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  1. love this album awesome imho
  2. well there truly isn't any wonder send out CV and nothing or interview and the rejection letter...
  3. recycling site tip run.................boring
  4. wow wee the huge amount of merchandise for the movies is amazing. bet not buy any or man cave I`ll be moving into...
  5. this is awesome imho..........ooh yes
  6. a dip shit crank call fuck little fucking shithead
  7. headphones on
  8. tuna Jazz or Acid-Jazz?
  9. wasn't a magical moments without being yoke of social state due to being found in a dangerous place with in my metal state of health so signed off the employment until the doc`s say I`m fit and well lol..............argh!
  10. argh! my sleeping issues or lack of lol
  11. Ribena Nightmare On Elm Street or Friday The 13th?
  12. my best wishes and prayers to you and your family
  13. headphones on and this album playing!
  14. not everyone`s cup of tea...imho its