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  1. My first Rush boot. Arrived in the mail on a TDK SA90.
  2. Any of so many could dial up a mile wide smile a long while But son, in the long run, there can be only one on that top rung Not just a great concert and legendary bootleg, but a truly unique and historic Rock n Roll event "Welcome to three hours of lunacy... It's all about the LA queens... But how weak the mortal frame... We all dream as dreamers do... We must dedicate this song to perhaps one of the biggest dreamers in the world... It's an English blues... One of the journeys that sometimes can bring surprises that you don't expect to encounter... A song that once again features the immense talents of John Paul looney two slacks Jones... Also gives you an opportunity to play spot the looney... This is John two Bonhams looney Bonahm... Ten Years Bonham!... The other forty four are with the young ladies in the dressing room... Along of course with Peter Grant... If you are a badgeholder of a rock star you are somebody to be reckoned with... John Bonham knows about badgeholders, don't you John?... It's really great to be back on the West coast where things make sense... The constant search for the badgeholder... Sort of a marital situation that occurred in the midlands of England... Shut up Bonzo... This is for anybody who's a badgeholder of John Bonham... Linda rainbow included... Well I guess that's an eight out of ten... She's got a balloon over the toy shop... There she is... A big round of applause for Bonzo's badgeholder... Fantastic... Wearing a blue suit... So here you are John, and your diamond studded... Dynamic looneys... Mr. John Moon and Mr. Keith Bonham... What amazing men of steel who know badgeholders... Hope we didn't keep you up too long... It's been very funny... Good night"
  3. Like, where?
  4. 1969-11-06/07 San Francisco 1970-09-06 Honolulu 1972-12-22 London