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  1. This...I really, really, hate these guys. Argh!
  2. Have you watched the rehearsal footage? Page played much more "Pagelike" during the rehearsals. He was loser and more ambitious in his playing. He played the solos both longer and more complex & nuanced then he did during the live show. It seemed obvious to me when I first saw the live show Page was holding back, playing it safe likely due to nerves. When I saw the rehearsal footage the obvious became fact. Jimmy had the chops all right, he just decided to be overly cautious with most of his playing that night which is a shame. Good case in point, he nails the hell out of TSRTS in rehearsals but played it very conservatively during the show. Same with Stairway...I still have no idea why he played such a truncated solo in Stairway that night when he obviously could have played even the studio version with no problem.
  3. Midway...the original theatrical release in Sensearound Sound. That shit was EPIC on the big screen with that audio. The whole theatre shook and was loud as hell. Made you really feel you were on the deck of a carrier. Hedwig and the Angry Inch Amile City of Lost Children (La Cite des Enfants Perdus) Patton - Historically very inaccurate (Patton was nothing like what was portrayed) but one hell of an acting job by George C Scott. Since George Scott was a raging liberal, I believe he played the part over the top intentionally and the director loved it. However in real life Patton was a very nuanced and complex man and was not known to fly off the handle as he was actually very controlled and did certain things for affect. Dark City The Exorcist - As stated above, what was once horrifying is now humorous. Live long enough and you know the IRS, politicians, and the health care system are WAY more frighting than goddamned Pazuzu could ever be. Fried Green Tomatoes - Screw you...I like this damn movie
  4. I would have loved to see Page perform with Freddie Mercury in the mid-70's. Just imagine those two in their prime on stage together. A person would go all lizard eye trying to figure out which one to watch.
  5. You're wish is my command....
  6. Andy, I am so very sorry for your loss, I know how much your dad meant to you. My prayers go out to both you and your father.
  7. Requests? Requests??? Ok, April 10th please. If you can make that listenable you have my eternal admiration.
  8. Sean, Have you checked out the boot from April 9th? I was very surprised at the quality as the sound is very good. The show, though truncated, was a good one actually and Jimmy played very well. Whatever was wrong with him seemed to focus him (except when he did SIBLY out of order from the setlist and played solo for a minute until the band joined in). Even Ten Years Gone is an excellent version except for the first solo of which there is none, only Jones playing acoustic. I believe this is the point where Jimmy almost collapsed. He then joins back in and finishes the song with a brilliant b-bender solo. What I find strange is the following show of the 10th was another very strong, excellent show, except he screwed up the first solo (TYG) yet the end solo again was beautiful. I wonder what it is about the first solo which Jimmy had such a problem with as this is the only part of the song he consistently messed up (about 50% of the time) whereas the more complicated outro solo he always nailed. I can play the first solo pretty much note for note off the album version however there is no way I can't even try the outro solo with any success. I can wing it but to be honest I have found it quite difficult to pull off a good, fluid, well articulated solo with a b-bender yet Jimmy always made it sound beautiful and fluid. Then again I never really studied and practiced with a b-bender very much but players who do have told me they are very difficult to play successfully in the manner Page and other players do. It takes much practice and patience. I really like the 77' tour. Of course in retrospect its easy to say, oh they should have done this or not done that but it was what it was and it was still damn good. Anyway, I don't think I have ever been to any concert that I did not walk away and think the band should have played a different song or two. I remember seeing the Cure years ago and leaving pissed off because they did not play Disintegration. WTF??? The band should have KNOWN that was my FAVORITE song and played it because it is all about ME!!! Humans, we are a picky, selfish bunch.
  9. I am assuming this is satire because very few can attain such a pinnacle of doucheness. This is some zen master level asshole shit. Oh crap...Donald that you?
  10. Yes, they approach the instrument very differently and IMO their sound is nothing alike. Blunt really likes the clean, single-coil Strat tone and takes his time with his solo's. Kinda reminds me of a cross between Clapton & Knopfler in his approach. I really like Blunt's playing in general.
  11. The boots. I keep discovering new and amazing sounds from these four. Simply amazing what they could produce live with only four guys and no tapes. Or as Bill O'Reily would say: We'll do it live....I SAID WE'LL DO IT LIVE!!! MOTHER FU...R!!!
  12. Ha, I can see it now: Jazz Fan #1: Coltrane is god Jazz Fan #2: Screw Coltrane, Parker pounds his ass... JF#1: BLASPHEMY!!! I will KEEELLLLL YOU!!!! Moderator: Screw both of you guys, Kenny G is the alpha & the omega...both of you tools are banned.
  13. Spot on, after all, you can easily know exactly what year and tour was on by simply looking at Jimmy's evolving (devolving) look from 68' - 75'. Of course it is very easy to know if it is pre or post-75' Jimmy from the dramatic weight loss and dead eyes in 77', then his bad teeth from 79' & 80'. Talk about a guy who went from one extreme to the other! Regarding Robert, I must disagree as it is very easy to tell what year / tour it is by what old Robert is wearing, and, his new grill he had by 75'. Pre 75' Robert did not smile too much due to his teeth but from 75' on he was always smiling in pictures. AS I pointed out earlier, yes Robert could be a bit foppish, especially in 73', but I believe it was just a trend of the times, the glam era. Bowie was doing this, Mercury and Elton John were doing this, and Jagger, holy shit, that guy could out fop Perez Hilton. Also, as for guys wanting to be more Page than Plant, the opposite is actually true in regard to musicians looks in the mid-70's. Who did Frampton try to look like...Plant. Coverdale? Rob Halford? Lou Gramm? Sammy Hagar? Even Billy Joel donned the Plant look early in his career when in the band Attila. I would say it was more like 50 / 50, most guys could go either way. Me, I was more of a Page guy because I play guitar, but also, Plant was so damn good looking I looked upon his as an unattainable goal, just unreal.
  14. He used the Strat on OTHAFA on the 18th (only song he used it on that day that I am aware of). He used it also on OTHAFA & NQ on the 23rd. Check out the 23rd versions of both songs, the Strat sounds better, works better, and has Jimmy playing better for those two songs. In fact the 23rd NQ is my favorite version of the song and Jimmy's playing is on a whole other level, just amazing. As an aside, most Zep songs sound better with the LP due to the tone, however both OTHAFA & NQ actually sound better and the tone of the Strat WORKS better on those two songs. Other songs where the Start would have worked / sounded better than the LP: Celebration Day, Dancing Days, Houses of the Holy, NFBM (he used the strat for the solo in the studio), FYL (he used the strat on the whole song in the studio). Makes me wonder as I can't see Page using the Strat on OTHAFA & NQ, doing such a great job and thinking, "Wow, I really played the shit outta those tunes on the Strat...well, I will never do THAT again." Wonder why he never used it again live except for ITE?
  15. When I gotta piss I don't care what the little symbol or foreign language descriptor is used on the door. If there is a line at one, I use the other. Damn the torpedoes...full speed ahead.