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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. Blueberry Hill. . .absolutely amazing. . I might have another go at it later today. .
  3. this one. . .
  4. Just wondering does anyone know what Cole got for "Stairway To Heaven"? Since he only got $1250 for HOTG. . .
  5. Black Dog. . .the call/response gave me sonic chills first time I heard it. . changed my life forever
  6. No one better than JP. . .that said EVH Dime Joe Perry
  7. +1 And to answer the original question. . . NO
  8. lol no it doesn't get worse than CSR. . (and HOTRH)
  9. 8.21.1971 L A . . ."Walk, Don't Run"
  10. Thanks for this awesome thread Strider. . .and bagdeholders recollection of 6/23 and that HOLY SHIT moment at the start of the show. . Will you be finishing this thread???!?
  11. Is it wrong I dont have a link???!? :):) 6-2-1973 San Francisco. .
  12. Just looked it up pluribus!! Thanks for the info:)
  13. Hi out there:) Did they have any shows that were cancelled in FLA during the 75 tour??
  14. Spot on. .
  15. Wot up NR:):) Why does AA get a bad rap?? The info on the site seems to be pretty informative. Even though its not my got to, it looks legit. . .thoughts??