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  1. OK, so spurred by my recent posts and feeling somewhat like a sour grapes , glass half empty negative grump...I decided to start a new thread with a more positive tone. I love how Bonzo looks like he's swearing or chewing taffy when he plays.
  2. Epic! He's playing a beat similar to the one he plays in the theramin jam of WLL on the TSRTS soundtrack. Love that shit!!
  3. I hadn't played Moby Dick live in front of an audience for over 33 years, but I had a blast playing with my high school rock band Nuclear Waste, in a fundraiser for our old school's music department ( Lane Tech in Chicago). My friend Terry aka BONZOLEUM was on hand and recorded it. He has a youtube channel dedicated to Bonham fanatics worldwide. He posts very entertaining and informative videos analyzing and discussing Bonzo's playing , equipment etc... ( and some other drummers as well). Hope some of you Zep nuts enjoy it. P.S. The actual tune starts about two minutes after Terry's entertaining intro.
  4. This is an absolutely burning version, although the pitch is way too fast here. It's a half step sharp!! Plant's screams at the end are blistering. I can't recall another version where he goes so apeshit! No wonder he shredded his vocal chords.
  5. This is a very good point. Seems like they had the utmost respect for each other musically and while they seem to have had very different personalities and interests , they were very accepting of each other and totally about the music when together. I could be wrong, there are always squabbles about musical choices, tempos etc. but I never heard about serious disputes or ego bullshit.
  6. I think neither. Bonzo plays the first downbeat crash with Jones , then Jones plays a whole note 2 bars later which Bonzo doesn't play on purpose... (hence the head shake and Jones hand gesture). Then two bars later Bonzo plays another crash with Jones walk up bass line , which it appears Jonesy says " good, or ok" . I think its a great microcosm of how well they communicated ... improvised and had fun doing it. One of my all time fav moments of them on film.
  7. Plant is able to contort his face the goofiest!
  8. I would love to get a copy of this . If anybody is willing to share the North Bridge remaster files , I would greatly appreciate it. I'm happy to return the favor with another show if wanted. Thanks in advance.
  9. I'd love to hear your magic formula version. I am listening to this 4 Eyed Freak version and it's still pretty dry and flat sounding. Part of the issue I have with these 77 boards is the drum kit sounds very flat and dry compared to Bonzo's other kits. Its my least favorite live sound of his. There's not much resonance with the stainless kit, don't know if that's just the nature of those drums or if it's the way they come off on the board mix. Also, the snare sounds like it's mostly being picked up by the underside mic rather than the batter side so it has that crispy, dry sound. Looking forward to your samples.
  10. I wonder how it compares to the one I have which was a "4 Eyed Freak" remaster of the Empress Valley title? I had downloaded the Beelzebub ages ago and discarded it. Way too much EQ , a lot of their stuff was shite...a few good ones though. Most were over EQ'd and distorted. I'd love to hear your remasters sometime , Stairway Remains . Keep us informed if your sharing them someplace.
  11. I imagine its pre- encore goofing about. Kinda looks like the Richfield Coliseum show. Destroyer.
  12. As I said, I really started to feel like I was focusing on negative shit, and decided to try to focus on the positive. There is so much to appreciate in their history. As LP Man just commented...I discover new things in the boots all the time, improvisatory bits of brilliance that most bands never achieved because they stuck to a script, and played the 'show'.
  13. Hence, real jazz fans shouldn't be on a smooth jazz forum- period!!
  14. Yes! One of my all time favorite little discreet stage moments captured! The head shake...then the bad ass fill Bonzo plays leading into the groove.
  15. Absolutely. I wonder if that mystique translates to each younger generation? Seems like it does.
  16. Well, after all... this is the little things you don't like thread. Plant annoys me too, he always has... but he's also a distinctive ingredient in their success. I suppose there should be a "Little Things You LOVE About Zeppelin Thread" too. I have a habit of focusing on what's wrong sometimes too! Here's another little thing I don't like....the fact they dropped Wanton Song from the 75 set early in the tour. I would love to hear a clear recording of that tune!! Damn it!
  17. OK, you make some very good points. This mostly pertains to how I feel about his peak, playing-wise and I just can't agree with 1975 being his apex. I was just listening to Chasing the Dragon ( Dallas 3/4/75)... the old vinyl was the first Zep soundboard I bought back in 1983. Again, some really inspired playing by JP then some real clams, and certainly not peak form for me. Now if he had the fluency and chops of 1970-73 on there then maybe I would say thats the apex because of the creativity and evolution of some of his vocabulary which is evident on " many, many" 75 shows. Also, I really enjoy the Chicago shows from 75. I like the different set with Levee, Wanton Song, and HMMT and I think Page is playing great despite the recent finger issue...he's more concise and fluent than on most later shows that tour - when that desire to explore often sounds rambling and disjointed (thats where we differ). Its all good because you know your shit, and you've obviously listened to a lot of live Zep and I respect your opinion, I just don't agree and that is civil. That's what makes this forum so great. We can discuss all these fine points about our favorite band.
  18. I hate when Robert says " feel it!!!" after ..." it isn't hard to feel me glowing" in 1975 versions of the Rain Song. Always make me go ...
  19. Agreed, we are like minded on this subject.
  20. Many, many shows, too many to go back and actually fine pick. I too have listened to pretty much every available show too, several times, except for the poor to fair audience tapes. I am listening right now to Seattle 3/17/75 . OTHAFA , solo has exactly what I'm referring to... repetitive ideas, sticky fingers...all heightened by the sound board dryness. Its just not at all what I would call his peak playing. His solo on NQ is also a mixed bag of some inspired lines and then a lot of sloppy meandering. The 73 versions were the perfect length to me. The 75 and 77 versions are often too long and anti-climactic. Some people can call it electric noise or dissonance but I don't agree with that. He wasn't as articulate and it shows. That's the rose colored ears thing to me, making excuses for the fuck ups by calling them " dissonances". Yes, he is sometimes trancelike in his exploration of ideas in 75, arguably more so than in previous years but his phrasing often sounds raggedy, and disjointed in 75 to me , and really in 77. Of course there are exceptions... like 5/18 and 23 Earls Court, and many great solos from the late March 75 run in southern California. Maybe its the unsparing stark quality of the board tapes that gets to me so much too because I don't like the guitar tone as much as the 73 board tapes. I prefer the good audience tapes to the boards because the effect of the disjointed phrasing is much less evident but I still contend he rambles a lot more and didn't have the finger control and fluidity of ideas as much in 75 and 77 as in previous years. Also, many times it sounds like his picking is often too hard and he gets this sloppy percussive attack rather than a clean execution.
  21. Ha! Yeah, maybe they should've waited a few years before doing these releases. Premature ejac?
  22. Thanks , appreciate that. Nice Django avatar!
  23. Just listened to 5/23 NQ again and you're right, that solo is off the charts. Maybe playing the Strat inspired I him to those heights that night Insane!! Bonzo's interaction is incredible too. Very wild and fired up but controlled fury. Fucking amazing. Wish there was video from that night.
  24. LOL. Apparently a moniker for a "producer " of EV titles.