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  1. Logan was born in January 1979 and I believe his marriage was dissolved in 1982
  2. Your post said the guy is cruel to the utmost. Doesn't sound like love...just saying
  3. He's working on a new album. It's his website. He posted any time now I immediately assumed the new album. I don't think it had any ulterior motive but of course the haters are going to see it that way.
  4. Yeah, saw that too. Apparently being the key word not to mention of course he's gonna say that to a fan. And in other news..
  5. I didn't take it as him being insulting to Jimmy. I personally wasn't impressed with his playing at the 02 and they rehearsed for months which I didn't think they used to do. I know it was a while since they played but I guess I was surprised it took that much time. His playing is not the same by a long shot. That's okay - I don't have any expectations of him but I wish he'd stop making empty promises.
  6. The news section has current information on what the guys are doing but here's the link:
  7. He's been recording a new record with SSS - I would assume that's what he's referring to
  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I would agree with you, particularly about him doing his own material.
  9. What do you think of his whole JB Led Zep tour he's been doing?
  10. You are very insulting to people who don't support the election results calling us snowflakes etc. Republicans spent the last 8 years insulting and trying to stop Obama every step of the way and didn't accept him but we have to accept Trump? Don't think so.
  11. I don't expect anything from any of them. It's a little sad Jimmy hasn't done anything new and keeps "promising" he's working on stuff but he owes us nothing. Jimmy did a whole tour of Zep stuff with the Black Crowns. That's fine - it's his music as it is Robert's and John Paul's so again, I've no problem with any of the including it in their own shows.
  12. Yes sugar is bad but I don't think being on such a high protein, high fat diet is good either, even if you add carbs. I've read a lot about him and I know someone who worked for him.
  13. So what he doesn't want much with Zep. They agreed the band was done when Bonham passed. They all agreed. Maybe feelings changed down the line but Robert chose not to revisit Zep full time. I don't know why he's a bad guy but Page hasn't done shit for years except remaster zep records a bunch of times but that's wonderful? I appreciate it but I respect Robert for doing his own thing more. And just cause Shaken wasn't his finest hour I wouldn't put down what he did following which I think was some of his best work.
  14. Okay maybe so - not been here actively that long to say.
  15. It's very dangerous to eat all that fat and protein. Silly that people think carbs are bad. Refined carbs not good but whole grains and all are important. Best diet is a balanced one with good quality protein, carbs, fruits, veg, and some fats and exercise. All these "fad" diets work temporary but soon you go off, you gain the weight back and sometimes more.