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  1. Plant on Stern - 10/17/17?

    Great to hear RP talk intelligently about all of these subjects but I can't stand how Howard forces tangents and interrupts when RP is about to complete a point. I don't like his rhythm as an interviewer. I'm glad Plant was able to redirect the subject a few times. I loved hearing him talk candidly about Bonzo. All in all, Plant was very good natured throughout.
  2. New Soundboard Source for Osaka '71??

    Replied, check your inbox.
  3. Montreal 2/6/75 Underrated?

    Welcome , Blaize. I enjoyed your thoughts on this show. I read this title and thought...hey wait a minute , wasn't there a heated discussion recently about this show?? I like your comments about the show, and I agree with them, but I disagree with you about 73. Page's playing was usually excellent, consistently more fluid than any subsequent year....and I assume by recordings you mean dry sound boards because there are many very enjoyable audience tapes. Anyway, went off on a tangent there which as you'll soon find out happens all the time on the LZ Forums. Maybe this thread should be moved over into the original Montreal 75 underrated thread?
  4. Outstanding. Thank you do much not only for taping and sharing , but going through the effort to have it transferred carefully and shared again!! 😀
  5. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    I agree with you completely. Hearing the whole 9/29 show form a more balanced audience perspective would be awesome. Thanks for noticing the same disparity on EVs Rock Carnival. I assume the more recently discovered remainder of source 7 must've degraded , hence all the EQ and NR. What seems odd is they used the original source 7 for the first disc. I presume because it still reigns as the best tape for that night .
  6. Drummers who sing

    Can't forget about Maurice White! One of the all time great vocalists who was a drummer.
  7. https://www.rosswoodhall.com/john-bonhams-led-zeppelin-drum-kit/2017/07/24/ Anyone here know about this supposed auction of one of Bonzo's kits to raise $ for a statue of him to be placed in Redditch? The notes on this photo page say this kit was used to record When The Levee Breaks. (???) That seems like a specious claim. Common knowledge is that a new drum kit, or newly delivered kit was opened up at Headley Grange and they were set up in the entry way to the house. Page specifically mentions this in It Might Get Loud. However, Andy Johns claims that he and Bonzo moved the drumkit from one room to the hallway while the rest of the guys took a break during recording at HG. He says nothing about a new kit so the stories differ a bit there and Bonzo already had green sparkle kits by summer of '70. So, whether or not it was a newly delivered kit, it would've most likely been a larger green sparkle kit... not this smaller kit that was most likely used only for the first few weeks of the first US tour. There is a slight chance that Bonzo may have used this black pearl kit for some studio work but that seems impossible to know, unless there is a confirmed statement from the band or Andy Johns etal. Not that all of this would make much of a difference, they are still apparently Bonzo's drums and Plant seems to be part of this event. I wonder who owned the kit. Plant?? Jason?
  8. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    Give In The Evening Alternate mix another listen. Jones bass is much clearer in the mix and it's just incredible how great he plays on that cut. You can really hear the influence of Jamerson and Dunn Also, I've never been keen on Hot Dog but Bonzos drums on the alternate mix are up front which makes for fun listening.
  9. John Bonham road case

    Very cool, some of these I've seen before but never Bonzos case. I assume this is the location of Swan Song offices as found in Google maps. Looks like a humble little place
  10. John Bonham road case

    That's what I thought, thanks. Just curious, who actually owns the road gear, cases like this, stage equipment? Was some auctioned or sold off? Obviously each band member owns their own instruments but this stuff would have been property of Swan Song? Where are these touring items now?
  11. John Bonham road case

    Cool find. Never saw that before. Would that have been used for clothing/personal items, or drum hardware?
  12. Awesome!! Can't wait to hear it.
  13. 9/28/71 sound board ??

    Has there been any more info regarding a possible release of this SBD tape? The Black Dog teaser is so tantalizing. Empress Valley, I implore you ...please put this one out next, in an affordable version if you will!
  14. 9/28/71 sound board ??

    Just read an interview with Clive Coulson. This is a quote in which he describes singing on an encore with the band in Osaka on 9/28/71. Seems like more proof the whole board tape exists. In Japan in September 1971 Coulson was taken by surprise when Jimmy Page dragged him on stage. “I thought there was something wrong with the microphone when he handed it to me but then he said sing.” This happened in ‘C'mon Everybody’, which was part of an encore. “When I heard it back it was awful and I realised my singing career was over.”
  15. The Entourage

    Nice shot, looks like Jimmy went record shopping at Tower !
  16. What did they think of other bands

    Aye! Bonzo also was mentioned playing along with Joni Mitchell's Court And Spark album. Maybe in Thunder Of Drums or Mick Bonham's book, I don't recall for sure .
  17. The bearer may be at the head, also he used a moleskin patch often , from what I've read so that would appear to be what is visible there. The pedal looks fine to me, but I can see why you'd see it another way. His heel is just off to the left, probably swinging his foot while in between strokes.
  18. What did they think of other bands

    I used to see Clyde pretty often. He lived in Madison WI, and played with some friends of mine in a band called the B3 Bombers. He had that incredible feel and pocket and was a very nice dude. Zep loved JB!! The theramin jam section in WLL basically became a tribute to him.
  19. I thought this new discovery of the 6/21/77 tape that the taper recently shared on YouTube merits it's own thread here. Curious to see what some of the forum members who could help this gentleman with the transfer of his tape think about it. He states in the YouTube comments that he'd like to get a proper transfer to digital but he hasn't replied at all to my messages encouraging him to contact someone trustworthy and with integrity. There are several folks here that I can think of who would do the tape justice. I can understand why he chose to use YouTube as it's probably the easiest way to initially share it, but mp3s with a mixup of Moby Dick from Seattle is obviously not a great way to share this tape, if that's the intention. Several people including me have commented on YouTube and I pm'd him because he did make note of this tape several years ago here and he is a member of the forum. No reply yet. I may be coming off too stridently though so I'm hoping to get a little objective perspective.
  20. Nice shot, hadn't seen it before. I would love a book of just photos like this, from behind his kit. There is another thread here with some photos behind his kit, have you seen it? It's always fun to see little things differently, like how he used clear heads occasionally. ( I'm convinced a snare head and maybe a tom at some point were clear )
  21. Ha, I think he's just tilted his foot a bit but the pedal is flush mounted. His heel is swung a little to the left. You can see the footplate is perpendicular to the hoop. It's a bit of an optical illusion.
  22. New audience tape source for 6/21/77

    The taper said he is going to have the master digitally transferred soon, and he was very appreciative of all the interest and positive comments. He has actually returned to the Forum and has made a comment in the 6/22 thread. Hopefully , good care will be taken with his tape,...it's such an awesome new discovery. It truly renders the high voltage vibe in the arena that night. I agree, a matrix of the two audience source would be worth a try but I would think it would be very tricky to blend. It would most likely need to be majority Millard with maybe 10 to 15% gbauer tape. But, for now it'll be a thrill to hear the tape losslessly transferred and speed corrected!
  23. That vibe is indeed captured abundantly on your tape. Strider's story about being there , and your tape are very complimentary to each other. Its tremendous to have these documents in vivid detail. I'm glad to hear you intend to have your tape transferred with care. I think I can speak for everyone here when I say , your generosity in sharing the recording will be immensely appreciated.