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  1. Awesome. . Well worth the wait. . Thanks for this Strider:):):) From those of us that came to the party late (I was 4 at the time of this show) its sweet the recollections and mental imagery these trips in the hot tub time machine bring. . This week is special in so many more ways than one. .Cant wait for the 23rd
  2. Now I've got friends who will give me their shoulder,Event I should happen to fallTime and his bride growing olderI've got friends who will give me fuck all Hots On For Nowhere I think you may be right Strider but they might not be subconscious anymore but a direct shot at the band and management . . He was clearly pissed about the aftermath of Greece as I think he was voicing on HOFN. . This was G and JP's baby from the start and expectations were exceeded 1000000 fold . . They werent family men like Percy and Bonzo per say because LZ was their family. . Their EVERYTHING. . It was more than just a business to these two. . And while Percy probably had all the $ he would probably ever need by the age of 24 family was top priority. . Many have said he was done after his son died and Carouselambra TO ME was the notice given to the landlord. . Def one of Robert's finest moments that didnt come out of the squeezing of a lemon. . What a great thread:) PS Do you think Robert's vocals were buried because of the message within the song? And to fall to fate and make the 'status plan'. . What is said after this??
  3. Ive seen a couple of these bands touring through PHX over the past couple years .. ..LZ 2. . Zoso. . we had a band in town called The Song Remains The Same that killed. . I think they broke up. . A couple hundred tonight for Zoso. . Anyone out there with a local band with a JB drumset and a guitar player with ZOSO on the amps pullin' out the stops??? They were good tonight but I couldnt wait to put the boys on. . .(Oxford 73). . .
  4. 45 years to the day. . 6/15/1972 Uniondale. . if only the taper would have shut the hell up. .
  5. Congrats Walter!!!!! I got paid today. . .that made me happy
  6. Great topic!!! Im partial to all things 73 (great pick John Osbourne) ^^^ but I would want a more bang for your buck type album so the amazing set list from 77 would be something I would buy so Ill go with 6/25/77. . .
  7. Whats up DK?!?! You know Ive never put together a mix tape of ITTOD sessions but I think its time. . What happened to the boogie bird??:):)
  8. I was just turned on to this show about a month back and what a hell of a show it is!! Where were you sitting John???
  9. lol +1 :):)
  10. Sticking to my agenda of trying to listen to shows 40 years on Ive got June 10th 1977 3rd night at MSG in the headphones tonight. .
  11. wow somebody dug up an old thread!! Ill play 6/25/77 6/11/77 5/3/71
  12. This was an incredibly tight band and one of my favorite groups. That being said the way they handled Don Felder was crap. He didnt always get along with the 2 headed monster and had a legitimate gripe about the business side and the money. Before Felder came in the clock was ticking on the Eagles. .Ive read his book and seen interviews and he seems like a class guy. . He was a part of the classic line up and a huge part of their sound. He deserved better and ultimately got his due in court. That always bugged me about these guys that they always had to be the kids with the most toys. . Now with Glen gone one original member (Don) theyre no better than Foreigner or Boston or Deep Purple. . Don's sitting on a pile of money. . Its over let go and dont water down the legacy of the greatest American group of all time. .
  13. Child In Time - Deep Purple
  14. How cool!! Pics please and what did you pay??
  15. What up NR?!?! I have an AUD of 6/11/77 that after Kashmir it turns to shit. . Everything before the source change is amazing and I thank YOU for recommending that particular show because its sooooo good one of the best of 77 but mine takes a turn for the worse after Kashmir. . Didnt know if it gets better. . Can you help me with that NR?? Plus I dont have Birmingham. . Could you please hook that up NR?? PM please:):)