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  1. Thank you. I was aware that Jimmy wrote SRS with the intention of it being an instrumental. They played it a lot in Japan and it seemed the band was unsure of a title for the song. To my knowledge it was never played live without a vocal....too bad, it would have been cool. I do remember reading (Steven Davis' Book ?) that when Plant heard the instrumental he quickly got lyrics together for the track. Lyrically it's not Plants best effort but I wouldn't call them bad. If I had to guess it would probably be the sped up vocal. Is anyone else able to shed light on this?
  2. I can't say I dislike any of the instrumentals. However, I have enjoyed the Song Remains The Same the most. IMO, I think it would have better as an instrumental prelude to Rain Song. The sped up vocal is a bit nasal sounding. I often play the instrumental in place of the album track. This is interesting. What was Plant's regret ? The lyric or the vocal, or both ? Personally, I feel the vocal leaves something to be desired. The sped up tape makes it sound a bit nasal. Lyrically the song is very good but I never got how SRS and Rain Song "fit" together. Jimmy's guitar part is incredible especially on the new albums it just rings so clearly but the Bass line is another wonder all its own . Easily some of JPJs best studio playing.
  3. Thank you ! I just found Dusseldorf 1970 on the Reel Masters Label. I had a Source 2 copy of this show. The Reel Masters is Source 4 and a tremendous upgrade. I am going to try to locate this tape and purchase it, An under rated gem ! It's 133 minutes and my previous copy was missing Since I've Been Loving You. The pre album versions are great. Thank you, I believe this has to be the definitive tape.
  4. I like your list. It's not filled with the usual suspects. Despite Earls Court, Vancouver Montreux etc. being must haves I like to see that people are enjoying some of the great Audience Recordings. What would you say is the definitive version/ label for the Düsseldorf 70 show. I ripped one from the web that is Net Sourced (possibly but I forgot the origin. This was sampling a handful. My "boot ears" are pretty tolerant but Im wondering if there is something that would be more enjoyable and easier on the ears..
  5. Hi Sam, My name is Jim. I have a daughter who was diagnosed with Aspergers. From the time she was 2 years old I noticed she was not like my other children. At 17 she was finally diagnosed properly. It was so hard for us and a heavy price was paid by all. I was often traveling for my uncle, and for a time, 100% incommunicado during my time in captivity . I won't go in to my story. But my wife fought most of the battle and never gave up.My daughter Marissa or Rissi had been through hell. Loaded with uneccesary Meds for multiple diagnosis' , alienated by her siblings and peers even institutionalized for 6 months and 14 days. That's a condensed version. I blamed my wife. Rissi is extremely intelligent and in addition is dyslexic. But as a child and pre - pubescent teen so many labels were put on her. When I came back to the States one of my Docs recommended Rissi see one of his Associates. Rissi was diagnosed with Aspergers. Although she was found to be high functioning her socialization and coping skills were that of a five year old. It was a long road. She was taken of all her meds, some required weening. She is 24 now, living independently , owns her own car , is a store manager for Alta cosmetics and is planning an eventual move to Texas (because she can, no tax either) . She will buy a home and continue to lead a productive life. Socialization came the hardest. But one day I received a call from my wife and was told Rissi made a friend. I cried (deep soul cry) for over a half hour. My wife , God Bless Her, never quit and fought EVERY step of the way while having to deal with me and my issues. I wish I knew now what I didn't know then (yes, it's a popular song but expresses my feelings perfectly). We are best of friends. But it's not about that. The persistence of the mothers love for her daughter.... Never stop fighting and moving forward. My wife is "the expert" but feel free to drop me a line for anything at all. I have skipped a lot of this story. But I have learned that any type of pity, bitterness, anger or regret will only impede your path. It's a a marathon not a sprint. Good Luck.
  6. That's actually a very good question. Maryland automatically came to mind but when I checked, no Matrix of any of the four shows. I also thought Magical Sound Boogie was a matrix but all SBD. I know that a guy on you-tube made a matrix of 2/10/75 and some other really good "professional" sounding stuff from other bands. Randy Butternubs. You may want to check his page. But with 77 the boards are mostly complete and boast some of the best audience recordings of any year. May be a White Whale....
  7. Regarding Bath 70. The tape is certainly good enough to determine the band is on fire but it's just too much for my ears. I really have to be in the mood for it. Lots of great shows with bad tapes. Earl's Court was more like a celebration or coronation if you will. 5/18 5/23 5/24 are GREAT shows. The band had reached it's zenith, kings of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. The Earls Court shows to me are overrated. I love them especially 5/23 lately (better quality tapes?) However, at my buddy's shop any Earls Court flies out the door. Extremely popular but not close to their best.
