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  1. Those epics are one of the reasons i love this band. Them sticking to a ''just play the songs'' format would make them just a typical live band.
  2. I actually like his Alembic bass sound alot. Different sounds for different songs, i think that Dazed and Confused with the alembic woulndnt sound as good as with the a fender. Vise versa with Achilles. Overall songs like Sick Again, and Over The Top that nasty alembic sound works really well.
  3. The First La Forum show in march 27 has pretty decent quality
  4. so when can expect this boot?
  5. The show was impressive, allthought at times it sounded a bit too ''artsy'' and ''messy'' for me, and suspect for a lot of people around me too. But i enjoyed it alot. It was amazing to see JPJ master the Piano, the Mandolin and the Bass.
  6. ''The bowler hatted wonder, the man who made constipation passe. John Bonham!'' MSG 12.02.75 By the way i love the Over the Top toptoptoptoptoptop delay thing
  7. I gotta confess something. I have 84 bootlegs in my collection (all different shows) the second Seattle show of 1975 is not one them... YET!!
  8. I actually preferthe solo for OTHAFA from 06.27.77. One of the best solos ever in my book
  9. Got my ticket too! Its my first time seeing JPJ. Im pretty excited.
  10. LA Forum 27.06.77 for me
  11. My Booklet is fine. My local record store guy said that he was warned by the distributor that in some copies the album might have a wrong cd(s) inside. Or atleast that was his excuse on why the copy i bought was unsealed
  12. I quite enjoy the remastering. Especially the first cd sounds much better with less compression. The companion disc is quite good, solid zeppelin. I like the vintage sound of the lost rhythm and blues sessions tracks. This has always been the led zep release i like the least. It has felt like a mishmash of half live half studio takes done in a rush. It does not have the excitement of a concert nor the precision of a studio album. With the release you get a more complete view of what they did, with the aid of the booklet you can make playlists and listen to the tracks in the order they were originally played, which will probably make for a less boring listening experience. My first time hearing Sunshine Woman which i love. One thing i noticed, JPJ played bass on You Shook Me at the March Top Gear session and then on the second session recorded two weeks later (Rhythm and Blues) he played the organ.Like on the Session V June Top Gear one. Maybe it was simply a matter of the trouble of bringing the organ to the studio. BTW was the 1970 British tour the first tour where JPJ brought his organ with him?
  13. ''SIT DOWN!'' Tampa stadium 1973 during No Quarter. ''I hope they will get better. They look like they are drunk or something'' Charlotte 1972 ''Im reallly stoned'' LA Forum March 1970 after Black Mountainside
  14. There is that little mistake from Bonzo at the end of the guitar solo. But yeah superb effort.