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  1. According to Tyler, after they'd rehearsed for a while, Jimmy said to him 'So, do you want to write a record with me?' and Tyler said ''Thanks, but I'm in Aerosmith!' I can see why that might have pissed Jimmy off...!
  2. Exactly right, ThreeSticks - according to Miles Kennedy, anyway, who rehearsed with Jimmy, JPJ and Jason in London in 2008. Kennedy said that even though he sang Kashmir, No Quarter and Rain Song with them, Jimmy and Jonesy themselves told him afterwards that 'It was a new project, it wasn’t going to be Led Zeppelin'. Can't get much clearer than that, really!
  3. Arf!
  4. UK tv news channels even covered the Birmingham gig - apparently not understanding that this being the last tour doesn't mean it's the last actual gig. Some bloke they interviewed as he was going into the show clarified it for them, but they still didn't grasp the significance of what he'd said! Ah well...
  5. It's a strange sort of band where you've got Jimmy Page, but the singer plays a guitar solo on the first album and the bassplayer plays rhythm on the next...!
  6. Brilliant - really looking forward to this. In the meantime...
  7. Ok, did a bit of digging on this. In a 1996 interview, Glenn Hughes was asked about Bonzo's stage invasion and said: 'John was a very good friend of mine. The night we played at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, the second night, he was very drunk, and he wanted to come on stage to tell the audience about the new Song Remains The Same film coming out. So he got the microphone and he was very drunk and he started playing around, you know. And after that it took me… Well, something happened really bad that night. I mean he was out of his mind and he started getting a bit strange.' So according to Hughes it happened and it was at Deep Purple's 23rd January 1976 gig at Radio City Music Hall - Hammer of the Gods says Nassau Coliseum, but Deep Purple Mk 4 apparently never played there, so that's that! According to Stanley Sheldon (Bolin's ex-bassplayer) Bonham and Bolin met each other at the Roxy, when Purple were rehearsing in LA: 'Bonham knew who Tommy was from the Billy Cobham recording (Spectrum) and let Tommy know that he was a big fan, and of course the feeling was mutual.' So if Glenn's recollection is accurate, I'd say the 'can't play for shit' incident probably did happen and that it was just Bonzo taking the piss out of a mate for a laugh. What the 'really bad' stuff was that happened later, I dunno! This should probably be in Zeppelin Mysteries, really. Ok, then, back to the funnies.
  8. Too good to be true, I guess! It always sounded like fairly lighthearted drunken banter/pisstaking between mates to me, though - there's none of the nasty undertones you can sense in some stories of Bonzo on a rampage.
  9. Bonzo just walking out on stage during a Deep Purple Mk 4 gig: 'My name's John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. We've got a new album coming out called Presence. And Tommy Bolin can't play for shit!' I'm a big Bolin fan, but that is pretty damn funny!
  10. During the re-issue interviews, Jimmy was asked if he knew at the time that All My Love was about Karac. 'I came to realise it later', he said. So Jimmy himself believes it - but 'came to realise' suggests that he arrived at that conclusion himself, not that Robert actually told him. All this is in contrast to Halfin's comment that 'Jimmy hated All My Love but it was about Karac, so he couldn't criticise it.' It’s not hard to see why very few people seem to like Halfin, is it...?
  11. Didn't Robert once say that he'd played Pictures At Eleven to JPJ before it was released and Jonesy's response was 'I'd've thought you could come up with something better than that, old chap?'
  12. After all this, Halfin's chocolate guitar still has the words 'Jimmy Page' and '+ live performance'! He's taking the piss...
  13. There's rumours of an early incident where Jimmy told Bonzo he'd have to play more simply, but Bonzo ignored him - whereupon Peter Grant supposedly stopped the rehearsal and said 'Oi, Bonham, do as this man says or fuck off!' Then there's the incident in the mid-70s where Grant supposedly told Robert to 'Remember who's fucking band it is - and it's not yours!' If either of those rumours are even half true, it's pretty clear that it was Jimmy's band and Grant wasn't going to let anyone forget it.
  14. That was the biggest drawback for me. Would've even preferred Jimmy to sing it himself!