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  1. I must add San Diego '73. A partial soundboard recording is available for this one, and dispite the cuts throughout it we still get a pretty damn good show. Very enjoyable to say the least.
  2. Since I've Been Loving You has always been known to have been a hassle for Jimmy to be satisfied with the solo.. And to be convinced Bonzo's squeaking pedal wasn't too distracting from the song... Bonzo had some trouble with the timing on Stairway To Heaven, directly before the solo.. Clearly heard on the fantastic rough mixes of the song, that were somehow dismissed while releasing some silly Sunset Sound Mix..
  3. I highly doubt the band would have chose to print the full lyrics of Stairway To Heaven on one side of the 4th albums inner sleeve if they had no meaning.. I would say it's simply about one's hope of finding their Stairway To Heaven.. Which is simply a metaphor for one's hope of finding their path to happiness. Which many of us can often take the wrong path, but their is always a chance to redeem ourselves and get back to the path we are supposed to be on. The lyrics also go into detail, which was mentioned earlier in this thread that the path to happiness (or metaphorically speaking, to heaven) isn't something that can just be bought.
  4. At the moment, enjoying Kashmir live at the LA Forum (March 27, 1975). I really need to get the other 2 LA shows already, but always feel like I would always pick this one because of the killer addition of Since I've Been Loving You... However that cut in the Rain Song is horrid.. I love listening to '75 audience tapes. After so many brickwalled soundboards that start to sound the same after a while it's very enjoyable hearing the other side.
  5. I want to get a copy of Dark Side Of The Moon on either CD or LP, preferably LP, but we all know how much more that cost... Before I go out and pick up a copy I checked out Amazon to see what prices to expect, and the album is available on LP, but I seen 'Preorder Now - Release Date: November 4, 2016' then I seen the exact same thing on the website of a local record shop, BUT I can't find a damn bit of information.. Haven't spent endless hours searching or anything, but what is this all about..? If they are releasing a remastered version of the album, then I guess it's a hell of a time to randomly desire the album.. I have had a copy of the album on my iPod for ages as my dad has a copy on CD forever, which I went to listen to after several years and the CD looks just like any of his CDs that he listened to often lol and I somehow lost the copy on my iPod so i am definitely needing a copy in the next day or 2... I was reading, ehh I think it may have been a review on Amazon that said something about a version of the album including the full album performed live back in the 70's.. I would always love to have something like that if it doesn't become a fiasco searching for it.
  6. I was roaming around Walmart yesterday evening and took a glance through the cds and noticed all the classic Metallica albums on the top display above the rest.. Noticed immediately that both Kill 'Em All and Ride The Lightning were packaged in what appears to be mini LP replicas of the original albums, which are Metallica's 2016 remasters, which seem to be following Zeppelin's 2014 remasters.. Without the noce option of perhaps a 2-3cd deluxe release of the original albums plus a cd of demo tracks and possibly a live CD.. But their deluxe box sets look f***ing wicked!! Way out of my budget.. Well I have never in my life have purchased 1 freaking Metallica album so I figured why the heck not pick up a copy of Ride The Lightning (2016 cd remaster) for only $5!!! However I have been drooling over purchasing a copy on vinyl since I seen it at a record shop recently, but shoot for $5 for the cd, I wouldn't feel stupid paying another $20 for a copy on vinyl sometime in the future when budget may allow.. Anyway, I have had a copy of all the golden era Metallica albums on my iPod for years as a friend of mine let me borrow his copies wayyy back.. I have always loved the music, but have rather grown tired of it over the years.. I excitedly ripped the plastic off the album the second I got to my car and popped in my first ever Metallica album into my cd player and had a 30 minute ass kicking drive until I unfortunately made it to my destination.. Got to finish Fade To Black anyway.. Got the other half to listen to going back soon.. I was absolutely astonished by the quality of the remaster while listening to it.. Absolutely superb sound quality, absolutely superb packaging.. You can easily see they took some pages out of Jimmy Page's notes, but added some fantastic things of their own as well! I guess they have yet to release Master Of Puppets and so on as they just released the first 2 albums in April 2016.. But I'm going to put $5 to the side today I will run into Walmart once again for a copy of the 2016 remaster of Kill 'Em All, and will continue building a completely new collection of albums that I will cherish for years to come... Cant wait to get home and blast The Four Horsemen on my cd player today.. I'm going to enjoy both albums all the way through nice and loud!! Just an FYI.. It sucks to say, but these mini vinyl replicas are very often found in slightly damaged sleeves.. I unfortunately have learned that throughout purchasing each deluxe edition cd of the Zeppelin catalog.. I gently looked at each copy of the album in stock and selected the best one.. Wish I would have taken my copy of The Complete BBC Sessions back as the packaging was certainly not up to par with my standards, but oh well.. It taught me a great lesson that I already put to use..
