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  1. Unfortunately I sort of 80% agree with riffs. In fact I saw Robert on his first solo tour at MSG in83'. He sounded incredible and actually whether it was falsetto or some healing in his vocal chords, a bit of the high range seemed restored. In fact singing no Zep, "Burning Down One Side", and "In The Mood"and so on, Plant was singing live higher than anything Zep 77' on. And strangely enough in his 90' tour the first song was The Immigrant Song, so Plant was either lip Synching or fully capable of the real high notes there.
  2. Totally disappointed that Page and Jones couldn't after the 07' show formed a non-Zep project. Quiet as Jones is, not convinced that Page would be able to get away with substandard playing. So many options for Page, nothing works. I also think that Jimmy, despite his hostility towards Plant for the obvious reasons, probably got quite frustrated with most other vocalists, as who could ever match Plant. After Bonzo's death, not convinced at all the band members had ANY seriousness to continue. Most groups live sound pretty much like the record except possibly guitar solos, and some fills. Even in 77' when the live set lists were almost alike. from one show to another, there would still be jamming almost ESP style within songs with tight structures(ALS, IMTOD). Page has even said that he would feel sorry for a replacement drummer playing his heart out yet failing to come even close to Bonzo. Yet Page was fine with M Lee and Jason later much later. Of course after 07' with Plant aboard then 50 date US tour with Jason and JPJ full speed ahead.
  3. Grant was a heavy duty intimidator, but actually I find that serious thought about tanking Robert very difficult to believe. There are so many accounts/ versions that when Jimmy saw Robert sing live, Jimmy was totally floored. Of course in early Zep many things may have seemed tentative. Yet to this day Jimmy seems to act like he only wants to use Robert as a vocalist. If Peter/ Jimmy had fired Robert, who could they possibly replace him with ?? Steve Mariott(spelling ?) was not available because of the mob element. Totally great, not available. No Plant firing.
  4. Well this self- management has led( no pun intended) Jimmy into some rather cheesy and quite negatively received behaviors or projects. Supposedly Jimmy had some management for the Outrider thing, but If remember right he either fired them or didn't listen to them much. May have been Phil Carson in the main, correct me if I'm wrong. Funny about JPJ with the Opera, but actually he may competent to handle such a project. The thing with Page never being truthful about the future has turned comical yet a bit sad. But Page was such a musical giant that fans (some) simply can't dispose his words, again his Zep works were almost mythical at times. No one would put up with his nonsense if he was the guitarist in Firefall, or in White Lion. Not perfect analogies, but the point is made.
  5. Right, back then(70's) the whole drum track pretty much had to be perfect. Even today it can be tricky to computerwise tamper with live drums, unless the drummer is a total metronome. In that case , no drummer is needed, use a drum machine. Certain parts and fills can certainly be fixed, still, much harder than other instruments. IMTOD really wasn't bad at all live in 75', listen to 2/12 , 2/13, Earl's Court, etc...In fact IMO some of the live solo's were amazing. But just like many 77' TSRTS solos and IMTOD solos, some were boring and not too cohesive.
  6. Totally true. Never said, but the solo for the Rover sounds entirely composed. Jimmy is totally following the chord changes. Same for the solo in Hot Dog( studio, of course). Live Jimmy never really got the changes right; most country solos you can't approach like blues solos, you really must change some notes with each chord change. Again, there is not much info on how exactly these songs were composed or recorded. ALS was certainly tricky for the rhythm section, and Jimmy's endless overdubs, recording absolutely. Composing sounds difficult, but again not much info, but prove me wrong. Despite the song's many parts, guitarwise the song is not actually that technically difficult(live) but studio or live Bonzo may have been challenged, heavy stamina and complex parts.
  7. Four Sticks, the count in to start was very tricky. Another words Jimmy could just start the riff, but Bonzo's start was not on the first beat, One way I heard he could do it was 1234123, but there are many ways actually. Many Zep songs , in fact even Rock 'n 'Roll, Page's proper entrance to Bonzo's entry is much trickier than anything in Four Sticks. Page himself live sometimes screwed up the entry, unless he deliberately did that. May well have been tricky studiowise.
