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  1. Just so you know folks - and apologies to any relevant webmasters/mistresses reading this - but you can still access Plant's website if you add "/news" to the URL. It's not updated since March. Curiously, if you click on "Road" (touring) it reverts to the "any time now" message. So mysterious but then we all like a bit o' enigma eh? "My name is Bob, Bob O'Enigma"
  2. I shall be glad to be proved wrong, but has anyone noted the general reluctance by Mr Plant and Mr Jones to feed the corporate media machine any more than they have to? Look at their statements and overall attitudes over the decades. Plant's on record several times as being anti-corporate, anti-milking for profit. Jones has never appeared to take any of it too seriously either, seemingly more interested in the here and now, musically. Apart from the big Zep releases and events, it would appear they're not too interested compared to Mr Page's eternal enthusiasm. That said, the last authorized documentary was probably 1990's MTV 30min one. And don't forget, a defunct band's fear about being forgotten is what has arguably damaged several bands' legacies by means of questionable, if not needless, releases and multiple Best Of collections. You know who I mean!!
  3. Just to add that my first Zep bootleg was a cassette copy from the vinyl of Dallas 1975, bought in a secondhand record shop in Dublin in the 1990s. Blew my young mind. It only went as far as Moby Dick, but that cassette was my only Zep bootleg for ages until I got a Brussels 1980 single CD, and even that, despite the lesser sound quality, was superlative, especially in contrast with their 1975 style. Lack of access to other bootlegs, especially pre-internet, meant these bootlegs have had a stronger impact and my sentimentality about them gives them higher importance to me. Human subjectivity, first impressions and all that. So now, when folk go on about comparing dozens of SBDs (my preferred source) and multiple audience recordings, I admire their awareness but wonder jeesh how do you find the time to listen to them all?!! That said, I will give extra attention to the new Seattle SBD - sounds worth an intentful listen.
  4. Ah great stuff to hear, thanks for sharing. Must've been wonderful to have been there. Fair play to auld grandpappy Planty still ready to take risks. And there's Justin Adams in the background hammering a bendir. And check out the violinists really digging it about 09:40 - headbanging classicists! Here's to breaking all barriers between us.
  5. Rubbernecking here. Jimmy Page had his Black Beauty returned? Gosh, I thought I was hip to all the Zep but this news must have passed me by or something. That's quite amazing, given the length of time. A nice finish to the strange story. I wonder what the music teacher's relatives thought of the whole affair. Update:
  6. Little things I don't like about Led Zeppelin? Hmm. Well, regarding this forum, first up to call out are the numerous derogatory terms on this thread to describe Plant's wardrobe and hair like "fairy" and "girly" as if such things are somehow "bad" and not macho enough for some. As RuPaul might've said, fuck that shit and check your misogyny. Another thing I don't like about Led Zeppelin is, to paraphrase Robert Plant in the 1990 MTV rockumentary, is often how wrong they got it in concert (as referred to above regarding set lists). I get why folk like their early stuff, but let's face it, even Plant has acknowledged that his first few years with Zep were full of vocally heliumesque histronics that are embarrassing to hear and kill listeners' enjoyment.
  7. Boy, am I glad I sold my Classic Records 4LP copy of BBC Session a few months ago for over £200. However, I fear now my Dark Side inner capitalist will grow stronger... while my bank accounts grow weaker with all these temptive Super Deluxes... Lesson? Marry up, folks - and divorce rich!
  8. Seeing the Johannes snap and the pic from Sam... I can only say that I now know what it would feel like to be flirted with by, say, some stunningly gorgeous movie star, brought up to their room and just when you're about to enter their private chambers, being told "good night, honey" and having the door closed in one's... er.... protrudence.
  9. Wonderful photos, thank you Nick.
  10. Like the metaphysical title, does this thread actually exist...? #clevertooclever
  11. Delighted to hear the verdict. Somewhat disappointed to hear the above internet warriors calling for a countersuit - as if such a vengeful and mean spirit (ho ho) has anything to do with the joyous essence of Zeppelin. Messrs Page and Plant do not come from as litigious a culture as America. As their statement indicates, they're moving on. Peace, out.
  12. Summing up the case pre-deliberations by the jury, seems the judge just killed the plaintiff's whole case. "In a significant boost to Zeppelin, Klausner [the judge] instructed jurors before they began deliberations that the string of chords in question was an example of a common musical device that cannot be copyrighted."
  13. If there's a lawyer in your hedgerow, be alarmed now, it's just a clean-up for the legal scene. Yes there are two riffs you can go by, but in the long run, there's still time to sue the riff - that's wrong. The Defence rests!
  14. I don't know why anyone - bar the actual parties involved - would get overexcited or indeed upset about this case, which would appear to be a money sniffer. Should it go in favour of the plaintiff (snarl dammit curses for stealing the Precious), there's a looong road ahead with appeals etc. I mean, it's not like courtrooms worldwide have made clanging errors in the past only to be overturned later on. And, it's an American courtroom in California, where legal history tells us anything can happen. I rest my case. (Been holding off that pun for 20 pages on this thread).
  15. I can't see any reason not to recommend the 2014 reissue LP pressing, and it's less than £20 in the UK.