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  1. Well, RJ was kinda a porn star too, which is what got him killed. It's all well and good to crow about being a Back Door Man until the front door man doses your ass with poison. As you said above, Zeppelin's D&C sound NOTHING like Jake Holmes song, nothing. The only thing they have in common is the title, first four words and part of the descending bass line. Whole Lotta Love sounds nothing like WD You Need Love, however Robert did nick much of the lyrics. The whole plagiarism thing with Zeppelin is horseshit, plain and simple. Another way to put it is like this: If I invent the chocolate cake, but do not use sugar so everyone says, "meh, that tastes like shit," but then someone else uses the exact same recipe but uses sugar and everyone goes, "Holy shit, this is goddamned delicious mate, you are a culinary genius" guess what, the guy who added sugar is a culinary genius and I am the wanker who was too stupid to use sugar. So, F Jake Holmes and F Willie Dixon, they should have used sugar.
  2. Is there any way you can possibly debate a subject Steve without insulting the person you are debating? I have no idea what you are such a miserable, cranky person but please do not take it out on me or anyone else. The fact you show a homophobic slur in there is just the cherry on your sundae of hate. You are a real piece of work Steve.
  3. I guess we will have to disagree to a point on this, however they did write catchy tunes early on like you mentioned, but nothing groundbreaking IMO. Plus, much of the Merseybeat stuff was being done by other bands which did that genre better than the Beatles did. If they would have broken up pre-Rubber Soul they would likely have been a footnote in music history, remembered in the same vein as Herman's Hermits or Gerry & The Pacemakers except the latter would be in the prominent position as opposed to the Beatles. Ironically enough, both the Beatles and Gerry & the Pacemakers were from Liverpool and both managed by Brian Epstein. So one could argue the real genius in the Beatles was Epstein, not Lennon or McCartney, at least the pre-Rubber Soul era.
  4. Sorry, I was referring to the period from 63' - 66', I agree the tables turned by 67'. However Lennon, before the emasculation by Yoko, was an extremely violent, and unstable individual would would have easily beat the living shit out of every Stone without raising a sweat. Lennon was just nuts and if it were not for music and Yoko, he would have likely wound up a a thug in either the Kray or Richardson firm's. Before Yoko, Lennon and John Bindon were very similar personalities.
  5. This is just do not understand, that is, your position. Who cares if Rap / Hip Hop are popular, or will remain so for the next 1,000 years while everything else is virtually forgotten. You sound no different than some 50's era Ward Cleaver bemoaning Elvis & Berry and pondering why swing was not strong enough to keep those hooligans at bay. Every genre has their day in the sun, some longer than others and in the end it does not matter. It's not like once Rap & Hip Hop came about some edict from on high forced people to only listen to Rap & Hip Hop. Now regarding the Beatles, or what I call, the worlds first boy band. When the Beatles first started out under Brian Epstein, he took a pretty good bar band and formed them into what he thought the public wanted, image and music. They were a product, and for all intent and purpose, a shitty one at that. However they appealed to the masses (just like most shitty boy bands do) and became massive. As far as I am concerned the Beatles as a creative entity did not truly exist prior to Rubber Soul. Rubber Soul was the transitory album between shitty, teen bubble gum pop and truly innovative music. Revolver was their first, fully realized and innovative record. So for me there are three Beatles: the pre-Brian Epstein bar band which had style and integrity; then the early Brian Epstein driven & controlled Beatles which sucked; and finally the latter, band driven pioneers of rock music Beatles who helped change music along with Hendrix, the Yardbirds, Floyd, and Cream. Zeppelin however started out mostly strong (exception was their first album being mostly covers) and became incredible as writers and composers over time. Their impact cannot be denied, nor can their creativity. This IMO places them in the top six innovative bands of the 60's: The Beatles, Hendrix, The Yardbirds, Cream, Floyd, & Zeppelin in that order. Notice I did not put the Stones on that list. This is because even though they were (notice I stress the word were here) a great band, they were not innovators and did not bring anything new to the table except maybe for image, or rather perceived image. I still get a laugh that the Hamburg Hooligans (Beatles) were considered the good boys while the Stones were considered the bad boys, talk about turning the truth on its head.
  6. His stage clothes in 68'-69', his white suit from Kezar 73', and his shirt / pants combo from the American 75' tour (what he wore most of the tour, not the dragon suit). I never liked any of his costumes such as the black dragon or white poppy / dragon suits. I know they are iconic I just don't dig them. If I had to go with one it would be his 68'-69' period clothes.
