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  1. Red House - Hendrix
  2. Because of Me - Seether
  3. Larger Than Life - Lita Ford
  4. Straight Through The Heart - Dio
  5. The Last In Line - but have to wait until July.
  6. Beware My Love - Wings
  7. I discount St. Louis, because they were a deeper team last year, losing role players like Brouwer & Ott will comeback to bite them in the playoffs. As well as trading Shattenkirk, a solid player. Right now the Hawks look like the team to beat in the West, they have distanced themselves from MIN. You keep mentioning CAL, but EDM is also playing very well. Can never count out SJ, they are also a deep team.
  8. You apparently think with your heart, or haven't seen very many other teams in the Western Conference. I am very familiar with the Blues, as I attend Chicago Wolves games who are their AHL affiliate, sorry, just aren't good enough, or deep enough.
  9. The Blues will be lucky to make the playoffs, they are too inconsistent, & likely will draw a top seed in the first round. The team to watch out for in the East is Columbus.
  10. Don't Do Me Like That - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  11. Let You Down - Seether
  12. Holy Diver - Dio
  13. Come Dancing - The Kinks
  14. I have to agree Rover, Who's Next was one of those iconic albums that only happen once in awhile. I have the remastered version, which includes bonus racks, Pure And Easy, & Water, & other tracks,, well worth every penny, pick it up, if you don't have it.
  15. I saw them during the POKR tour, the were quite good back then. They were huge here in the states from the mid to late seventies.