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  1. I find the RS reviewer's comments about Robert singing etc. on Principle unable to shake Zep strange. IMO Robert is trying pretty hard to not directly ape anything purely Zep. Now if Robert live in 83' is examined( I saw the MSG show), yep, at quite a few points in the show, Robert let loose with the trademarks that catapulted him to fame. But it would be silly to criticize Robert for improvising on his solo material, he always did that in whatever situation. I will add that much of POM was much more focused and forceful live, In fact, everything sounded great.
  2. Yeah, RS only arguably came over to admitting Zep was a totally great band when the remasters and all that in 90'-91'. IMO choosing the best 20 Zep songs no matter who's judging would be very difficult because on most of the albums a good 50% of the songs are excellent or great.
  3. What's very interesting with the semi-veiled messages and comments negatively about Jimmy in the lyrics, did ANYone ever bring this to Jimmy's attention ?? Ha Ha. Jimmy supposedly never heard of EVH until 82' ?? Preposterous . Although from some accounts Jimmy was only half-conscious from 77' to 84', some books say Jimmy was both physically and mentally in bad shape overall since 77'. Only reason I stay on this , and I remember other stars commenting on the "Karac" situation,your whole behavior and motivation changes most people heavily addicted to opiates. Robert starting with Presence had quite a few anti-Page/ Zep lyrics, richly deserved, and every right to leave the band. However Robert obviously had no understanding of many addict's possible moral slide and so on. Obviously an interviewer would be afraid of asking Jimmy if some lyrics were directed at him/Zep, interview over.
  4. This is a really excellent artistic sort of thread. I agree that of course some of the lyrics can't be pinned down to a literal meaning. But some come very close to bad blood and/or massive disgust and disillusion with Zep overall. Unfortunately, the whole thing with Karac's funeral, Jimmy looks oblivious no matter what. But supposedly at the time, Jimmy wasn't just doing heroin, he was doing coke, drinking heavily at times, taking qualludes, and who knows what else. I think the "partying" aspect is way overdone, Plant and Jones partied some, but no life killer. Jimmy loved to be onstage, but by 77' for whatever reasons he seemed to want to blot out reality a lot. Of course that line the "fruit and the seed" could mean that Page is now destroying the inner core ( fruit tree itself) and not just naturally picking fruit that will be returning without ill effect. And Plant was seemingly singing about all this stuff(well not the funeral) on Presence. Getting off topic a bit, but Jimmy may have been a psychological wreck , not just an addict. But a deep friend(??) not going to your young son's funeral , was primal to Robert and hence the lyrics.
  5. I read GW, not sure if Tolinski did 40th anniverse with Presence ? Great album, but besides Achilles and NFBM, rest of the tracks somewhat obscure even to guitar players. Jimmy actually got pissed with the Tolinski book ? Never heard that, but wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised. Jimmy got rankled a bit at Jonesy for not telling /inviting concerning the Them Crooked Vultures band. WTF ???? Despite Jimmy being "retired", IMO this shows that Jimmy somewhere in his mind still wants to play, otherwise he wouldn't have gotten unreasonably upset with the TCV thing. After Zep, Jimmy fired Peter Grant( so he says, what about Jones and Plant), but still had some sort of manager. I remember from the Hoskins or Wall book Jimmy eventually said " I need help. I want to put a band together". That became the Firm. But even having currently no manager, Jimmy is not showing up seriously at any jams, nor taking ANY invites, many likely not publicized So, caught in this black hole of hope, FORGET it. Maybe Jimmy's girlfriend will push Jim................
  6. There is one thing perhaps that Steve A. said a while back which may in fact be a bigger factor than most think. I don't know for how long beyond six or seven years. But Jimmy....apparently has not had a manager for a long time. For a rock star of Jimmy's stature, this is practically preposterous and just as unbelieveable. I can't see in his head, but Jimmy is cheap and maybe doesn't want to shell out $200,000 or more( I know nothing of typical rock star manager salaries) for a manager to be a liason for gigs, auditions, and other matters to allow the musician in question to concentrate on their music. Jimmy is basically introverted and shy and even for the formation of the Firm for example he was often quiet and hardly forceful as some of the auditioners' noted. Jimmy is free to do what he wants, but Jimi Hendrix had left a legendary mark as well, what if he had lived and just stopped playing ?he had been ripped off at times, and of course Jimi was young and Page is now old, but although there is no obligation as such, so many still want to see Jimmy play. Jimmy is old, but the live interviews etc., Jimmy was very sharp and his eyes and body language were of someone much younger. I would say, Jimmy may very well be spending much time lost with his kids and grandkids., and that is a very good reason for putting the music aside. He may feel guilty, all the years of being out of his head.
