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  1. Thought I'd start a thread on all the books written on the boys. I'd like to keep this to bios/histories, etc. (i.e. no music books with guitar tabs, etc.). Gross, M. (1975). Led Zeppelin's Golden Boy Robert Plant. New York, NY: Popular Library This was put out by Circus magazine. I have a copy and as far as I can remember it's not a bad read. Has many photos, most of which are well known.
  2. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    It's nice to see Chris Dreja in that promo video. Since his stroke he's been out of the public eye. Good to see that both McCarty and Dreja seem to have had some input into the project.
  3. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Interesting that Knowing That I'm Losing You (Tangerine) is being finally being released.
  4. LZ in Chicago 1969

    These are amazing! Thanks for sharing
  5. John Paul Jones @ Swaledale Festival

  6. RIP Great Ritchie Yorke

    That was a Robert Plant biography by Michael Gross. I have it and, for what it is, it was an ok read.
  7. Scanning the IMDB site I noticed that JPJ has been involved in several movie soundtracks over the years: Scream for Help (1984) - composer/performer For All Mankind (1989) - writer/performer of "4 minute warning" The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb (1993) - theme composer Risk (1994) - composer Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist (2008) - writer of "Fever" I've heard the soundtrack for Scream for Help, but not the others. Are any of the others available, has anyone heard them?
  8. JPJ gigs schedule 2017

    Also playing April 16th, 2017 with the Minibus Pimps at the Festival Présences électronique 2017.
  9. JPJ gigs schedule 2017

    It looks like JPJ will be playing the Ice Station Vadsø festival again:
  10. Short clip of Kashmir... http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/robert-plant-performs-led-zeppelin-kashmir-in-full-for-first-time-without-jimmy-page-video/
  11. The Yardbirds

    Great stuff Steve. Nice to see these.
  12. The Firm Thread

    Brown U Herald, Apr 5, 85 and Mar 7, 86
  13. I've raised this before, but if the band no longer existed...then wouldn't that have eliminated any requirement for another album? I've always found this last contractual album a little tough to explain, as much as I am glad it did come out. Subsequent greatest hits packages also came out on Atlantic, so they didn't change labels after the completion of the "contractual obligation". What if there had been no usable tapes available? Could Atlantic have forced Jimmy to reform a band to fulfil the obligations (highly doubtful)? Did the contract have a clause giving them rights over any post-Zeppelin music by the former members in the case that Zeppelin didn't fulfil it's obligations?
  14. RIP Great Ritchie Yorke

    Sad news. He was definitely one of the first to journalists to support the band, and his first book on the band was a must read (and the only one available for a long time). RIP
  15. Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    Wow, nice work. That absolutely looks like Rufus Jones. Querying on Google actually brings up images from what looks to be the same photo session. So the Degree of Murder session photos somehow have unrelated(?) photos of Rufus Jones overlaid onto them. What about the silhouette on the right?
  16. Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    I too have seen Kenney Jones credited as the drummer time and time again, but of course that is not Kenney Jones. Given Brian Jones statement above, it literally could be anyone. However, Bill Wyman has refuted he (Wyman) was involved, and there is nothing to suggest any of the other Stones were involved either. Edited to add: Looking at those two photos again it seems to me the drummer image is superimposed and not actually a reflection in the glass. In other words, it's a theme or motif shot as opposed to a historically accurate shot. I could be wrong. It wasn't September 5th, 66 since Jimmy was either in California or on his way to Hawaii with the Yardbirds. Jimmy's web site just used the first date from the Rolling Stones database, but other dates are listed (e.g the 11th of February). The image of the drummer definitely looks out of place. I seem to recall that the photos were taken by Ian Stewart. Maybe he was behind the "collage".
  17. Our FIRST Annual Forum Holiday Party (December 2016)

    Oh he will play. I want to hear the Fillmore 69 Lemon Song intro live. It's a virtual party, virtually anything goes....
  18. Our FIRST Annual Forum Holiday Party (December 2016)

    It's good to be here...so where's the stage, I hear Jimmy's going to drop by with his guitar ;-) ? Where's that confounded bar, I'm thirsty.
  19. I've been coming across many original reviews and wasn't sure where to post them so decided to start a new thread. Feel free to post any you find (Zep only). Globe and Mail, Jan 11, 1969 Baylor Lariat, May 3, 1969 Baylor Lariat, Nov 25, 1969 St. Johns Record, Feb 13, 1970 Duke Chronicle, Jan 30, 1969 Monmouth Oracle, Apr 21, 1976
  20. Rensselaer Polytechnic Oct 14, 70
  21. Outrider opinions

    Fitchburg State Strobe Nov 16, 88
  22. Jimmy Page and Joe Elliott to appear at Classic Rock Awards

    There is a gallery of rehearsal photos posted here: http://teamrock.com/feature/2016-11-09/the-2016-japanese-classic-rock-awards-blog Only one photo of Jimmy (not actually playing though):