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  1. I for one have come to enjoy his playing in '75 from a stylistic standpoint. He is quite sloppy during the post bow solo during Dazed most of the time (2/12 is a really poor example of this at some points) but he is playing with such an attitude by the latter half of that tour. The Over the Hills solos and No Quarter solos are usually great. An incredibly unique "voice" you could say. But there's no doubt that his skills are truly diminished from what they were in 73. I'd say that his technical skills peaked either during USA 72 or Europe 73, take your pick. My favorite single concert of him playing though would /29/71. He doesn't have the speed he would acquire later on, but he sounds so unique during that show, see the Black Dog, Immigrant Song, and Celebration Day solos for example. And while he isn't really speedy he isn't sloopy/inaccurate either ie 75
  2. I obviously haven't heard them all but 9/19/70 and 9/23/71 are superb. So much energy
  3. From what I heard that show is great and totally underrated.
  4. I agree that the version on TSRTS is unbeatable (if edited with parts of the other nights in there). I do enjoy a lot of the 75 versions even though I do agree that the Rhodes sounds better than the piano. NQ on 3/21/75 is one hell of a jam and so is 5/18/75, a show which tends to get overlooked.
  5. I would say that his voice in 77 is better than UK 73 and Europe 73. I think he's better on the NA of that year though. That tour is a real comeback for him actually. The notes he hits during WLL on TSRTS are reminiscent of the 72 tour. Also compare his delivery of the final verse of Stairway on TSRTS to his performance of that part of the song during 77 though. I will grant that he is more consistent during 77 though
  6. Maybe the biggest issue I take with this tour is that I feel that after having heard LTTE, I have no reason to go back and listen to other dates. The first forum show is a lot of fun to be sure. Yet they very rarely changed it up from show to show. The tour just kinda of feels monotonous to me That doesn't mean I haven't gone back and listened to other shows like 4/28 (which is also quite good) but I don't have a reason to search them out. It's really the lack of spontaneity to go along with Jimmy's diminished skills. Now I know that there was apparently a great light show and everything but as someone who never attended one of the shows and just has audio to go by, that doesn't really matter to me.
  7. 6/15 is a relatively good audience tape. Maybe their most underrated show ever. 6/14 though I find hard to listen to, at least whenever I start the recording it sounds so muddy. Unfortunate. Everybody likes to praise Jimmy's playing on the 73 Euro tour but I think his playing on this tour is just as good if not better. The SIBLY solo on HWW (6/27) is out of this world. For me its a tie between this tour and 71 Japan, both absolute beasts
  8. Would be the holy grail if this was on sbd. Also would love to hear 6/21 and 6/23 (apparently 6/21 was a long one). We need more threads about these 71-72 shows, not stuff which has been talked about ad nauseum like LA 77
  9. If we're talking the NA tours from 73,75,77 then it's the 73 shows at LA, Providence, and Baltimore (Plant's best gig post Japan 72) and Long Beach 75. Really not a fan of 77, unfortunately.
  10. How is 75 more monotonous than 77? As the 75 tour progressed they seemed to explore more and more in No Quarter and Dazed. I find even some of the WLL jams fun. Granted I've only heard some of the 77 no quarters but it seems as though they had a standard format except for a small boogie portion. Everything else was expected night in night out. If anything 77 seems to be their most monotonous tour to me.
  11. I didn't see that on the page. Maybe I just missed it
  12. I'd have to agree that his peak vocally was 1970 to 8/21/71. Showed restraint but could also be very powerful when needed. However, I get more of a feeling that it was more 8/19/71 (the Vancouver show that we don't have a recording of) that did him in. Why? When I listen to the first 71 LA show, he sounds a bit hoarse to begin with. Something tells me that he went all out at the Vancouver show and tried to do it again in LA. However, it didn't work out so great, as you can just hear him tear his vocal cords up
  13. Let's not read into this. There doesn't seem to exactly be anything implying footage we haven't seen before. People throw the word 'rare' around a lot these days
  14. Off the top of my head 6/25/72 is a quite popular boot date. Incredible performance as well.
  15. From what I have heard from the '71 soundboards, they seem to be a lot less harsh than, say, the average '73 soundboard. Would you agree?