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  1. Ha ha, I know.
  2. Geoff Hurst probably wouldn't do the interview because he knows it was a bent Russian Linesman that gifted them the cup.
  3. Has Robert Plant ever said the musicians he plays with now are better musicians than Led Zeppelin were? Personally I don't blame him for not wanting to do documentaries about the 70s when he's making new music all the time, he's moved on.
  4. I'm not really into a lot of modern stuff, EVH can play but it sounds horrible to me, two players that I've seen live in the last few years who have really impressed me are Marc Ford (used to be in the Black Crowes) & Dweezil Zappa. I prefer Jazz stuff these days, John McLaughlin mainly & I saw a John Scofield/Mike Stern double bill a couple of weeks back, which was great.
  5. I'm not sure if you've ever played in a band yourself (apologies if you have) but having played in many bands myself I can tell you that the first rehearsal is always a bit of a mess with people jamming about on things & very little in the way of things that the general public would want to hear. Even if Jimmy did record the first rehearsal, I seriously doubt it would be worth any sort of release & that's without discussing the actual standard of the recording itself. Of course the recording would be historically significant in many ways but I doubt it's anything the remaining band members would ever want to put out for public consumption.
  6. What are the chances of them getting a good sound recording to marry up with the footage, through all the copyright red tape & something released for the 50th anniversary of the festival? I can't see Led Zeppelin releasing footage that lasts for 30 minutes to be honest so I'm not massively hopeful, wouldn't be worth making a new DVD/blu ray, would it. Unless maybe it was bonus footage on an Earls Court release or something...
  7. Well if the choices are:- 1) Go on the road with the World's greatest rock band & enjoy all the excesses of sex, drugs & rock'n'roll or, 2) Stay in London & sit behind a desk pushing pens all day I know which one I would be going for.
  8. You should buy the book, 'John Bonham - A Thunder of Drums', which covers most of this stuff. This website is ok too...
  9. What he said, it's clearly a pastiche of the early rock'n'roll stuff Page & Plant loved so much. I love Candy Store Rock, it never fails to raise a smile in my house. Presence is a great album, in fact these days I find it's the Zeppelin studio album I go back to most (probably because I've listened to the first six so much).
  10. 'he's incapable of doing what I want him to do'. There's your problem right there, good musicians don't do what people want them to do, they do what they want to do. Led Zeppelin died in 1980, I think some people need to move on like Plant has done.
  11. Don't go, we love you man.
  12. If his current renditions of Led Zeppelin songs are so embarrassing to you then don't listen to them, it's not like they're on everywhere you go unless you're going to all his gigs with the sole purpose of being offended. Btw, you don't speak for every Led Zeppelin fan, personally I'm glad they knocked it on the head in 1980 and kept their dignity as a band intact. It could never be the same without John Bonham.
  13. Yeah, I have the original CD, to be honest I hadn't listened to it for a few years before the remastered one came out and not since. I do remember a difference in No Quarter (probably because it's my favourite song on the LP).
  14. I think my tone was lost in translation there because I was taking the piss, I know who Nick Drake and Nick Cave are. Who the fuck is Alice though?
  15. The sound on it is great in my opinion though. I don't listen to many bootlegs either & I have to say I really enjoy it as I don't really know what's been cut out. Having said that, I'm never entirely sure why he feels the need to chop & change so much, they were such a great live band.