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  1. True. But... Like the band and their wishes of not having their music bootlegged, I'm sure Winston and every other bootlegger has their own wishes too. It all comes down to the consumer. If Page and Winston were worried about losing money because of me listening to some old concerts, I'm sure they would sell some recordings anonymously, or start their own label to cash in. Cough. They won't or can't, or they have, and we will probably never know. People who are fans will give up cash for something they truly love. If Page doesn't like it, release some nuggets, if Winnie is opposed, start a "Silver Rails" company. Either way, people pay.
  2. Check out Joe Bonamassa. Here is T-4-1
  3. 10 bucks to have a copy of a Winston in a format that can't be deleted or erased is ok with me. MP3 is not the end all. I'd pay 50 bucks for a Winston vinyl. Hell, I paid 15 bucks for a Katy Perry cd for my daughter. Hmmm. LTE or Roar.
  4. I always heard it was Four Sticks. Odd time signatures and such.
  5. Great job! Can you comment on the aud source? I heard it was a really good recording that was unearthed.
  6. Has anyone had a chance to review the new audience recording of the 11th? Sometimes, although rare, the audience source sounds better than the sound board. I love the Munich show in 80 and think it's sounds better than all the soundboards of 1980.
  7. I'm with The Rover. First time I saw it, when the choir came out in the hats, I shed a tear or two myself. I'm sure there is a bit more to it for Robert tears such as memories, but I bet the hats were the catalyst.
  8. Perhaps you are remembering Jonsey and one of his contraptions?
  9. Right after DC you can hear Bonham retching and saying "What's up with that?" Retch again, and then warn Plant "I puked on that". I doubt he was inebriated because of his outstanding performance. Food poisoning comes to my mind as a culprit when it come from both ends.
  10. I always thought of Clapton as being like a beautiful girl who only gives you a handshake at the end of the date. Disapointingly lacking because you know it could be so much better.
  11. It's not youtube but it is a video. New Wonder Woman teaser with Stairway as the music.
  12. Looks to me like it could be a Black Crows with Jimmy redeux (same font) only with Def Lepard. Achillies and the Wanton Song would be awsome, but would probably wind up being Rock and Roll Black Dog. Or a Jimmy/Jeff duo and a Def Lepard opening act. Or a big jam. I hope he plays and blows some snowflakes away.
  13. I think JoeGina was a groupie. Listen to IMTOD Vancouver 77. Robert propositions the young lady.
  14. Cheers! Maybe we can have a pint at a Tacomac, cry about the Falcs and swap boots one day.
  15. Good ones! I remember another for ALS The sacks of mit fment mell for The shackles of commitment fell In pieces on the ground The internet really helped me understand alot of muddy misheard vocals.