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  1. Thread bump on this one too!!! Wish we could atleast get a teaser on the possible vid of this show. And if there is a soundboard it will come out last as a grand finale.
  2. Thread bump with all this talk of the Houston 77 video existing thought this might need to be bumped
  3. In the first pic I do see the screen up high but the other two with what you are describing is just lighting and rigging and not something on a screen. But i do believe there is a recording on betamax as Dallas Knebs shows.
  4. The resolution seems to fit the other recorded performances from other bands availabe. I believe as Dallas Knebs says... He knows and its all a matter of time. Well... Hopefully. Fun stuff
  5. Hey Dallas how ya doing? Could this pic be elaborated on? Source? Im not a skeptic just intrigued. Plus when i zoom in its hard to tell if the year is 1977 or 1979?
  6. Wow killer version... They were having some fun!!!
  7. Something I wanted to add to this discussion is that in general blues music incorporates a lot of "mixing" of major and minor... In the key of A moving from C to C# or in E .. G to G#. This can be done with a slide, hammer on or bend. Find this all over the neck with each pentatonic position and it will help get that bluesy sound. This is just speaking about blues and not necessarily referencing BIOH.
  8. I feel like even though JPJ comes off as possibly passive... I still imagine he could throw his weight around within the confines of Zep but just didnt care for the spotlight as much as the other bands members as other forum members have pointed out. Kudos to JPJ. He has though thrown some 'tude when it comes to how good Zep were musically. One of his touchy points. It cracked me up one time when he talked about doing the same drugs and pushing his limits but just being able to keep it together... (Didnt want to put quotes on that one in case i misheard)
  9. Damn this band is good ... Music is subjective and everyone has their particular tastes but this band is so sly is how they slither in your ear ... They've been eating me alive lately
  10. Welcome to the forum!!!
  11. I hear ya on the heartbreaker solo... Hes so damn wore out and probably out of it when they pull it out for an encore... Earlier in the show hes killing it but by that time theres not much left in the tank...
  12. Nope just pointing out it was not a good comeback so you can get off your narcissistic high horse
  13. Great comeback ... Real thought provoking (sarcasm) ...
  14. We live in Arkansas... A very rural poor state. I've heard they may be reversing that decision but I'm not sure if they have yet. Hes 14 and was never taught... I said even if the school doesnt teach it he should still learn cursive.
  15. They cut it out deeming cursive not essential. We need a better emphasis on education in this country.