  7. What I would love to see if a re-release of all the live albums including the same treatment we have seen so far.. Include the missing songs from LA and some gems from Long Beach on a companion disc for HTWWW.. Include Thank You and some other gems from New York on a companion disc for TSRTS.. Release some gems from the rehearsals for the 02 on the companion disc for Celebration Day... However, if he's not going to make new music in the near future, then he should work on an entirely new live release now to space releases of the other 3 live albums more as even 2019 is a bit too soon to remaster or re-release an album from 2012 (Celebration Day)
  8. I am completely puzzled by this thread... Who cares who Mike Millard was?! Who cares if Mike was a low life who lived with his mother and worked as a janitor? Who cares if Mike Millard was his real name or just a cover name? Who cares if Mike actually forged a wheel chair handicap to sneak in top-line recording equipment into concerts? Well that is actually a great question and is the only possible way I could possibly think of.. Please share any other possible way he could have brought in the recording gear that he used if you can think of any... Who cares if Mike recorded those shows to make profit or to have for his personal pleasure and to share with his friends (which I couldn't imagine only having the original 'The Song Remains The Same' to listen to for live Zeppelin, which was the only live Zeppelin fans had in 1977. After seeing Led Zeppelin one time would force anyone to record their shows for their personal pleasure). All I know is that Mike Millard gave us some of the greatest f***ing live albums of all times, and he certainly deserved to make a lot of money for his work, whether he actually made money or not. Mike Millard should have been hired by bands to record their concerts from an audience perspective as he was the only one who knew how to capture the magic. He is certainly someone who should never be bashed by anyone for what he did, and deserves nothing but a huge thank you from us and from the band themselves. His recordings can turn anyone into a huge Zeppelin fan! His recordings of Kashmir in LA 1977 alone are something to always treasure. I only wish he would have recorded Zeppelin in LA 1970, 1971, 1972, and 1973 as well.. Heck, I wish he recorded every single Zeppelin show!!
  9. This is one song that Zeppelin just didn't improvise enough to make worthy for going out of one's way to check out other versions. But always an enjoyable song to hear during shows.. My favorite is probably Seattle ~ March 17, 1975 just because I love how Plant sings "Hear my song.. Seattle, won't you listen now? Sing along, yeah.." lol.
  10. Cologne Germany ~ June 18, 1980. I just downloaded the soundboard recording of the show, hope I didn't miss an opportunity of a good matrix recording.. I did a quick comparison and liked the soundboard more. I figured I would share the artwork of the bootleg since I've never seen it before and thought it was a pretty awesome cover! Anyway, this is the absolute worst Zeppelin show I have ever listened to as far as the pace of the show. It had me wondering if the recording was sped up, but it's not.. That being said, I kind of like the super fast paced songs for a change. It seems like a pretty mediocre 1980 show, but a pretty good Since I've Been Loving You!
  11. There's only 1 person you could ask who would have a definite answer for this... Kanye West! Which his answer would be himself, Kanye West. Hahaha jk jk. There may be bands who can write a better song than Led Zeppelin has or even a better album than Led Zeppelin, but when you discover what Zeppelin did live (not even in person obviously, just on record or video) you discover just how much greater Zeppelin was compared to everyone else!! How the heck did these 4 guys synchronize with each other so damn well that any member could go off in any direction at any second and the rest would follow and create entirely new music at the spure of the moment and sound fantastic!! Think of all those live peformances of No Quarter that all have different solos by Jonsey and Page both backed up by Bonzo that were different every single show, yet all extremely enjoyable, and went from being a 7 minute song to a 30 minute song by 1977!! There's just no 3+ people who will ever be able to do anything like what Zeppelin did on stage!! I also don't think any band can ever write such a wide variety of different songs that all sound fantastic with so many great riffs and solos and lyrics with actual meaning plus songs with little meaning, but extremely fun. Kashmir will always separate Led Zeppelin from th rest in my opinion. Iron Maiden is a band who I would compare with Led Zeppelin though, but the live aspect of Zeppelin compared to Maiden keeps Zeppelin above them to me. But Maiden has accomplished some excellent material throughout the years! For being a pretty low key, hard rock/metal band they sure can draw some massive crowds everywhere in the world as they are tonight in South America. Plus Empire Of The Clouds is one of the only songs that i rate up there with Stairway To Heaven.. It's quite the masterpiece IMHO.
  12. I have to go with 1973 on this. Between the release of Houses Of The Holy, the U.K. Tour that continued through late 1972, the European Tour, the U.S. Tour, then they got to work on Physical Graffiti!!! Just look at the famous picture of the band with their plane lol. Plus Southampton 1/22/1973 and Seattle 7/17/1973 are 2 of my favorite shows!! Every year they were active had something very special about it and was great, but when it comes down to it 1973 just has the most great aspects.
  13. I finally learned how to upload videos from YouTube on here, yay!! lol. Anyway I know I already commented my favorites before, but at the time I mentioned New York ~ June 11, 1977, but at the time I only had a copy of the mediocre audience recording which since then I had discovered that Ten Years Gone is fortunately one of the few songs circulating on a good quality soundboard recording!! I also found a copy on YouTube so I figured I would share as I have listened to many different performances of Ten Years Gone as it's always been a favorite song of mine and this performance is one that I find to be perfect and the recording is great too!! Please enjoy! The ending is sspectacular :).
  14. 30- Down By The Seaside. 29- Sick Again. 28- The Song Remains The Same. 27- Fool In The Rain. 26- Tangerine. 25- Carouselambra. 24- Bring It On Home. 23- I Can't Quit You Baby. 22- Your Time Is Gonna Come. 21- Dancing Days. 20- Trampled Under Foot. 19- The Lemon Song. 18- Going To California. 17- The Ocean. 16- Tea For One. 15- In The Light. 14- Achilles Last Stand. 13- That's The Way. 12- Heartbreaker. 11- Communication Breakdown. 10- Dazed And Confused. 9- No Quarter. 8- Whole Lotta Love. 7- Stairway To Heaven. 6- Ten Years Gone. 5- How Many More Times. 4- Rain Song. 3- Since I've Been Loving You. 2- Kashmir. 1- Thank You.