  8. Any help, as always is greatly appreciated
  9. Thank you. Love the photograph. I think Bonzo was 5'6- 5'8 and he's hulking over that drum kit. A testimony to his greatness and certainly before Carmine Appice lobbied Ludwig for a kit worthy of said greatness.
  10. I checked Concert File and it only lists Zep playing the 2nd and the 5th. Not written in stone but it's usually on the money . Plant's comment would indicate they played the 4th. However, the rest of the band could very well have been hanging out at the club and had a good time. They weren't Rock Stars yet... It does make me wonder how many amazing shows that were not booted and we "missed" them.
  11. Detroit 7/12/73. Look for Antrabata or the Lemon. Graf has the most recent release but I can't understand why they used an inferior source for most of the show. Bradford 1/18/73. Godfather (Fragment) . Face melting Dazed , Powerful WLL and the last performance of Immigrant Song. 1973 is loaded with with Fragments that are must have. 7/13 Detroit SBD on Graf , Going Down on Watch Tower features my favorite WLL's. And Scorpio s Soundboard Platter is some of the heaviest Zep you'll ever hear. Recently I found a net source for 3/17 and 3/19/73. Despite the title, The Fourth Reich, I believe these to be the definitive releases of those incredible shows. For the SBD portion its clear they tapped Scorpio's SBD Platter but the matrix is impressive. Its on Black Beauty but last I looked disc 2 was missing from one or both. I can burn the entire shows and mail them to you. There is A LOT more but I leave you with 3/12/75. I multi sourced Millard (he was late and captured Stairway and the encores), a new 3 source AUD tape and although it's Mono No Prisoners tonight. This is arguably the best show of the tour. I believe one day a full SBD for this show will drop. Millards portion can be found as !st Gen. Transfer. All of these shows will cost you nothing to download with the exception of Detroit 7/12/73 but you should be able to put the whole show together for free. Black Beauty has so much music on it but it's all mp3 format. Lossless is a better format or the real silvers
  12. Considering how little " listenable" material we have from 70-71, 1969 is truly a blessing. The 1/5/69 show is great but it's interesting to hear just how much better the band was getting . The Fillmore/Winterland shows are "must have". Texas 8/31 even with the clicking may be the best show they did all year but the 10/10/69 & 12/6 /69 shows on Godfather are really polished efforts and Plant's growth as a front man is remarkable. The 10/10 show on the Zep 1 Companion disc has a lot of editing ( 3 minutes of Heartbreaker!) and while the sound is superior I still prefer the L'Olympia document. Graf Zeppelin did a great job with 12/6. the Godfather offering is not quite as good but IMO it was the definitive source for that show before Graf's release. Cheaper too. For 1/5/69 I found a great source (For Your Love is virtually crystal clear) on an obscure site featuring just about every recording from 69 & most of 70. The frequency levels for most titles are depicted making it easier to find the show you want in the best fidelity. PM for link, I'd hate to see that site go down.
  13. Its funny to log on and see the topic or sub topic that you intend to comment on. I am working on a in depth analysis of Zeps 1973 boots. Basically seeking out definitive sources for purchase as well as online rips. In addition giving props to what I feel are some great but seemingly under rated or forgotten shows on defunct Labels. I intend to post my articles in the coinciding months of 2017. I have done a lot of work already. I was reading the Collector Review Site and for 7/29/73 I came across a review of The MSG Working Tapes. The reviewer , rightfully lambasted it. He did mention a Winston tape that I have not heard of. Its NOT the "Something Completely Different " from 7/27 but a compilation including bits of the official SRS release among many other sources. Has anyone else heard of it? I do not doubt its existence but I have not been able to find it. If anyone can help me out or point me in the right direction I would GREATLY appreciate it. I love the Omega Series. The tapes are probably the last word on the '80 tour. I did see word of an upcoming release by No Label, Zurich 1980. No Label can be scummy insomuch as selling "as is" what is already free without any work toward improvement of the tape. However, the inclusion of the songs from the radio broadcast is intriguing. And for me, too much Zurich or Frankfurt '80 is never enough. With parts of Rotterdam 6/21 they are the last of Zep's magickal performances along with the WLL from the Berlin show. It's funny to read some of my older posts on this thread and just how much I didnt know before I started reading this site. THANK YOU ALL.
  14. That this Heywood cat is selling disc he downloaded and burned for the cost of a couple blank CDr s . That my friend is some ballsy scummy shenanigans 😡. I ve been ripped off on Discogs. It was 40 bucks. But the feeling of being beat was far worse.
  15. I had inquired about this tape when I first saw it was being released. I don't recall who responded but I was told it was a "fan edition". No further. I had no idea about Heywood or any of his shenanigans. I'm sorry this happened .