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  1. And by the way, the Millard recordings are certainly a good place to start
  2. I would recommend Underground Uprising as a nice reference for bootleg collectors. The following Millard list is provided there:
  3. Wow! That must be an awesome movie
  4. That's The Way
  5. These are my DVD's: The Song Remains The Same DVD (2003) Celebration Day (2012) In The Court Of King James (Earl's Court, 1975-05-24) Supersonic Seattle (Seattle, 1977-07-17) Secrets Revealed (Knebworth, 1979-08-04) Return Of The Dinosaurs (Knebworth, 1979-08-11) And then I still have one on my wishlist of the May 25 Earl's Court show.
  6. Over The Hills And Far Away
  7. It's hard to pick one, but for now I think it's Ten Years Gone.
  8. Thanks for the tip! I'm walking through my bootleg collection but I haven't heard this one until now. This one is really stunning!
  9. Well, I haven't heard all available versions (yet) but I'm listening to the "Snowjobs" bootleg version from March 19, 1975 right now and I can tell you it's brilliant!! Both performance and sound quality are great.
  10. 1 Stairway To Heaven 2 Kashmir 3 In My Time Of Dying 4 Achilles Last Stand 5 Whole Lotta Love 6 Over The Hills And Far Away 7 Dazed And Confused 8 Since I've Been Loving You 9 When The Levee Breaks 10 No Quarter