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  1. Every time I see something from the years 1973 1975 1977 I always think "Where were Zep on this date?". . I thought I can't be the only one who does this. . So I'll start. . I was looking at the web and seen that Zeppelin was playing their first night in Landover, MD the night Star Wars hit the masses. . May 25, 1977. .
  2. not really the point I was making Steve. .
  3. +1 . . I just don't get it. . This gen is literally dying for good music. .
  4. LZ songs just you don't like...

    Hats Off Candy Store Rock and my least favorite. . Trampled Underfoot All the rest are playable over and over. .
  5. Beautiful Women

    The one and only Bebe. . . Had to make this my desktop
  6. Scared Straight 1978 Led Zep tee

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Vintage-70s-1977-Led-Zeppelin-US-Concert-Tour-T-Shirt-Page-Plant-Rock-LP/282347680350?hash=item41bd3bb25e:g:qFcAAOSwA3dYk1eV It's expensive !!
  7. Robert Plant Live: Phoenix


    It was great but the place was not prepared to let people in. We were across the street at Marjerle's and that line didnt move for 90 min. We got in to the show 10 min till Percy went on and he was superb. Better than Dodge in 2005. We were thinking of going to the Vail show. That being said what did you think?
  8. These damn tickets are going super fast… Third in line today and got 17th row at Phoenix Symphony hall on 28th February. . Wanted to do better than that but at least I'm in the building :-) anybody else seeing this tour let's hear it!!?!?:):):)
  9. Robert Plant Live: Phoenix


    Today is the day Robert Anthony Plant!!!!
  10. Robert Plant US tour 2018

    when and where??
  11. Scared Straight 1978 Led Zep tee

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/LED-ZEPPELIN-Mens-XL-Shirt-Thermal-1977-U-S-Tour-T-shirt-Band-Merchandise/173149944926?hash=item28508a7c5e:g:UYcAAOSw0ehZ6vjn. .. This is pretty close
  12. Wow what a thread:):) Great pics!! I love when you can just walk up to front row at shows but Led Zeppelin at C. H. before LZII. . just wow!! THX for sharing!:)
  13. Robert Plant Live: Phoenix


    I was just thinking that this weekend. . Fuk when you get old time is full speed ahead. . When your young you can't grow up fast enough. . This is #5 for me after seeing Percy for 30 (1988) years this one is special. . Who knows how long he will go. . I'm excited my best friend is going. . He's seen RP 2 times already when we were kids:) It's going to be a great night:):)
  14. Robert Plant Live: Phoenix


    You bet we will meet up! Gonna be a great time Luv:):)
  15. Nicely done:):) WITHOUT MUSIC??? PS watched subscribed. . great vids Porgie!!
  16. SMS D06 T13 Bron-y-Aur 1970. . JP and Percy working out songs on a clip 46 min long. . Amazing:):)
  17. IMO a warts and all 2 SHOW release of both nights (sold sep). . I mean isn't this one for the complete-ist? After having all shows worth having it's hard to go back to a 2 show mish-mash with music missing. .
  18. Tom Petty Died of drug overdose

    Ill put this out there (and myself I guess). I take certain PDs after a climbing accident broke my back in 5 places. I'm no Tom Petty but I understand the predicament. I've done drugs I said years ago I would never touch but here I am doing the same type things he was. They are dangerous to be sure but if done as prescribed and if you don't have 4 doctors giving you a bunch of dangerous shit it should be fine. It's a fine line when you're juggling a bunch of narcotics at the same time and it really is a matter of time if abused.
  19. Opinion

    Its very dry with no resonance. . SIBLY for one. . I think he had these made for the show. . Bonzo was keen on using his ride as a crash sometimes b/c of its wet crashy sound. . I have used Sabian cymbals for that exact reason. . When you hit them they continue to resonate sound:)
  20. Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    THX Panther HNY to you too brother!!!:) Its funny that you asked . . If you look close enough you can see my first tattoo covered by the waves just above the fish head. . Bonzo's symbol. . 17 and still in HS some dope said he would do it for 45$. . It looked like shit so that prompted me to go back to the guy to get the swan song on my right forearm 3 days later . . I got home and was like what the fuck did I do!!!! It ended up alright as I got the Zep symbols across my back 20 years ago and my right arm was saved with some tattoo trickery. .I got lucky because it could have been much worse:):)
  21. 3/21/1975 SBD. . I never have links it's all on my desktop. .
  22. 2017 NFL Thread

    I hope all the talk about Cousins becoming a 9er are over. Finding a good QB is hard enough but JGQ has the potential to be GREAT!! Lynch and Shannahan have to know this guy is the ticket to 30+ pts. a game. Now go get the run stopper we need and shore up the D. . The next decade could be super exciting as long as the idiot owner stays out of the way. I was close to giving up with the way the last 4 years went but there are signs of hope:):)
  23. THIS!! Lots of great ideas floating. . Its amazing how the bubbles of thought come to the surface when Jimmy says there's more goodies coming your way kiddies and everyone has an opinion LOL. . Whatever it is I just hope most are satisfied because there probably isn't going to be many more official releases coming after this year (I could be dead wrong on that:)