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  1. Spot on, a lot of The Beatles' early stuff was absolutely brilliant & light years ahead of the likes of Gerry & the Pacemakers.
  2. I know, I don't see what links it to the Kingdome other than it's the same date 40 years down the line? I'm sure Led Zeppelin played a number of gigs on the 7th July.
  3. I'll need to dig out the interview but Bonham had heard that Hughes had been speaking with Pat, he turned up at a party drunk and ready to kill Hughes, I think there was a bit of a fracas and they never spoke again after that. If memory serves me correctly, I think it was in Mick Bonham's book although I'll need to check, it might've been covered in the Trampled Underfoot book too.
  4. John Bonham was good friends with Glenn Hughes, I believe up until an incident involving Pat in the late 70s when they fell out. If you Google 'Glenn Hughes John Bonham' there's a picture of them together in 1976, looks like they're up to no good in a toilet or something (sorry, I can't seem to post it on here). I also attended an Ian Paice drum clinic in Edinburgh in 1997 & someone in the crowd asked him about John Bonham, he said they were on good terms.
  5. Surely it's something which is to be released on 7th July 2017, given the date on the picture.
  6. Apparently Soundgarden ended their last set with In My Time of Dying.
  7. Listen to rock music from 1968 (The Who, The Stones, Hendrix etc.), then listen to any rock music from 1969 onwards (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, James Gang etc.), the difference is clear for all to hear. The drums, the riffs, the sounds, the singing, the power, everything changed. Other bands were involved like Cream, Blue Cheer, Vanilla Fudge and Iron Butterfly but I don't think any of them had anywhere near the lasting impact Led Zeppelin had. I've written this on my phone so have not gone into great detail, which I'm sure someone more articulate than me will do.
  8. My favourites at the moment:- Guitarists:- 1. John Mclaughlin 2. Jimi Hendrix 3. Jimmy Page 4. Allan Holdsworth 5. Joe Walsh (pre-Eagles) Drummers:- 1. John Bonham 2. Elvin Jones 3. Tony Williams 4. Bill Bruford 5. Bernard Purdie
  9. On Moby Dick at the Carnegie Hall gig:- "When it came to his full-scale workout, Bonham made good on his promise to be in top form. He summoned a demonic drum solo and flew around the kit with a speed and brute strength that was astounding. I saw Bonham play many more solos over the years but never with quite the same sustained attack." Chris Welch.
  10. Given the amount of attention this gig is getting on another thread, I thought it deserved one of its own, seemingly one of their great early gigs but so little evidence of it exists. Is this picture from this actual show, was anyone on the forum at the gig & does anyone have anything else to contribute?
  11. Is the handbag with John Bonham's shit in it still kicking about?
  12. If it's anywhere near as good as a Robert Plant concert then you can count me in.
  13. In that case I am slightly in love with your drums. The Giant Beats are great cymbals, I used to have an 18" crash & it sounded like heaven.
  14. Hi Porgie, what's the story behind the kit, is it vintage & is that the original finish? It's a beautiful looking kit.
  15. Just as an aside, I absolutely love this one on the 'Vintage Swag' page of the website.