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  1. I always thought this line was just saying it's ok to enjoy the fruits of your labours, so long as you don't do anything to fuck up the thing that produced the fruit in the first place. Or there'll be no more fruit. Obviously relating to Robert and Jimmy's relationship and maybe contrasting the earlier hedonism of Zeppelin with Jimmy's heroin use, etc. Really interesting to read some of the more detailed, specific interpretations on here, though.
  2. This - absolutely.
  3. Led Zeppelin are one of those bands where it's the precise combination of those particular people that produced the magic. You can't bring on a sub and have the same thing, no matter how talented or creative that person may be. Page, Plant, Bonham, Jones - you can't plan chemistry like that and you can't bottle it, quantify it or reproduce it. Take away any one element and the spell won't work. You might not end up with a complete travesty (eg. Jane's Addiction without Eric), you could actually get something that was good in its own right (eg. Sabbath with Dio). But when the chemistry between particular people is the issue, it doesn't matter either way. Even if you have three-quarters of the thing in place, you still don't have the actual thing itself. I remember the announcement being made in 1980 and even then I thought it was the right thing to do. I still think that.
  4. John Paul Jones is one of the greatest rock bassplayers there's ever been. We all know this. Out there, they do underestimate him, presumably due to his relatively low profile compared to the others. But most people would have had a lower profile compared to Page, Plant and Bonham! I thought Diamanda Galas made a very incisive comment when she said that JPJ's bassplaying 'propelled the music' - that's so true and it does so in a way few other rock bassplayers have managed. Could be his Motown influences, I dunno. Diamanda also said that she and Jonesy got along so well because 'we're both bastards'! That reminded me of when Jason was asked if JPJ 'really was a lovely man' - 'Bonham looks baffled' was the response. So I'm sure Jonesy can be as tetchy as Jimmy and have as much tude as Robert - and so he should, he's earned the right. He can do what he likes - he's John Paul Jones FFS!
  5. Although, for the O2 dvd/cd, Jimmy was quite happy to let Alan Moulder add 'samples to beef up the kick and snare with a Native Instruments Battery 3 cell.' No, I dunno what that means either, but apparently, 'The reason we added these samples was for extra clarity and to add low-end weight on the kick drum, and also to add a little bit more body to the snare...I added a Waves Renaissance Bass plug-in for some low harmonics, to give it some beef. I had the Battery cell on another track, and all the sample kick sounds went to yet another track, and the live and sample kicks came up on different channels on the board, where I balanced them. It was the same with the snare tracks. I had also set up some drum reverb plug-ins'. That's quite a lot of 'external sounds' added to the mix that weren't there on the original recordings. How much of that info Jimmy wanted to get out is another matter!
  6. Yeah, 'mystique' has been part of Jimmy's whole thing since the '60s and with the amount of times he shuts an interviewer down with 'I'm not going to talk about that' or 'this is all I'm going to say about it' or just 'no', it clearly still is.
  7. Spiral Architect clearly wasn't Sabbath's swan song - if someone says it was, they've just misunderstood the term, that's all.
  8. Someone here explained a couple of years ago exactly how the missing bass drum could be sorted out. Sounded plausible to me.
  9. Yes, this sounds like by far the best way to get a good Earls Court release with the minimum hassle/time/expense.
  10. Still a bit stunned by this. Talk about unexpected... Always thought Soundgarden were a great band - energised psych metal with Zeppelin, Sabbath, '60s underground and post-punk influences? That's got my name all over it! Also loved the fact that every last one of em was an awkward curmudgeon that didn't play nicely with others... Really sorry to hear this news.
  11. WTF ?! Well, fuck me, I certainly didn't see that one coming. Sad news.
  12. Agreed, that cut is so jarring it rips you out of the whole thing. Criminal's the right word.
  13. Arf! Maybe Warren's still got the sign...
  14. Thing is, you've got to take the proverbial pinch of salt with anything Chris Welch says - after all, he's the bloke who once published a book claiming that Ozzy Osbourne had made two albums with a band called the Magic Lanterns prior to Sabbath! He even reproduced their lp covers and photos to support his claims - even though your granny could've clearly seen that it wasn't Ozzy! Not what you'd call a reliable source...
  15. Well, it would give Jimmy a new excuse: 'I know I said I'd be playing live again by now, but the exhibition came up and I've been curating that,'ll be next year now!' etc. Have to say, I'd have no more interest in seeing the dragon suit on a Burton's dummy than I did in seeing Bowie's Thin White Duke flares at the V&A - ie. zero. But I suspect that enough people would pay to see this stuff to make it worth doing, so fair enough. Mind you, for a band that deliberately cultivated such mystique, an exhibition that revealed the nuts and bolts, day-to-day prosaics could well undermine a lot of that. Having gone to such lengths to show us the beautiful black swan gliding majestically on the moat, would Jimmy really want to show us its feet pedalling frantically beneath the surface or would he prefer to maintain the illusion? Then again, if there's a quid in it...