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  1. Unless i'm mistaken, and i don't think i am, this thread was created, with somewhat mean spirited intent, to have fun at the expense of people with "less" knowledge. No, i just checked and that's exactly what this thread's about. The irony here is that you, the OP, was outed so quickly as the guy whose knowledge base couldn't identify the references presented. Go ahead, take a few minutes to add that up. As much fun as this has been, i'm off to the pub now to enjoy a few pints of some jolly good bitter along with a bag or 2 of crisps while enjoying a match on the telly. As you were.
  2. You have a real complex about the U.S. Whatever. Heck, i'll be the first to say things aren't perfect here. And i rarely wave the flag. But that's beside the point. Is this thread about British- specific knowledge? I would just suggest you be a little more specific in the future. 'Cause as it stands, it does not appear you're smarter than a 4th grader. And for future reference, when trying to come off as knowledgeable, Google (born in 'Merica) is your friend. You're welcome for that as well! Cheers
  3. It's been on since 1964 and is broadcast all over the world. I mean, i've never been to the UK but i'm aware of Hobnobs and The IT Crowd. And I actually live under a rock. In case you haven't heard, we also came up with some other stuff you may enjoy. Blues, Jazz, Rock n Roll, Netflix, The 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, Scarlett Johansson....
  4. Wow. Every 10 year old knows what Jeopardy! is.