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  1. If anything, the most we can expect for HTWWW is a vinyl release at some point... which would suit me just fine.
  2. I think it was a mistake not to include Jonesy for the P & P project... the guy is a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist and master arranger, and considering the world music areas they were exploring on that project - and to a lesser extent on Walking Into Clarksdale - Jonesy would have been ideal for such a situation. I do understand Page and (more likely) Plant's reason for not including him, but it came across as petty and disrespectful, especially the latter's 'parking the cars' comment at the time. And had they included Jonesy, and the inevitable Led Zeppelin reunion questions came about, they could have easily shot it down by simply pointing out that it's not LZ in all but name because Bonzo isn't there... end of story. Just as a last thought; I often wonder when I listen to it, what Jonesy's contribution could have done to a song like 'Most High'... that song could have been on Physical Graffiti had it been written at the time (it's that good), and with Jonesy orchestrating the string arrangements that went with it, it could have been awesome.
  3. Ever watch The Song Remains The Same ...?
  4. Add 'Wearing and Tearing' before 'Carouselambra' and you have a deal... I do think ITTOD is diminished somewhat by not having the former track included, that album needs at least one straight-ahead rocker, but I understand Jimmy's reasons for not including it.
  5. I don't think it was a case of being tired of what they were wearing between '73 and '77 or of trying to "deconstruct the mythology" that had grown around them, but I do think it was a case of both a new decade/new attitude - hence the 'cut the waffle' ethos on the Over Europe tour - but also I think the band took criticism of their Knebworth shows personally, and that directly influenced their appearance thereafter... wanting to get back to basics, stay relevant, and quit the whole 'godhead' stuff (as Mick Wall so memorably put it)... times they were a-changing and even the mighty Zeppelin were acknowledging that on the '80 tour. Personally, I don't think they would have lasted much longer past the planned North American tour(s) anyway, but we'll never know for sure, and the Over Europe tour was at least a valiant effort to keep things fresh and move forward into a new decade. I also think it's ironic that just as Zeppelin were moving away from the 'godhead' stuff, rock music was heading in the opposite direction for that ensuing decade...
  6. 'Baby Come On Home' was missing presumed lost until 1991, when it was discovered (allegedly) in a refuse bin outside Olympic Studios during renovations, so obviously that couldn't have been included on Coda in 1982, but both 'Hey, Hey, What Can I Do' and 'Sugar Mama' could and indeed should have been included... Jimmy even remixed the latter for inclusion, but dropped it at the last minute.
  7. The very reason many - myself included - believe why Plant consistently vetoed the proposed chronological live album Jimmy so desperately wanted to put together and release throughout the 1980's and 1990's. I admire Percy's integrity and like his ultra-dry sense of humor, but at the same time I can fully understand why his actions drive Jimmy into a foaming rage at times, there's always an ulterior motive with him.
  8. The then-Labour government should be blamed in this case, absolutely they should; forcing people who have become successful in life's endeavors to leave their home and family rather than hand over the near-totality of their earnings to the government isn't socialism, it's outright tyranny... Zeppelin were right to leave, but they shouldn't have been forced to in the first place, no-one should. Anyone who lived in the UK that time will remember just how BAD things were... but then, every time Labour is in 10 Downing Street, they always end up wrecking the country.
  9. There won't ever be an Earl's Court Blu ray... it was shot on videotape, which doesn't have the resolution for an HD upgrade, so don't hold your breath on that one. I think we'll either get an Earl's Court live album and/or a vinyl release of HTWWW... or both if we're REALLY lucky.
  10. I read those same interviews, and when asked if this (namely, the last batch of remasters) was it, Jimmy replied that as far as the studio material goes, yes it was... that doesn't rule out a future live release, and Jimmy didn't explicitly do so, thus I'm still hoping that an Earl's Court live album is forthcoming sometime in future. Maybe it's a forlorn hope, but I'll keep the faith nonetheless...
  11. My own personal theory regarding Jimmy's post-Zeppelin output is that every great musician eventually finds their musical 'voice'... Zeppelin was Jimmy's musical voice, so it's not exactly a mystery why his output since hasn't veered too far from the beaten track... plus, don't forget the guy was raising a whole family in that time, and that's not a part-time occupation as any and all parents will tell you!!! Jimmy owes us nothing at this point; he's earned the right to take it easy and enjoy life as he sees fit without any pressure or deadlines.
  12. The 02 concert was an entirely honorable affair, but it WASN'T Led Zeppelin as such... that ended on September 25th, 1980, and unless you hire a medium and conduct a seance, can't ever be again.
  13. This... Absolutely beautiful... makes me want to cry every time, especially that sublime final minute... Jonesy's swirling organ is just breathtakingly serene.
  14. Don't be so sure about that; our very own Steve A Jones heard on his well-sourced grapevine in summer 2015 about Jimmy Page giving an EC live album serious consideration, so it might happen in future... having dealt with that frankly frivolous court case and remastered/re-released BBC Sessions, and once he scratches his solo material itch, Jimmy will inevitably return to the true love of his life, sweet lady Led, and the EC shows are last substantive thing in the vaults they have left... those shows are rightly iconic and justifiably legendary, and having all five nights (more or less) multi-tracked at the time, and transferred to 24/96 digital files in 2002, means it would be a shame for them to lie in the vaults gathering dust (so to speak), unheard and unreleased. Go on Jimmy, you know you want to, you old Magus...