  7. Ain't that the much for Page being a genius producer I guess. After reading that I need to figure out I even own any Zep album except for IV, PG, & Presence. Can't believe Page kept fuckin' up the sound of the drums...what was old Pagey thinking
  8. I am kinda in the middle on this one. Moby Dick, IMO, is just stupid at 30+ minutes. I think even die hard drummers would walk after 15 minutes. TSRTS version is the perfect length. keep the song at no more than 12 min max but switch up the movements to keep fresh. D&C was great ar 30+ minutes when they could keep it interesting, however by 75' that ship had long sailed, they should have either whittled it down to no more than 20 min or just dropped it entirely, NQ I feel the same. Nothing wrong with a long jam however it MUST remain interesting. Playing for the sake of playing is not only redundant, its selfish. A good example of a long jam kept both fresh and interesting is, ironically enough, the last song the band ever played. WLL from Berlin is in my top 5 versions of the song. A 20 min version which feels like 5 min because it is so damn well executed, and so damn interesting. As Gunny Highway would say: "You can beat me, mistreat me, abuse me, or even kill me...just don't bore me."
  9. That whole episode was great, Scott Glen and Amy Brenneman were the standouts. Just brilliant. Anyone wanna go scuba diving???
  10. You are very, very true in your statement Dane. All this stress we place upon ourselves is mostly our own construct, or, what society deems to be important for our "role" in life. It's all bullshit when you think about it and break it down. We have become slaves to societies pre-conceived expectations and we are drowning in our own shit as a result. You wanna know what success truly is? Simple: take you time, enjoy the sunrise, enjoy those you love, and never take anything for granted. The truth is not that hard, unfortunately when we all have 1,000,000+ voices screaming into our ears non-stop about what we SHOULD be, what we NEED to be, it makes seeing and hearing the truth so damn difficult.
  11. Let me add a few points as well. Take the first album, yes, six of the tunes were covers, however it is their approach to those covers which made all the difference. Jeff Beck released Truth a few months before. Both the Zeppelin & Beck albums had essentially the same aim and same ideas, however old Beck was really not pissed off that Jimmy decided to put You Shook Me on hie record as well...Beck was pissed off because Jimmy did with YSM something Beck did not even realize was possible at the time. Sure, the lyrics were the same and the 1, 4, 5 blues metering was there, otherwise, Zeppelin's version of YSM sounds little like the original whereas Beck's approach was much more faithful to the original. This is also why I somewhat take the whole plagiarism claim as mostly bullshit. Zeppelin's Dazed and confused, outside of the lyric, "I have been Dazed and Confused" is zero, nothing like the Jake Holmes version, different lyrics, different progression, completely different structure, so, how exactly was that plagiarism? Whole Lotta Love, The Lemon Song, and the beginning and end of Bring it on Home would be the only true examples of plagiarism, and again, only so far as lyrical content. Even the acoustic guitar intro to BIOH is not nicked because that same progression, played exactly as played there, is on around 80% of ALL blues tunes. Now regarding the Beatles, they were not the most influential, not even close. Those honors go to three men and in this order: Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Little Richard. There would be no Beatles, Stones, Who, Cream, nothing without those three, you have the whole template for rock and roll for the next 60 years and counting right there. The Beatles did not even begin to change or really contribute anything new to music until Revolver, their early stuff was mostly bubble gum pop, engineered to sell records. Rubber Soul would be the first real Beatles album IMO, anything prior to that may be good music, but nothing which had not been done by several other bands before, during, and after. Zeppelin did indeed change music itself, how you ask? Two ways, first, they not only incorporated several different genres and styles into music, but they took those varying genres, put them in a blender, then added their own "special sauce" and BAM! The second way they changed music, and I am sure others would have come along and did the same...very soon, is they were truly the first to take a song and "play it at 11." What I mean by this is not just volume and / or attitude, but in style, virtuosity, confidence. Sure the MC5 were loud and aggressive, but they were reckless and arbitrary as well, pronto-punk. Yes Hendrix was virtuosity and confident, however often times it lacked focus and his best music lacked accessibility (Axis & Electric Ladyland). Zeppelin were the first ones to pretty much do it all in a tight, focused manner, balls to the wall, confident as hell, and open to all. That is Zeppelin's legacy and that is how they changed music IMO.
  12. Those pictures look great Nick, keep up the good work. Truly excellent quality.
  13. Yes, Zooma is a brilliant album, never gets old. You can put it on today and 16 year olds will dig it along with us middle aged people. So, not only a great album, but a very accessible one as well.
  14. Steve is a very sensitive soul who, if not given what he perceives as the proper respect, tends to be a bit prickly. Since he feels slighted by Page personally for what happened last year, he is prone to lash out. Don't worry, once Steve gets his fill of Hentai he will be back to his usual, affable self.
  15. For crying out loud Steve, get over it.