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  1. Make a copy of it first.
  2. Both Knebworths are the best. No contest.
  3. At the moment my rarest would be the Kiss the Stone 1995 Zep reunion cd with Neil Young at the Rockn Roll hall of fame.
  4. Thanks I'll check them out.
  5. 1st Knebworth is probably my first fav and Double Shot is probably my second.
  6. Thanks!
  7. I've never seen a picture or any thing about him. I have heard he was a private guy who live with his mother and hated when people got ahold of his tapes. (He might have committed suicide too)
  8. I feel Iike any soundboard from Over Europeis very crisp and clean but the actual preformance is kind of bland with no energy left in it.
  9. I'm listening to The Rover/Sick Again from Badgeholders only.
  10. Out on the Tiles defiantly needed to be played more.
  11. Mike Millard
  12. I thought it was horrible. Jimmy and Robert were both doing well on their solo careers. But that was auful.
  13. Getting a Zep bootleg in the mail!!!!
  14. Haha.