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  1. ^I've suggested the same thing before, and others agreed. Would be the best representation of Seattle '77. First of all, the soundboard sucks, it doesn't sound as good as the 5/30/77 soundboard by any means. Second of all, its a rough performance, so an audience recording would show what the audience heard, and kinda show what was meant to be heard.
  2. Did i mention 5/30/77 edit: soundboard of this one too
  3. Raining on our parade. I agree, Houston '77 is a pretty mediocre performance, but Kashmir and Trampled are alright. Hard to be disappointed when 3/21's on the way.
  4. Most likely lighting or I'm imagining it. You look at anything long enough and you'll see something. Lol 1st pic is pretty convincing, surprised all these years of browsing Zeppelin forums nobody's ever brought that photo up.
  5. Percy's bare chest on a screen at the top?!?! Please be true. Please be true.
  6. And look at this one. Is that Jimmy on a screen?!?!
  7. WAIT wait wait. How did we miss this photo! Its on this site for christ sakes. That! has me wondering.
  8. wow, some of this has me really excited thinking a 5/21/77 COULD exist. The soundboard sounds different than other '77 soundboards. Can anyone ID that '77 screenshot? Seattle? Now, if (if) a 5/30/77 video exists, I'm going to flip the fuck out. That soundboard is probably my most listened to boot, ever, since i've started collecting. Like the LA and NYC '77 run, it shows 1977 was a great year for the band. Just wasn't consistent. 1977 kicks ass. The band really broke out from their mold, the standard 73-75 sound and style.
  9. If you wanna get your hopes up, put this in your pipe and smoke it. Pontiac '75 and '76. Lot of late 70's Landover footage is black and white.
  10. If there was a Zeppelin Houston Summit '77 video, it would probably look like this. Doubtful, but never say never. I think footage like this is the source of the Houston/Landover '77 video rumors actually.
  11. no proshot of 6/21/77', but maybe a soundboard. Photos don't show cameras or screens. Same applies for 5/21/77. For the latter, the Aerosmith video from the late 70's shows that the cameras were up high, and pretty far from the stage, so nothings impossible, just very unlikely. Lets just hold out hope for 4/30/77 video, and realistic items like 5/31, NYC, and LA soundboards.
  12. Oh god make it stop. Saw Robert in 2011 with the Band of Joy and I almost fell asleep, besides songs impossible to screw up, played in very very ordinary fashion, like Ramble On.
  13. HA. I've seen that before somewhere.
  14. No, you'd think that, but they kept that holy grail under tight wraps. Only what appears to be disc two of the 27th has slipped out. Can't remember if it was before or after HTWWW. I'm honestly still surprised it hasn't weaseled its way out. Probably because the unaltered shows have official release potential. Bootlegs are like drugs, people are gonna get them one way or another, can't be stopped. Of course there are OK audeince tapes for those though.