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  1. Good point, the later West Coast versions did indeed evolve into a piece in their own right.
  2. Sure. I tend to count WLL/Black Dog as a single encore in '75 (since they ran together and WLL was usually just a snippet), but yeah, there were indeed four songs (in one form or another) after STH that night.
  3. I saw that too. Intriguing, but I'm skeptical as well. The guy also talks about taping the Albuquerque '73 show, I remember a few years ago a soundboard of the first half of this show was supposedly released, turns out it was the Salt Lake City show. (Not saying this guy was responsible, but it's a bit curious.)
  4. Agreed. Along these lines, I'd point out that the live great jams (20-30 min) in Space Truckin' by Purple involved both keyboard and guitar. I've compared this HB with the audience recording, and I see no obvious problems that are masked, in fact my opinion has favored, it's a very nice '75 version. My only complaint is that it sounds a bit rushed and abbreviated, but considering it was the 3rd encore (after Communication Breakdown!), not surprising Page wanted to wrap it up. This is going to be a killer soundboard.
  5. I can only speculate that in '73 the tapes (or whatever) could only hold 2/3 of a show, so it took two tapes to get a complete recording, and chances are someone who snatched a tape could only grab one and was therefore only getting part of the show (hence the general pattern of '73 board lengths). (Note that the complete 7-6-73 Chicago show sounds like it comes from two different sources, San Diego is not complete [no D&C], New Orleans is a bit of an outlier.) But I have no idea. I too am skeptical there's any more out there, hopefully I'm wrong. I would love to hear the rest of 7-27-73 in NYC, I've always been surprised nothing from the first half (before The Rain Song) has ever surfaced.
  6. This Heartbreaker isn't impeccable like the 2nd night in Long Beach, but it's still highly enjoyable. As already noted, at this stage of the show, energies were probably running low, esp. given the level of the previous three hours. I actually don't listen to many '75 Heartbreakers since they generally don't measure up to '73, but I'll listen closer to the audience version to see how it comes across. Nothing I heard on this sampler song has diminished my excitement for the entire board, however.
  7. Boards of those three shows (1st SD, 2nd LB, Hou) will eventually be released, and I suspect the Forum shows will be as well. I agree with you about the 1st SD show, it definitely gets overlooked. I've always enjoyed this show, the playing is much better than the preceding Dallas shows, and I love the doomy, gloomy feel of the audience tape. I'm concerned this vibe will be lost on the soundboard, however, I have mixed feelings about the board for this one.
  8. Ha ha, fair enough.
  9. It's a great version, no doubt, just a bit sluggish at times. Not quite as solid as the previous two Forum nights.
  10. NQ on the 25th might be my very favorite version, really jazzy and frenzied, even compared to the other WC up-tempo versions. I would probably take the 24th NQ over the 27th, even though overall the 27th is probably the best of the Forum nights.
  11. Despite the crowd problems and rather mediocre recording, the playing at this show really is excellent, not unlike Seattle three nights earlier.
  12. In addition to Providence and Baltimore from '73, I'd add Pittsburgh and the first night in NY. And complete versions of both Detroit shows. Actually, come to think of it, just the 2nd half of the '73 NA tour, just like we very likely have the 2nd half of '75.
  13. +1
  14. Totally agree. The Forum shows ending the tour have some of the best moments of '75, but overall they pale in comparison to the preceding Northwest shows, that's an all-time great run.
  15. This is HUGE news, I about fell out of my seat when I read this email on my phone at work. Sucks if we have to wait until May to hear it. This show is so damn good, no way the SB is a disappointment compared to the audience recording (those are decent recordings, unlikely they masked any major flaws, like, say, the Landover show). I always believed there was a decent chance this board existed, but I assumed it would be released last, and it would be the end of the "revolution" (the Houston, 1st San Diego, and 2nd Long Beach shows are yet to come). Now I have to revise this assessment, it's probable now that boards of the Forum shows exist, and if so, these will likely be the end of the line. (I still see no reason to believe that any January boards are out there, at least as part of this "revolution" stash.)