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  1. I watched a bit of the Awards on Sky Arts at the weekend & have to say, Jimmy Page would've been better giving it a miss altogether, what a load of bollocks it was. I feel genuinely sorry for anyone who paid good money to go along & watch that shite.
  2. Remember to bring an umbrella.
  3. I once found a clip of Bonham doing a mini-solo/ending to a song, it was the US tour 1975, he had his full Clockwork Orange outfit on & it was taken from his left hand side (where Mick Hinton used to stand), it lasted about 30 seconds I think & there was a load of really quick right foot stuff. I saw it about 8 or 9 years ago on Youtube & have never been able to find it again, can anyone help?
  4. Fine for a one off but we all know it wasn't really Led Zeppelin deep down.
  5. I agree 100% with everything in this post.
  6. Shite is an understatement.
  7. Last time I went down for leisure was to see Liverpool lose an FA cup semi final against Villa a couple of years back, I actually had a great time other than the result. It's rush hour, the tube & the general unfriendliness of the natives that puts me off the place.
  8. I have to go down to London for work quite often & can't stand the place, I don't fancy spending my own free time down there although I would love to see this. Hopefully if there is unseen Zeppelin footage, it'll get some sort of public release following the event.
  9. I would've though In My Time of Dying & Achilles Last Stand would have been as tough as anything they ever composed. How Many More Times is a long piece with many different parts too, although I suspect a lot of that was written during their first gigs together & came together quite naturally,
  10. What squeaks are you referring to? I listened to the studio version of Moby Dick religiously for years & am not aware of any significant squeaking.
  11. No, I think you're 100% correct. I don't believe Miles Davis had any issues working with white musicians if he considered them to be good enough. Whether he believed Page was good enough is open to conjecture although I would point out that a guitarist like John McLaughlin is in a different league to Jimmy Page, Page would be the first person to admit this & in fact went to McLaughlin for guitar lessons in the 60s.
  12. He did, but he was quoted as saying (regarding McLaughlin) that if anyone could find a black guitarist better than him, he would hire the black guitarist. Having said that, it was a quote I read in his autobiography so it could've been said quite flippantly.
  13. Although I love both Miles Davis & Led Zeppelin, I'm not so sure Davis would've been interested in a collaboration, he said that the Jimi Hendrix Experience sounded like "hillbillies" (on account of the group containing two white people), I'm not sure that 'white rock' was his thing. I suspect a collaboration with Ed Hazel might've been more likely.
  14. The only thing I ever cry at is when Mick dies in Rocky III. I've never thought of Led Zeppelin as that sort of band although plenty of their songs (That's the way, Ten years gone & Thank you to name three) are full of beauty. Maybe I'm just a heartless swine.
  15. Thanks, I've never heard that so I'll have a listen when I get home from work.