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  1. Mr. Personality strikes again
  2. Insecure in regard not to his ability but in regard to the longevity of the band. Robert came from a very middle class family, he did not have the upper middle class upbringing that Jones & Page had. When you grow up under such circumstance you tend to have a "better get what I can, when I can" attitude. So, I believe he pushed himself to his limits and beyond vocally to give the best show possible and keep em coming back so to speak. The scene back then was brutal, up until the fourth album, any tour could have easily been the last tour, the last record and he knew that. There were AMAZING bands back then like Blue Cheer, the MC5, Camel, etc that put out groundbreaking music but made little money and went nowhere. They had their year or two and...Poof, gone. So I figure Plant thought he should set it at 11 and run in the red non-stop, that is until his motor blew.
  3. Oh I know, I know!!!! It's the Indian Ocean???? I am right...right?
  4. Yes, air conditioning when it is hot, heat when it is cold. A roof over ones head when it rains and a lovely meadow when the sun is shining bright. I also like to eat food and drink things too. Sleep is nice as is waking, after all the alternative is oblivion which is exactly what this thread has devolved into.... So, I will post this because, why not?
  5. The only part of the solo where he is sloppy is the beginning where he does the one-hand pull-offs going up and down the neck, everything else is pretty good. Is it an excellent Heartbreaker? No, I would place it as average but like you said, Page brought it for the rest of the show so the final encore being a bit off in one very small part is no big deal. Plus, it was a long ass show with a 46 min D&C so I am surprise he had anything left in the tank after that!!! Now if you want ht most awesome-O killer version ever of Heartbreaker, please, let me introduce you to this: Robert's voice is amazing and Page's tone is nasty as it comes.
  6. As much as I like and respect Robert he sure does talk some shit, and, his prior musical collaborators typically do not remember the times fondly and have an open dislike for Robert (Robbie Blunt & Phil Johnstone come to mind). I am beginning to believe Robert changing bands every few albums may have more to do with his personality than with him wanting to pursue different musical directions.
  7. Not only should the appeal be denied, but Robert, Jimmy, and Jones attorney should counter with a vexatious litigant claim of their own. I am sure that would stop this bullshit dead in its tracks...permanently.
  8. Argh, cricket. Should have been test an fail. Just kidding, however footie is a damn sight better IMO.
  9. Hmmmmm....Ruuuuuuubber biscuit??? Briefcase Full of Blues is a damn fine album, and The Blues Bros. a damn fine band.
  10. People love their nostalgia, that's for sure, just not my bag. Lightning in a bottle is just that, eventually the power is gone. Kinda like running into a girlfriend from 20 years past. She may look and sound the same but the spark is usually gone and everything a wee bit awkward. Always makes me sad and long for the real thing.
  11. I don't care how good any tribute band is, Lez Zeppelin included because it comes off as both lame and creepy IMO. I dislike ALL tribute bands and the only emotion which comes to mind is pity. The reason being is, for a group or person to have the talent to pull it off yet waste it on being a pale imitation of something else is quite pitiful. I remember the Beatlemania hit in the late 70's...what a disaster and what an embarrassment. The same goes for Zep. Seeing four or five people on stage pretending to be other people is sad. Of course I hold a special place of sorrow and pity in my heart for the tribute bands which go balls deep, that is they wear their hair and clothes in the same fashion, the singer doing his best Plant impersination, and the guitarist in the dragon suit jumping about. Correction: There is one tribute band I really like and that is mini-KISS. After all, if four midgets can glam up and play the songs better than the original KISS, god bless em. And they are likely a kinder set of guys than those pompous KISS jackasses. Nothing like mini-Paul Stanley working his Love Gun and putting the X in Sex.
  12. Wasn't Living Loving Maid about an old (over 16...ha, ha) groupie that Robert balled all night long yet the night ended in frustration because he could not get her off? I read that somewhere, do not remember where. Of course the song does not mention those embarrassing details as I am sure it damaged old Robert's pride. So, we have Robert embarrassing Jonsey in RO and Robert pissing on Jimmy in Carouselambra. It appears he left Bonzo alone, most likely out of fear of a nasty ass kicking as I doubt Bonzo would have been down with being the brunt of a perpetual joke or jab.
  13. Um, sorry to ruin your day but this is not only bullshit, but it's rather old bullshit: