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  1. 7-6 has some really good playing from Page and Bonham, however. 7-6 is interesting because it seems clear from the sound that there are two different sources: the first half is kind of flat-sounding, almost like NO or Dallas, while the second half is very clear and sharp-sounding.
  2. I stand corrected: MD is on the soundboard.
  3. 7/29 only has part (10 min or so) of Dazed, no? Isn't Moby Dick also missing?
  4. Sure, np. Almost all of the '73 boards are fragments (either first 2/3 or last 1/3), and the complete ones (2nd NY, 1st Chi, NO) predate the "revolution". Not sure if they're from a single source or not, but pretty sure they're not from the '75 and '77 source.
  5. All of the "soundboard revolution" releases so far have been from a specific window of shows from '75 and '77 (and nothing from '73). Obviously whoever is releasing the shows chooses at will when and which ones to release, but so far the releases have been a good mix of classics, rarities, and duds (conforming with general assessment of the shows, subjectivity doesn't play a big role in that claim). It seems reasonable, then, to view the particular choices as essentially a random draw. The probability that this many shows from '75 (almost half), say, would have been released without ANY January shows is statistically tiny. (Again, there is no reason to think that the source is just waiting for the right moment to release Bloomington, say, and assuming he's like most fans it's doubtful he thinks the January shows are the best.) Same for '77, although maybe you could argue that the '77 sample is still too small to make a strong conclusion, fair enough. The observed pattern of releases is most consistent with the claim that whoever is behind the "revolution" only has a specific subset of shows, and not the entire batch. (It's a falsifiable claim, as well, I revised my skepticism about the LA '75 shows when 3-21 was announced.) This does not mean of course that soundboards of other shows might not exist from a different, non-Page source. But so far (based on available evidence), I have no reason to think that such a source either exists or is forthcoming with releases.
  6. Not sure what their motivation is, but by releasing 3-21 now (when it's almost certain they still have 2-27 [unreleased], 3-10, and 3-12 [another all-time great]), they seem to be signaling that they have the LA '75 shows as well, which will obviously be a big event (even though none of those shows count among the best of the tour, at least overall). They most likely have the Greensboro '77 show, which is unreleased in any form (possibly Birmingham and Baton Rouge as well), so whatever show gets released after Seattle '75 will probably be exciting. (I seriously doubt they have any LA '77 shows, however.)
  7. You could probably do a best-of from just Offenburg and Hamburg alone. Stairway from Vienna is one of my all-time favorites, really shows off the interplay between Page and Bonham. As already mentioned, Heartbreaker and WWL from Vienna are also outstanding.
  8. Technically not part of the (continental) European tour in March, but FWIW you could also include Communication Breakdown from Southampton.
  9. The German tour is amazing, for sure, in addition to Offenburg, Vienna needs to be near the top of the list, as does Hamburg (despite the poor audience recording). My personal favorite segment was July '73, probably not as technically proficient as March, but it was close and the introduction of NQ really added to the atmosphere. In addition to Providence and Seattle '73, the first night in Detroit was even better (clear good audience recording too). Pittsburgh is really good, too. At the end of the day, the versions of DC and STH from the first night in NY (the ones that make up the bulk of the material on the TSRTS soundtrack) are probably Page's best solos ever, the audience recording isn't great but it reveals clearly that the soundtrack was not particularly doctored in the studio (at least to the extent of enhancing the performance). I'm probably in the minority here, but I generally prefer the period beginning in Oct '72 when they revamped the set-list and introduced new material, the summer shows were overall great, but to me, they were on par with (and an extension of) the great '71 shows. Should also point out from this period, the first leg of the British tour in Dec '72 gets overlooked a lot, Manchester and Glasgow are truly great shows.
  10. I think the Baton Rouge show (2-28) was released in 2010, not 2009.
  11. Good point, the later West Coast versions did indeed evolve into a piece in their own right.
  12. Sure. I tend to count WLL/Black Dog as a single encore in '75 (since they ran together and WLL was usually just a snippet), but yeah, there were indeed four songs (in one form or another) after STH that night.
  13. I saw that too. Intriguing, but I'm skeptical as well. The guy also talks about taping the Albuquerque '73 show, I remember a few years ago a soundboard of the first half of this show was supposedly released, turns out it was the Salt Lake City show. (Not saying this guy was responsible, but it's a bit curious.)
  14. Agreed. Along these lines, I'd point out that the live great jams (20-30 min) in Space Truckin' by Purple involved both keyboard and guitar. I've compared this HB with the audience recording, and I see no obvious problems that are masked, in fact my opinion has favored, it's a very nice '75 version. My only complaint is that it sounds a bit rushed and abbreviated, but considering it was the 3rd encore (after Communication Breakdown!), not surprising Page wanted to wrap it up. This is going to be a killer soundboard.
  15. I can only speculate that in '73 the tapes (or whatever) could only hold 2/3 of a show, so it took two tapes to get a complete recording, and chances are someone who snatched a tape could only grab one and was therefore only getting part of the show (hence the general pattern of '73 board lengths). (Note that the complete 7-6-73 Chicago show sounds like it comes from two different sources, San Diego is not complete [no D&C], New Orleans is a bit of an outlier.) But I have no idea. I too am skeptical there's any more out there, hopefully I'm wrong. I would love to hear the rest of 7-27-73 in NYC, I've always been surprised nothing from the first half (before The Rain Song) has ever surfaced.