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  1. Thanks guys. . What are the live labels you trust the most??
  2. GO D-BACKS!!! Lovullo has this team playing great ball for a rookie manager. . In the top 10 off every major offensive stat and near the bottom in K's per 9. . 4th in MLB in ERA with Greinke rollin'. . Great team to watch play ball. . Could be a playoff team this year
  3. Hi NR:) Since we're engaged in this convo and it still seems to baffle me that there are people out there that hoard. . and we have possibly a new SBD with 3/21/75 coming out. . Where do these keep coming from? It seems to be one a year coming out on some high priced EVSD vehicle. .Now the 7/17/77 box message. . Could it be Page? Do you think the stolen stash from the 80's is the source? Im blown away that tapes of all kinds from 40+ years ago keep popping up. . These hoarded ones you all are speaking of might not see the light of day because people have mental issues but how much do you believe are still out there??
  4. Hi Mook:) What kind of incident??
  5. HAHAHAHAH Blind Willie for the win!!!!
  6. Hi NR:) Ive only heard one version of Birmingham and it stunk (recording wise, not the band). . When it comes to lousy recordings, like Seattle 72 for instance, its hard for me to believe that someone can make it much better if they only have the one crappy recording. . Is there some kind of technique to polishing a turd? How can one make a bad recording even better if it already sucks? THX
  7. My copy of EVSD A Dinosaur In Motion Seattle 3/21/1975 will be here tomorrow!!!:):)
  8. Technically not LZ The second show I ever saw was Robert Plant 6/11/1988 in Tempe. . a couple years ago a friend of mine was able to find this AUD recording of this show and it is an amazing show. . def one of the highlights of my life even after all these years. . I was able to see the girl I went to the show with for the first time since 1989 just a few days ago and passed the show on to her. . An amazing experience. .
  9. I was (and guess still am) influenced by everything Seattle. . In high school here in the outskirts of PHX in 1990 the music scene was horrible and it seemed like we got a lot of what Seattle had to offer. I was a huge fan of Mother Love Bone before Andy's death and loved Louder Than Love when Soundgarden was still underground. . I was fortunate to see SG and Temple Of The Dog at Lollapalooza 92 and 11 years later at Lolla 2003 Audioslave co-headlined. . I wore out my Badmotorfiner CD. . Worked at a local record store ZIA's when Superunknown came out and had it 2 weeks before it came out. .Of all of the deaths since this all to seemed to start when Scott Weiland died (and we've had so many) this one hurts a little more. .Universally loved by most musicians and a one hell of a song writer RIP to one of my musical heroes. . You will surely be missed
  10. 8/22/71 Walk, Don't Run
  11. Im sure its in a thread somewhere but who was the second shooter with Cole? Wolfman? and thats Roy Harper with PG standing there right?
  12. +1 Im with you porgie:) The prices are insane. . I wonder if they sit in a room and collectively agree that getting a $500 product is good for the company bottom line instead of a $50 product that can reach more customers/fans. . It usually comes to pass that someone will buy and make it available for all (and I am grateful) because most dont have disposable income for a couple CDs and a pretty cover. . (quick check on ebay 27 shows over $150. . jeez)
  13. I did and I do download. . Theres just something to having a copy you can have in your hands. . seems to give music more personality when you can look at inserts instead of lifeless mp3s or whatever:)
  14. Hi Xolo:) If you can spare the few dollars get on ebay . . theres always a copy of LTTE from Moonchild records going for about $20. . I bought one and it sounds great!!:)