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  1. Thank you for posting they made me giggle.
  2. It is a wonderful image.
  3. Thank you for the images.
  4. Thanks for the photographs as for Robert and touring, I just checked the site of Cast the other band Skin Tyson plays with and they are touring until Christmas and Beak seem busy so Billy Fuller is on duty with them. I wonder if the Nigel Kennedy gig is leading to something.
  5. I think the last tour ended late last summer early autumn. The dates were on his official website but that has been "down" for a week. Anyone know when it will be back online.
  6. Because of my location I have not had the chance to see Robert. Got to see the Glasto appearance on tv a couple of years ago and loved that.
  7. My experiences of the music when I was at school was very limited. I was a teen at school, just as Robert was hitting his stride as a solo artist and the lads in our class took great pleasure in telling their female counterparts the more salacious aspects of the bands history. I found them terrifying and because of punk / new wave dominating the airwaves you rarely heard Zep on UK radio. I am still unsure why they seemed to suffer way more than their counterparts from their own history but I rediscovered Robert thanks to LATCR LP and through that eventually listening properly to both his solo and LZ output. The majority stands up really well makes you wish rock would and could be so daring now. All the best Annie.
  8. Where is that gif of Robert playing the drums from?.
  9. Hello Rosygirl I do have a soft spot for older Robert.
  10. That would work. Would focus on what made them great and would give insights into the creative process.
  11. Could they do it with first person interviews and photo stills?.
  12. Still cannot believe they only played two tv shows.