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  1. LOL Porgie 1 Bozoso 0 :):)
  2. Is it not up anymore? I dont see anything porgie. .
  3. 40 years on, I have Seattle 7/17/1977 on for the first time ever (I have the vid and have watched it 20 times but never heard the SBD) and its not as bad as I thought it would be. . I hit about 10 anniversary shows through the year and while they have some awful moments, 98% is pure magic. .G O A T. .
  4. This is the night after the famous "Four Sticks" show and it looks like the night after Copenhagen they were given this killer song another shot. .I wonder how it sounds. . Hopefully we will find out:):) THX for finding this Walter:):)
  5. Of the LA 77 run I listen to 6/25 most beside 6/21. . Theres the idiot thats goin on and on during the acoustic set and the dumb broad yelling out "Did you know it is against the law to rock and roll in the U.S.A.?!?" and some twit trying to ask Robert if he still has his Elvis shirt. . THANK GOD some chick out of nowhere finally yells "SHUT UP!!!!" ahahahahhahahah LOVE THAT!! it almost ruins the show and I would imagine MM was shooting lasers into peoples skulls. .
  6. Since we are in the throws of nostalgia regarding the North America tour of 1977 and if my math is right the timeline on the website says Zep played 44 shows and 37 were in some shape or form, good or bad taped and released for our listening pleasure. . My question is to all of you. . Yes we all agree there are for sure shows (LTTE or Destroyer) in all of your tops but what whats you're favorite dark horse show? Ill start first:):) Nutrocker talked a while ago about 6/11/77 as one of his best of's and that has turned into one of my favs with the fourth night in LA being a personal favorite. . If its been covered (like everything else Zep-wise) forgive me I just like to hear opinions of shows:):) PS If you have favorites let me know who was the record label that was in charge of putting it out:) PPS Is there a complete AUD source of 6/11/77 that after Kashmir is listenable?
  7. HHWCID. . Is this part of the test??:)
  8. FCK this conversation is getting old!!! Its not out there!! ROVER stated the show WAS NOT on the big screen!! You can see in the pics of the Summit there are NO suites and NO cameras. . This is a pipe dream. . As much as I want it and the other 20-50 of us that want it, Strider broke it down. . Im giving this a .1% chance and this might be too much. .
  9. Whats funny is most of us cant wait for EV to put out 3/21/75. . . It seems to me that someone looked at EV as a great business op and backed them to upgrade their product. . now all these newer shows have slip cases with pretty looking silvers and the prices have gone through the roof. . I love what they do for the live shows. . How most of you in the 70s/80s/90s bought LPs with a half or 3/4 show. . it would drive me crazy. . every time I look to buy an LP it seems most are missing songs and never in any kind of set list order. .I have most shows downloaded but I do like some of the products out there and will continue to buy. .
  10. Not surprised Dallas. . $8500?!?!?!? . . . . FFS. .
  11. hahhahahah:):):) mknopfler for the WIN!!!!
  12. Big Log Heaven Knows Ship Of Fools Burning Down One Side Little By Little
  13. I have always thought that TSRTS was a great way for the band to come in, sonically grab the fans like saying "strap your ass in cause we goin for a helluva ride!!" In 73-75 it had its place with TRS but wow what an opener:):) Someone posted CP would have been a good start for the 75 shows and I agree. . Its an amazing opener for PG so why not for the shows? When in the mood for a 75 boot, Ill usually go right to SA and skip RAR:) 73 for me it depends on Percy hittin right or not. .
  14. 37 years ago today. . Mannheim 7/3/80. . one of the better Over Europe shows. .
  15. Great article. . thanks for posting:):)
  16. Is this really a thing anymore? 37 years later are there people out there with tapes in their closet saying "no one but me"? I can understand maybe in the 80's/90's but now? Do you guys out there KNOW of a show that will probably never see the light of day? I would have to think the best stuff is out there by now. . PS Anyone know where the SBD of 3/21/75 EVSD is releasing came from?? Not that we really need it with the AUD tapes being as killer as they are. . THX:):)
  17. As Im listening to the final night of the LA 77 run there is a cut in ALS and got to wondering of the shows he gave to friends, are there multiple MM shows that made it out before he destroyed his tapes?? Like different versions of his tapes of the same show like with a volume shift here or a cut there?? Are there MM shows out there without cuts and volume shifts? Are there particular boots out there with minimal or no deliberate things done to them? I hope Im making sense. . its late Thx:):)
  18. This is one of the greatest photos in the history of history. .Being a drummer this is what every rocker wants. . to be a ROCKSTAR. . Percy was so incredibly photogenic even birds want pics with him. .
  19. Indeed John. . Indeed . . I have 6/25/77 on as I write and will do 1972 later. . TURN IT UP TODAY BADGEHOLDERS!!!!!!
  20. Awesome. . Well worth the wait. . Thanks for this Strider:):):) From those of us that came to the party late (I was 4 at the time of this show) its sweet the recollections and mental imagery these trips in the hot tub time machine bring. . This week is special in so many more ways than one. .Cant wait for the 23rd
  21. Now I've got friends who will give me their shoulder,Event I should happen to fallTime and his bride growing olderI've got friends who will give me fuck all Hots On For Nowhere I think you may be right Strider but they might not be subconscious anymore but a direct shot at the band and management . . He was clearly pissed about the aftermath of Greece as I think he was voicing on HOFN. . This was G and JP's baby from the start and expectations were exceeded 1000000 fold . . They werent family men like Percy and Bonzo per say because LZ was their family. . Their EVERYTHING. . It was more than just a business to these two. . And while Percy probably had all the $ he would probably ever need by the age of 24 family was top priority. . Many have said he was done after his son died and Carouselambra TO ME was the notice given to the landlord. . Def one of Robert's finest moments that didnt come out of the squeezing of a lemon. . What a great thread:) PS Do you think Robert's vocals were buried because of the message within the song? And to fall to fate and make the 'status plan'. . What is said after this??
  22. Ive seen a couple of these bands touring through PHX over the past couple years .. ..LZ 2. . Zoso. . we had a band in town called The Song Remains The Same that killed. . I think they broke up. . A couple hundred tonight for Zoso. . Anyone out there with a local band with a JB drumset and a guitar player with ZOSO on the amps pullin' out the stops??? They were good tonight but I couldnt wait to put the boys on. . .(Oxford 73). . .
  23. 45 years to the day. . 6/15/1972 Uniondale. . if only the taper would have shut the hell up. .
  24. Congrats Walter!!!!! I got paid today. . .that made me happy