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  1. Hey guys, I was listening to WLL live at long beach (03-12-1975) and Robert plant sing happy birthday with the audience right before the song, I was just wondering who is Steven ? (if I hear his name correctly) Thanks !
  2. Thank you Steve, it's always nice to put name on people face and vice versa
  3. Ha ! I bet he knew where to get them some
  4. Great, thank you Dave ! I wouldn't expect Robert or LZ in general to be close friend with their lawyer
  5. That's going to be Since i've been loving you for electric and The rain song for acoustic.
  6. ahah ! Not really when I was a kid but the intro of LA Woman is something from a bad trip or an horror movie, but awesome though !
  7. One of my favourite song ever
  8. Welcome ! Nice to see people introduce themself, it's always nice to know a tiny bit about people even if we are at least all Led zep fan !
  9. Going back to a classic
  10. No quarter is on Spotify, just check Jimmy page and you'll see the No quarter album.
  11. He's one of the best slide guitarists in my opinion
  12. Nothing special, just my first time taking an airplane .. for 13 hours I'm going to the Reunion Island from France
  13. in through the out door

    I don't want to offense you but it's a bit weird to recommend people to listen to an album that pretty much 99% of the people on this forum already listen to (whether people like it or not) , I mean the forum isn't named "hard rock blues" but "Led zeppelin" "Can you imagine what Zeppelin would've gone on to do if Bonham hadn't died" Well probably Jimmy page would have, look at him on the 80' europe tour, he's not in good shape at all.
  14. I don't think many people can play a solo backward, Eric Johnson kill it with this awesome version of Are you experienced
  15. Hi ! We can say it, Led Zeppelin was an awesome live band .. most of the time .. but sometimes thing just doesn't work right. It can be interesting to see some fail moments they did. And sorry if I make mistake I'm french Well it wasn't Led zeppelin but for Robert Plant, I think of the Live AID in 1985 when he totally stop Page in his solo on Stairway to Heaven, maybe it's the fault of one of the drummer who start the fast beat but Plant heard this repeated lick thousands of time so he knew it's wasn't the end of the solo. Link to the video : For Jimmy Page,it's definitely the solo of Ten Years Gone at Oakland in 1977, That's just horrible : I can't really think of anything really bad about Bonham and even less about John Paul Jones. Maybe you have some fail to post ?
  16. That's so cool ! I didn't know over the hill and far away was at first many many times .. glad they change the title !
  17. My favorite version is from Copenhagen, I mean damn ! especially those little country bit before the "I'm the one you want" part, the fact that it doesn't follow another song and the speed, very fast
  18. Man I wish I was the was there, not even born like a bunch of fan If someone know the exact time the concert started (the 2nd date (11/08)) , it can be funny to launch this video of the full concert and tell yourself," exactly 37 years ago, that's what was happening !" and get depressed
  19. Hi, I was just listening to Rock and roll and in years I've never spotted that little part where Jimmy Page is going crazy : From 3:13 to 3:18 Do you have some little detail that most of us might not have heard ?
  20. This might be the worst vocal fail of Robert plant in 1971 First wail is awesome, the second one, not so much urg ..
  21. A little fail of bonham, wrong song haha
  22. Maybe you can listen to it here ?
  23. Ahah thanks ! I'm also listening a lot to the Live in Africa of BB king, the greatest blues guitar player for me, his melodic phrasing if the definition of perfection for me. Just listen to the introduction from 00:20 to 1:20 I actually think it's the best minute my hear ever heard
  24. I don't remember anything special from any bootleg I listen to apart of an idiot saying "ok ok what's next" and whistling multiple times during the wonderful grand piano section of No quarter on "Listen to this Eddie"
  25. The solo is just like the one of dazed and confused, but longer I love it !