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  1. Live better than Studio

    The Rain Song from TSRTS has been my fav since I was 13. . No Quarter from 1973 takes on a whole new experience as the journey time doubled from the studio and then doubled again in 75. . SIBLY as great as the III version is this is one they killed almost every night. .
  2. Beautiful Women

    I have to say this is a great thread. .
  3. What next? AGAIN

    If your reading this. . MORE LIVE STUFF MR PAGE. . (and please leave them intact) Thank you
  4. When Percy was on Stern a couple weeks back he stopped Howard from asking the full question and stated he loves the song. . Im sure like with anything he has had moments with it. . I grew to such a legendary status as a song in such a short amount of time and he prob realized he might be singing it for the rest of his life and as with any musician playing some certain things does get old. .
  5. Polishing The Boards

    Had me worried . . I was like huh?? I trusted my source copy. . THX for clearing this up:):)
  6. Polishing The Boards

    This is graet. . are there two versions? my first night in Cleveland doesnt have the crowd clapping. .

    As with most of you I think we are all partial to TSRTS version in one form another because for most it was the only version you had growing up . It's middle section is for the ages. . It is the light and shade the band prided themselves on. . The visuals JPJ provided for us to be along on the journey. .I believe the 28th with a few alterations is in its entirety and keep in mind this song was still in its infancy with room to grow and expand. . to 40 min. . that to me is a little much (even at 25min in 1975). . but in 1973 it is streamlined at a pace close to 13 min which in my mind always seems like 5 or 6 min. .To my ear they are two and one in the same so 7-28-1973/TSRTS is my favorite
  8. Cuts by Mike the Mic

    As Im listening to the final night of the LA 77 run there is a cut in ALS and got to wondering of the shows he gave to friends, are there multiple MM shows that made it out before he destroyed his tapes?? Like different versions of his tapes of the same show like with a volume shift here or a cut there?? Are there MM shows out there without cuts and volume shifts? Are there particular boots out there with minimal or no deliberate things done to them? I hope Im making sense. . its late Thx:):)
  9. I want to say thanks again for the releasing of this show Mr. Bauer:) You could have gone to EVSD and had them release this as the Erik show and made a few grand in the process. . You showed class in the way this was handled and knowing how the boot community can be a pack of wolves you took the time and had the patience to get it done right and to release it for free to us who just love the music. . The finished product was very well done and your status updates assured us that you were indeed doing it for the fans BY A FAN. . I salute you sir (and if youre holding another show dont wait another 40 years:)
  10. Thanks to fans, Final concert

    I think a O2 date, a MSG date and a Forum date could have worked. . sounds plausible to me. . I realize it opens up all kinds of hassles since Percy wanted to move forward but it could have been done. . after all it was the U.S. they conquered. . Im 8000 miles from London and really had no chance to get a ticket. . Selfishly, it would have been nice to have an American show. .
  11. 1972 and 1973 Shows

    Wouldn't it be great to really know whats out there?? Jimmy's stuff. . and I think he would have a ton still packed up somewhere (SBD's and the lot). .Showco peeps with tapes in the attic they've had for 40+ years. . Stolen stuff (always selfishly wished the purge at JP's house was a little more spread out not just 80's SBD's) and then there's EVSD who apparently has a grip of stuff and who knows if they're BSin'. . I know it's been discussed but to know what can ever possibly see the light of day. . Im ramblin. . I wonder if there is a SBD and it turned to dust or the boot fairy will release it possibly one day. .
  12. 1972 and 1973 Shows

    apologies mate. . youre right. . great show. . 1973 is my fav with this one near the top
  13. 1972 and 1973 Shows

    They played The Ocean on 20 bootlegs. .
  14. Bootlegs

    This is awesome!! 1971 was only scratching the surface. . THX for posting this:):)
  15. record stores

    I looked up the book on ebay and the black book looks like a 2 cd package goin for the same price (kinda). . Dont know if that was what you were looking for. . Its hard to believe Zia would have anything. . when I go I always go to LZ to see if maybe they have something. . NO NEVER worst excuse for a record/book/game shop. . worked there in the 90's and wanted to kill my boss for playing the reality bites ST all day . . . every day. .
  16. +1 . . I listened to HTWWW once and like it was said "canned". . It reminds me of a KISS ALIVE album. . missed opportunity?? You betcha!!!
  17. $500 on offer up?!? Your mad. .
  18. The Rain Song

    Well someones gotta be first so it will be me:) This is my favorite song by the band and has been for 30+ years. . but not the original. . The version from the original TSRTS is the one song Ive heard close to a thousand times. .the mellotron was the perfect vehicle to drive this song (JPJ should have got a credit for the arrangement). . "upon us all a little rain must fall" is a line of few words but speaks volumes to me. .It is unlike any other song in the catalog. . It could be the hippie in me. . It always hits me right in the feelers. . Guess Im gonna have to hear it now. .
  19. Looks like a real poster to me. .
  20. Its amazing you had this for so long gbauer1!! Thanks for getting to the right people to have this done right. . it sounds great:):):) PS. . Amazing TYG unedited for your listening pleasure. .
  21. So can we hope that there is a video of the 23rd out there since it was set up for the 3 original gigs or is this a pipe dream?
  22. Song Name Game

    Down By The Seaside - LZ
  23. I dont know about the 23rd but the drum solo at the end of RAR on the 24th is awful and watching it makes it worse. .
  24. European Tour 1973

    I'm listening to Munich and the show is a killer!! Probably the best tour the boys ever embarked on. .
  25. Most of us have a collection of live stuff. . If anything I hope its not early 75 as Percy got sick and the shows are below par at that time. I can hope hope the 3 shows of EC that are sub par recordings can be polished or JP has multi track or something but even EC was underwhelming. . I really dont want a best of live but whole shows. . bum notes and all. . shows or recordings not already on the "market" . . my 2 cents:)