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  1. Agree on Tokyo 71. Powerful indeed! Always thought Houses of the Holy would have been a better opener for the 75 tour than Rock and Roll. Kinda disappointing considering that they had already used it to open the later 72 and 73 shows
  2. What about the fact that it was broadcasted to the crowd on big screens a la Earls Court. Wouldn't it be something if that one turned up? One of their biggest shows at that time.
  3. Any more word on this? I thought it was going to be out by now
  4. I know we have HTWWW but I'd give anything to hear a complete, unedited, non-compressed-to-all-hell version of 6/25/72. Other than that, the obvious choices of 9/29/71 6/19/72 & 9/1970
  5. I thought I remember hearing that page once said that if they were recording, it be at the end of a tour, which would apply to 9/19/70. Personally, I've got my doubts. What the consensus on what says whether a show was being multi tracked or not? It's the two mikes on the kick drum right
  6. Was referring to this. I mis-remembered it thinking there was some kind of confirmation. Seems it was mostly just hearsay though. No picture confirmation like we have of the Bath show here. Sorry
  7. I could be wrong but wasn't there a similar report with regards to Montreux footage? Nothing happened to that unfortunately
  8. I think I'd just about agree with all of this. Especially the part about even though they rarely changed up the 73 NA setlist, it didn't feel like it. I think that setlist just works so well. Probably my second favorite behind 72 NA, since the WLL medley into RNR was the PERFECT way for them to close out a show. Also agree on Jimmy's guitar tone. Sounds good at times (see the Millard section of 3/12) but a lot of times seems to take the life out of parts of the show unfortunately, specifically Black Dog or DNC during the main riff. However, I really do appreciate the mood and atmosphere that the 75 gigs create on NQ and parts of Dazed. NQ in particular works (especially in March) because you get the feeling that Jonesy, Jimmy, and Bonzo were all improvising at the same time during the guitar solo section. Just awesome
  9. Couldn't agree more. Not that I know about the backstage stuff but that with regards to his evaluation of the performances, yes
  10. Interesting. Never seen this photo before. He's still using the Orange head and cabs for the theremin. By the end of this tour he had switched to Univox for theremin duties
  11. I agree in the sense that it is much better than both Live Aid and Atlantic for sure
  12. Of course. But that doesn't mean that it's great precision playing or anything. It's fine to enjoy the O2 show but to say that Jimmy is sloppy shouldn't be a controversial statement.
  13. Just go to the solo post-bow. Incredibly sloppy. Bending out of tune and everything. He's additionally doing that thing where his picking hand is just going at any string within reach. Not much accuracy I'm afraid. Find similar playing in the GTBT and BD solos. I will admit that the muddy tone will help a lot of the sloppy playing to pass by unnoticed. But if he was using his 1975 setup, the general public would have picked up on it much more easily. I will concede that he does do a lot of playing it safe though compared to other shows during the Zeppelin era, which might have been a good idea.
  14. 2/12/75 Great mood and great atmosphere but Plant is really rough and so is Page. Might be their worst Dazed and Confused I've heard (sad to say). The funny thing is that after Dazed Page seems to really turn it on. Black Dog and Heartbreaker feature some great performances by him. the 77 tour - I know the general consensus outside of the die-hard community is that this tour was disappointing but a lot of really big fans tend to love this one. Doesn't do much for me. They don't sound like their old selves anymore. And finally... the O2 - the best thing about it was that it HAPPENED. Otherwise, Page is really sloppy and his guitar tone is total mud. Additionally, I don't think tuning down a whole step really works for Zeppelin songs. It goes along well with Black Sabbath stuff, but it just doesn't sound right for Led Zeppelin I think it would be nice to have a underrated thread though, then we could bring up stuff like Nassau 6/15/72, MSG 71 and Boston 71