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    If it's someone who like the blues, then it will be Since I've been loving you, the voice, guitar, piano, drums and bass are all perfect. If it's someone who like to "move" then something a bit more straight forward like Rock and roll.
  2. Tangerine guitar part

    Hi, Just for fun this morning I decided to record my version of Tangerine, there's both electric and acoustic, the solo is the one from Earl court. I tried to sing as well but it was terrible so you won't hear me (thanks god !)
  3. My Ringtone

    For me it's Embryonic Journey by Jefferson Airplane, At one point it was the Intro to the Lemon Song (live at Fillmore)
  4. Hurricane Irma

    He didn't mean it that way, Irma passing right next to Cuba means it will be a bit less strong when hitting Florida. (because of relief interaction with Cuba)
  5. Polishing The Boards

    Nice ! it sound way better ! Not your level, but I once took Sittin' and Thiking (Live at Fillmore) and had fun with Samplitude Studio, I think it sounds a bit clearer now
  6. Guitar used on I'm Gonna Crawl?

    I believe it's one of his Les Paul
  7. Explosive Live Tracks

    Oh boy, if one thing come to my mind when talking about explosion, it's celebration day at Osaka. The way bonham comes in is incredible.
  8. Bonham last day

    Hello ! Just a quick question, do we know with who was John Bonham drinking the day he died (I'm having a hard time imagining he was alone but maybe I'm wrong) ?
  9. Random Thoughts v.3

    Just saw an old guy with a Page and Plant shirt in a Homebase type shop in France, made me smile. First time it happened
  10. Favorite opening song?

    I think my favourite intro is Train kept a rollin at Fillmore 1969/04/27 Immigrant song at Orlando is up there as well With TSRTS, LA 6/21/77 as you said
  11. Rolling stone's list shouldn't be looked at if you are a "pro", I stopped paying attention to them when on the singer top 100 there wasn't Mama Cass. Still interesting to look at if you want to discover artist you didn't know though.
  12. The High School Reunion

    So I guess using a jeans so slim you can see your package is a no as well Do you have long hair ? I guess the best way to go is a blue jeans a bit beat up, that would go just a tiny bit over your shoes and a shirt, no necessary open even though that would help !
  13. Random Thoughts v.3

    Monterey pop festival started 50 years ago today, man I wish I could dissapear for 3 days and be there
  14. Hi, I've been playing guitar since 2012 and as a big LZ fan I've been playing a bunch of LZ tunes obviously, from Communication breakdown to For your life, and almost everything in between. But TSRTS seems to be the hardest song, a shit ton of chord/variation, hybrid picking , very fast tempo, multiples solo and all of that on a 12 strings neck. Would you say like me that it's the Hardest one to play (guitar wise) ? The great Larzsgallows definitively show that's it's not an easy one. especially at 3:04
  15. Yes for sure Jimmy page isn't the hardest guitarist to learn songs from I was just feeling like TSRTS is a bit above the others song, maybe at the same level as Achilles Last Stand difficulty wise. Not on my learning list for the moment, still working on Embryonic Journey for the moment, it's going to take quite a while haha.
  16. I use Spotify Premium, I don't have any Vinyl or CD, I'm quite young so I believe it's the way most of the people my age (20) go as well. Better than Youtube, not as good as Flac obviously, but since I'm not concentrate on the song it doesn't bother me at all. If I really want to go "deeper" into the song, I download Flac files but it's very rare.
  17. Bonham last day

    Thank you
  18. New Bath '70 Video?

    Especially since it's the first time they were playing Immigrant song !
  19. Led Zeppelin and the Plagiarism Charges

    Come man I hope you are joking saying that, they were greatly appreciate musicians as well.
  20. Thank you so much Steve ! that's funny if Bonham really did went onstage haha ! I've got another little one for you, I believe Led Zeppelin were supposed to perform in Marseille (France) and Lille in 1973, but never did because of fan being very agitated. Is there any Newspaper about that ? I would have love to say Led Zeppelin perform in the city I live in (Marseille). Were they supposed to perform in the Velodrome stadium ?
  21. Hi steve, a little question, I guess the answer is "no" .. Did any member of Led Zep met with any member of Deep Purple ? thank you for your help as always
  22. First memory of Zeppelin?

    Unfortunately my memories are nowhere as cool as yours, being "only" 20 years old, my first memories of LZ is actually from 2012 I believe. I was listening to a playlist of rock song on Spotify I believe, and I heard a tribute version of stairway to heaven, actually a pretty cool one (if you want to hear it, type "out of phase led zeppelin" and look for Stairway to heaven) the singer is actually pretty damn good I think. I fell in love with the interlude before the solo, so wonderful and simple. Then I typed Led Zeppelin on youtube (Spotify didn't have LZ back then) and every thing make senses, I heard kashmir, immigrant song, Heartbraker, whole lotta love before but never realize how good those song were. Funny thing : Before looking for LZ on youtube, I heard a bunch of song of Led zepagain (which was on spotify), took me a few days to really appreciate the real Led Zeppelin after week of listening to Led zepagain
  23. Guitarist : 1 Hendrix 2 Stevie ray vaughan 3 BB king 4 Jimmy Page 5 Jorma Kaukonen Drummer : 1 Bonham 2 Mitch michell 3 Buddy Rich 4 Keith Moon 5 Ian Paice
  24. Random Thoughts v.3

    France, and no I was in a public high school, philosophy is mandatory in high school here, at least in the main study "path", 2 hours/Week if you choose scientific specialisation, 4 hours if you choose economic/social and 8h in literature. I believe the education system in France is pretty damn good, the issue is the parents who educate their children like shit, no good manners at all for some students .. I have a lot of respect for teachers (except the one who really don't give a damn about anything) but still I wouldn't be lacking respect for them.
  25. Random Thoughts v.3

    Two years ago, during my final year at high school my Professor of philosophy ask us who was our favourite musician, my turn arrived and I said Jimmy page, she said "Led zeppelin ?" I said "yes", and she replied "Best band ever right ?" She was a fairly good teacher but our class was shit.