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  1. Thank you for posting these images.
  2. Wow; love those.
  3. I have always loved that Elvis shirt.
  4. Those are wonderful images.
  5. This is all starting to make sense. If an artist does not set up their own social media then is it usually the management or record company's responsibility.
  6. John Bonham and the venue where Led Zeppelin made their debut in the UK were among the list receiving Blue Plaques for their contribution to UK music. Oops sorry I missed the original thread.
  7. As usual thank you.
  8. Love those images thank you for posting.
  9. Wonderful images.
  10. I realised how dumb my comment sounded as soon as I posted it.
  11. I wonder if the site (facebook and twitter feed have also been down since the last week of March) were somehow run by his management or record label. If he is in negotiations in respect of one or both then the sites are possibly part of the deal. I cannot think of any other logical reason. I find it all rather baffling and disconcerting hope everything is ok and he has not retired on the quiet.
  12. Great images. Thank you for posting.
  13. I have no idea what the context of the images are, suspect the drums is from a soundcheck. The first image looks like the late 1980's early 1990's but again no context. Thank you for the images you posted.
  14. I was wondering if the online sites are down because he is reorganising the management or record label side of things and they deal with the online presence he has. I think the last decade or so has been full on so I can see the need to recharge. I suspect when he releases new work he throws himself into the project. It is odd that his sites have been down since March though.