TY on this release is completely fatuous, unless the tapes are damaged.
  20. Jason Bonham photo from 1967

    Jason just posted this pic yesterday on Instagram.
  21. Strider, I was about to go on a rant after seeing Sam's post regarding the new cash grab release ...but you said , much more articulately and passionately, what I wanted to say! Eye Thank Ewe !! By now Page and co should be well aware of what would make their diehard loyal fans happy. I guess we will see if there is any response come September.
  22. Seriously though, why is this even being released if there are no missing tracks added and WLL is actually reduced?? What is the point? $$? (Rhetorical question, I know)