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  1. Aye, she looks blonde but has dyed it grey/purple, which is a bit trendy at the moment.
  2. That's the one. The boy at the back with the Zeppelin t-shirt on looks like a Poundland Kyle Chandler.
  3. I'd like to 'identify' the blonde on the left. In all seriousness, that's great to see, I'd love to get down there sometime to visit & to see his grave too.
  4. If I had to pick one track, I would probably go for Good Times Bad Times, it changed rock drumming overnight & still sounds absolutely mental nearly 50 years on. After that I would probably go for Kashmir, which is an monument of groove & restraint & Achilles Last Stand, which again is just nuts. I might be on my own here but if I had to pick an album to showcase Bonham, it would maybe be Presence, he really was on fire throughout that recording & some of it is his most inventive playing.
  5. Agreed 100%. If only other bands had maintained their dignity the way Led Zeppelin did.
  6. Actually, it's quite possibly a February '70 haircut & beard.
  7. It's traditional grip he's using and to my eyes that looks like a 1972 hair cut.
  8. Quite surprised to see him drinking what looks like a half pint, maybe he was playing later on that day.
  9. I enjoyed your post although I think the companion disc versions of Immigrant Song & Gallows Pole are two of the most crucial ones for me, both brilliant versions.
  10. I have everything on CD, I'd love vinyl really but I've moved about a lot & now that I've got a house & about 700 CDs, it would be very expensive to start replacing them all. Personally I think the downloaded/digital stuff sounds terrible, all compressed & it doesn't breathe. I can see that it's convenient for people though.
  11. I know but the 80s were horrific. I was only a kid at the time but I'm sure there were some clued up people in the 80s listening to Jimmy Smith & electric period Miles Davis.
  12. Some things sound timeless however, like a piano, a Hammond organ or a Fender Rhodes. The synth used on ITTOD sounds very 'of its time'. Whether that means it's cheesy or not is up to the listener I suppose.