  7. The Who were cheated, but in fact Townsend and Daltrey beyond the 70's were never close to poor, or even upper middle class. However Moon went thru money like water, and Entwhistle lived a round the clock sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll plus mansions etc. lifestyle. Being rather mild millionaires and not heavily rich like Page for example, Townsend said a few times they went on the road because Entwhistle was close to destitute, although mainly by his own hand. I only read this stuff for a bit, but it was sad but fascinating how The Ox had no sleep/off switch, just on full blast 24/7.
  8. When I first listened to Zooma, I was struck not only by the subtlety of Jones ability on various instruments and in many styles. What was striking as well was Jones really cranking away on certain songs. And , I could very well see that whomever Robert or Jimmy had utilized as a bass player since Zep, had very little on Jones, with all due respect. A tremendous shame Jimmy and Jones can't/couldn't put something together. But I think Jimmy knows he couldn't just coast thru such a project, Jones would certainly be playing some demanding ideas and material, not just extending Zep based ideas. Although I would love to hear what besides the Zep material Jimmy and John Paul may have been jamming on in 2008.
  9. Well sure , as "Coda"?? or ITTOD is Zep's Swan Song. Although the idea of this thread is now not about the actual song anymore. So what, I guess.
  10. Left alone, right. But I also think a lot of Jimmy's playing with Zep , Bonzo provided an inspiration/adrenaline machine not present in any other drummer. When Bonzo died, Jimmy knew that whatever lied in his musical future, It very likely wouldn't approach Zep. You may think this is rather presumptuous, but Jimmy didn't really regain form till the Outrider tour/project. Jimmy wasn't sloppy with the Firm, at some shows he did play some amazing B-bender solos, but many times he was pretty uninspired. No Bonzo really floored him.
  11. Well actually probably for the last 10-15 yrs it's come out that Jones wrote a lot of riffs that Jimmy took credit for or fans assumed Jimmy wrote. Since Zep, what legendary riffs has Page come up with ?? Some interesting stuff on DW2 and Outrider, " Crackback"( Jones on bass !!!). But no Jones, what happened to the riffs ?? Also I must say Chris Squire and Jones are a few notches above Claypool and Lee. Squire and Jones played a 360 degree of music, and were just as much visionaries as virtuosos. Rush and Primus etc. were great bands, but not really incorporating all different styles of music from around the world. Big difference.
  12. Probably only partially understood, but yep, Jimmy likely feels much more adrenaline onstage with Robert. I as a musician have had the same experience. I used to jam with a drummer who actually replaced the Dream Theatre drummer for two weeks due to a wrist injury. This guy wasn't just prog, he was heavy into Bonzo and just me on guitar and him drums, he got things out of me otherwise latent. He had a wife and young kids, so he wasn't really allowed to form a touring band. So Jimmy is picky and stubborn and there are many fine singers out there, but even now Robert remains a legendary singer even with half his range gone.
  13. How true all this is. I was a teenager in the 80's, and our closest hockey arena, Nassau Coliseum, was about 25-30 miles away. Perhaps I have dementia, but I remember every 4-6 weeks a real rock band would be playing there. Go to 2000-2005, maybe every 2-3 months , and downhill from there. Of course where I live(Long Island, NY) there has been an explosion of 1000-4000 seat venues. However, I don't agree all bands/ situations fit well in smaller venues. Can you imagine Floyd playing a 2000 seater, or 77' Zep playing a 3000 seater ? These bands and others try to create an epic, huge and spectacular experience where the huge numbers of fans and their enthusiasm for the band even pushes the musicians further. Plant solo has adapted well to the downsize, but Jimmy I think has not wanted to appear ordinary and human.
  14. I think even if Jimmy considered touring, the promoters would gauge demand for a few gigs, forget about jumping into a 30 date US trek. And yes, 2000-3000 seaters. The coasts would be fine, but inbetween, not sure. Star power, yes, but Jimmy has not been or been viewed as an active musician for a long time now. Anyway, it's been said a hundred times, Jimmy needs Robert to go along, and Jimmy wants the 20,000 seat glory days, he's not motivated to scale down. JPJ said not that long ago in some interview" What do you mean, Jimmy doesn't want to play out anymore, he LIVES to be on stage". I totally agree, and am still puzzled somewhat by Page's behavior.
  15. Things getting pretty strange. I just have to say as before grunge was a obvious money machine for record companies for a bit, but certainly there were talented artists. Not sure if young kids today who like the 90's grunge realize how much push record companies back then had. Record companies were pretty savaged by the internet, so nowadays the big companies tend to want potential superstars, not small or medium grossing artists. I was into Badlands when they came out, and they were never "hair metal", thought they were pretty good, but at least where I was not all that popular for whatever reasons. A lot of 70's influence, but done pretty well. Nowadays YouTube and heavy touring are the main means of success for musicians. Coming out with new releases(new material) no longer a set thing. And forget about record company promotion except for huge acts. What a different world from 90'-91', promoting grunge bands, some unproven.