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  1. Led Zeppelin in an NES game, doesn't get cooler than that. (@8:03)
  2. Just found this: Tracklist: 1. Give2. Gold (rod edit)3. Set it Off (Live in Studio)4. Gasoline (Live in Studio)5. Super Stupid6. We Got the Whip7. Here I Come (ft. DMX)8. Show Me How to Live (T Rray Remix)9. Peace, Love, and Understanding (ft. Maynard James Keenan)10. Billie Jean11. Thank You12. Techno Ted13. White Riot14. Seven Nation Army15. Working Man16. Jam (ft. Public Enemy)17. Bulls on Parade-Sleep Now in the Fire18. Black Hole Sun19. Sleight of Hand
  3. ^+1 for Zooma. Still sounds fresh and relevant today.
  4. Good song! I love the guitar solo. One of our local radio stations always cuts out half the solo, drives me crazy. I actually wrote them a complaint once, the said that's how the companies sent it to them.
  5. Sugar Mama into Poor Tom on the Coda reissue is a good one, too.
  6. Looks like James Hetfield put on a few pounds, lol.