  8. SIBLY, yes, surely Jimmy has wanted to get a great solo. But where was this written, etc.,?? A lot of Zep songs, little is known about both the difficulty of composing and then recording.
  9. That PG statement by Plant does sound odd and off. Maybe sometime in 76' or so Robert started to see and feel a bit of darkness with the encroaching addictions and physical limitations of the car crash. As or around the album being released ? Greatly explained by Kelly Girl, no way. All the speculation about replacement drummers is mildly intriguing, but entirely misunderstood. Hasn't anyone ever noticed after Zep that in the Firm, the Outrider project(album and live), etc., basically until Unledded that Jimmy simply never sounded as full as when he had Bonzo ?? Even then ((Unledded) etc., basically it took JASON till 2007 to do a reasonable version of his dad. Just listen to Zep live with Jimmy soloing on Sick Again, Bonzo is drums and RHYTHM guitar, and on many more songs. Let alone the ESP improvising between band members.
  10. I really like all the set lists provided. At least from a fantasy perspective. In reality, Jimmy couldn't even work out a proper or even musically proper solo from Hot Dog. Has anyone EVER noticed this ?..? Page was simply not up to anything even mildly demanding which wasn't played on the 80' Europe trek. Now about the band getting back to epic, that would have been great in theory, but Bonzo and particularly Jimmy did not have their previous stamina. Some may argue, well the band would be tremendously psyched to get back to the states. Yes, to some degree, but Robert was kind of tentative and not enthusiastic about touring again. I think the idea was that once Robert hit the stage again in the states, he couldn't resist further ventures. Maybe so, maybe not.
  11. The thing about Zep being underground, yes of course they had tens of millions of fans. What some still don't realize is how little media coverage they got and not giving many interviews in the 70's. They hardly appeared(if ever) live on US tv beyond even 5 second clips. No Don Kirshner, no Midnight Special, very few filmed ( and very brief) interviews. Now video was not quite there yet, no MTV, but most other huge bands back in the 70's still did much much more interaction with the media and the Public. Think the members of Zep did a massive promotional interview tour for PG ?? Yes Atlantic pulled their weight, but no ,little from the band itself. In the 80's and 90's, perhaps a little later as well, yes most bands were fully expected to plug their own material. Even Jimmy and Robert were expected to do this in the 80's with their solo projects.
  12. Agree to most, and Jimmy seemed to have a few reservations about Plant in the start. But from the printed knowledge and Jimmy's awareness of Robert's tremendous musical talent despite the shrieks, etc., my guess is Jimmy didn't think about this matter for long. Steve Marriott was in the mob's hands(no pun intended), and Terry Reid was still under contract ?? Maybe Grant "scolded" Robert, but still I can't imagine Peter or Jimmy being so stupid in any circumstance firing Robert.
  13. Yeah. What I would love to convey to all those who were too young or just didn't get into Zep until later, is how awesome and powerful Zep's sphere of influence was. They were considered a underground band pretty much until ITTOD, preposterous as that sounds. But as a kid, Zep was real magic, Crowley blah blah not even necessary.
  14. The only reason I sort of disparaged the term "classic rock" was not so much the bands who were considered that, but that at the time of those bands tenure, most of those bands were actually creating something new. So the term makes it seem as if the bands were already aping something else, whereas actually many bands nowadays are in fact stealing or utilizing "classic rock" ideas. I separate Zep from "classic rock" because some bands were able to assimilate ideas from "classic rock", but Zep was so hard to copy or emulate that after those many metal/hair metal bands tried copying, basically bands would borrow a idea or a small snippet of Zep and that's it.
  15. Is quite interesting as well how Robert actually admits from time to time he does actually think about the Zep magic without Bonzo. Of course admirably Robert has stuck to his guns, but even after the Live Aid train wreck, Robert was obviously blown away by the fans reaction to the remaining three playing. The bowler hats were great, but Heart really kept the song pretty much sacred, almost an amazing feat, and not so convinced Robert wasn't affected by maybe staring into a mirror. I don't even like Heart that much, most tribute bands just can't get the subtleties of Stairway at all.