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  1. Well done ZepHead!! He's pretty cool about taping one of the greats. . slipping that in 4 years ago and now the show on Youtube. . Its funny Sathington's comment a few down about the hit and run and this guy never coming back to the forum:):):)
  2. What's the worst live performance of a song?

    Ahh yes but in this instance, the one that Robert is talking castration, the flash pots. . do they go off early? When and where. . cant make out anything like that happening in the audio. .When I think of flash pots, I think of James Hetfield and wonder if that kind of thing almost happened in Tempe. .
  3. What's the worst live performance of a song?

    Achilles Last Stand 7/20/77. . This is the mother of all disasters. . Im perplexed by this recording and always have been. . For one it's in my backyard at ASU (which coincidently I saw Percy 11 years later Now And Zen tour). . Two, imagining being on stage when the BAND explodes. . looking at each other in that "what the fuck is going on up here"!. . This song is a technical bitch and with how fragile they could be on any given night in '77 Im surprised this didnt happen more often. .Third, Jimmy almost getting killed during all of this. . The crazy way , of all times and recordings, to have some ghost recording of All Right Now come in and THAT be the only recording of what could be considered the worst live moment in the history of the greatest band ever. . the moment it comes in always gets me. . The ending, the beginning, the middle. .When Percy says. . "That was ALS". . uhh no it wasn't. . PS When did the pyro go off and almost get Jimmy?? PPS THX Zephead315 for posting it. .I had to listen to it 3 times. .
  4. This is a great find for sure!:) I did a check as well (guy yelling after final SA verse) and its crazy to hear this after so long. . He has heard of LTTE so why wait 40 years?? I hope he is on the forum or he can persuaded to share the story. .
  5. Atlanta 1973 soundcheck photos

    I love this!! Being a drummer myself I can imagine Bonzo being totally stoked to get on his new set and they have since has become so historic:):) Thanks for the thread Sam:)
  6. Smiling JP guitar photos

    ^^^ lololol he's on stage playing though. . something he doesnt do anymore
  7. Smiling JP guitar photos

    I just wanted to ramble this thought. . Ive seen more of the grey ol' fox guitar wizard photos of Jimmy holding a Les Paul, having a laugh about something, selling magazines of the classic rock or guitar nature. . keeping his face out there. . and a lot less time PLAYING THE FKNG THING!!! Just a thought. .
  8. I am all about Zep boots. . .I was never really a fan of what Percy and Jimmy did together in the 90's. .I was surprised to find out that the boys did shows that were almost all Zep tunes mixed in with some newer stuff. . As Im just now getting into it, and looking for some guidance, what are the gold standard of boots to have of the P&P years? Since there was no Peter Grant and Richard Cole's around to put a foot up someone arse when they saw recording equipment, Ill bet there is some great video of shows as well. . Im sure this subject has been spoken of before I just wanted to get some newer perspectives (if there are any:) THX ZEP HEADS:)
  9. Redditch to erect a statue of John Bonham in his honour

    I see your point Mook but if you think about it, most pics of the Beatles werent "action" shots. . they were always posing . . Most shots of Bonzo were as we remember. . slaying his kit. .Most of the statues out there are a reflection or recreation of that person(s) doing what made them enough to be immortalized in the first place. . Old was generals on horses (being torn down now in some cases), Flying to the hoop ala Air Jordan, or Marines putting a flag post in the ground. . they are in ACTION. . I just doesnt seem to do him justice standing there maybe NEXT to a set when he was the greatest when BEHIND it:):)
  10. Astronomy - Planets , Stars & Heavenly Bodies

    ^^^^ Killer shot Rover. .
  11. Redditch to erect a statue of John Bonham in his honour

    hahahaha. . jobbies in a handbag. .I hope that the Bonham family have given their blessings. . We couldnt have the greatest dummer of all time "standing" there. .kinda defeats the purpose of him and his craft. . It is a little busy in a 3.25 mega pixel fake pic so lets hope that when its done it does him absolute justice:)
  12. Tokyo 10-3-72 8mm Rare Footage

    I thought that too after the BYAS glitch. . but Im always fascinated with lost for "blank" years and then found in a closet somewhere. . I would give this a heart if this was FB. . what a great find:)
  13. I think your right after a second look. .
  14. Looks like a 24". . Knowing what a 26" was doing for him, I don't think he used this for very long. .
  15. Boots of P and P touring in the 90's

    excellent I thank you for this. .
  16. Southampton 73- Why it's the best bootleg

    It has a great sound, obvious because the multi track. . drums are great. . Percy and the struggles. . The intimacy is there at the S.U. Building and I like that. . like right on stage. . I wonder how many shows JP really had multi tracked. . But like the others its down the list. . Eddie is my favorite. . LA's anticipation for the greatest band in the world after the reschedule and the sheer force of the band with the crowd in a massive frenzy on Millard's recorded opus. . It doesnt get much better:) Listening now and JP on TSRTS is not all together is it? lol. .
  17. Photography

    Up in Olympia WA. . 95% blocked out and still the brightest thing ever. . Pissed about not getting there but we have more eclipses to come soon:)
  18. After 3/21/75. . Whats next??

    So does anybody really know what EV has?? Ive seen theyre collection is from a couple/few to they have the whole she-bang. . I want it all but what really is realistic?? And who could possibly be the source??
  19. After 3/21/75. . Whats next??

    I know we just got this and some are still waiting. .Those in the know say EV has a stock pile of sorts. . This one is gonna be hard to top but always looking forward to the next gem. .Thoughts??
  20. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    Is any of this info in the Dave Lewis book about K79??
  21. After 3/21/75. . Whats next??

    Ohhh. . I was thinking A 7th show. . lol
  22. After 3/21/75. . Whats next??

    60 shows?? What?? How do you figure they have this many shows?? Explain if you will please:) 7th show??