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  1. Can everyone from the past 7 pages elaborate on your definition of sloppy? From the Heartbreaker on the last page from 3/21, where in the song are you referring to sloppy? Minute/second(s). What I call sloppy is 3/20 Heartbreaker. And for the year of 1975 thats not even too sloppy. Y'all need to enjoy and listen to the music more man. Must not be playing it loud enough (where the neighbors can hear it).
  2. Say what? I'm just never coming back here. Lol
  3. Thank god Jimmy is ON an he's not low in the soundboard mix like 3/17/75. He's lower in that than any '75 board I heard, but he was low in the audience tape too. Quick shoutouts for the audience recordings of 3/17, 3/19, 3/20, and 3/21. I'm a soundboard guy but there are a few I like, and these are high on the list. That Heartbreaker didn't disappoint, I think the audience tape is clear enough to hear how well they were all playing, and the sample proves that IMO.
  4. The whole LA run in '77 is great and I would love to hear the OTHAFA and IMTOD from every one, but I have a sweet spot for 6/27 and 3/27/75. They were just balls to the wall loose funky and Pagey never shuts up. I love it. And the only song the soundboards of LA '77 run won't be able to represent, are the Stairways. You can't get a proper Stairway without those Mike Millard recordings. RIP.
  5. Never mind. I'm an equal opportunity shit talker. Carry on. I'm going to enjoy the hell out of 3/21/75 soundboard, its a holy grail. I listened to the 3/20 last night and it still gets better with every listen. Only ones I think would be as good are 3/12, 3/24-27. 27th Jimmy never shuts up, and he knows how well he's playing. Talk to you when I hear the board and I'll give my 2 cents. 1977 LA soundboard or one of the better NYC gigs are the true holy grails though. When I hear one of the best '77 Over the Hills performances on soundboard I'm gonna have to change my pants.
  6. Thanks to DVD and HTWWW I found Royal Orleans soon after, still ranting about Zeppelin at 27. Such a gold mine for a kid to find my first few times on the internet. I know I remember Days Confused and Snow Jobs coming out, and had a few great unofficial recordings by the time they were released. One interaction with Jason/Presence comes to mind. I remembered one of the first boots I picked up but lost it many years ago, so I asked RO which boot release had a set of Ernie Ball strings as the cover, and dude replied Vancouver '75 Physical Vancouver about a minute later. Two of my favorite gigs to this day. Enjoying 3/21/75 soundboard in his remembrance. I had the Presence version of that too. Sucks when you never get to thank somebody He's jamming with Bonzo in the sky I have donated to the server/forum some of the past 10 usernames ive had there. Lil bit goes a long way with the gofundme. Sharing is caring.
  7. I don't come here to talk politics. Both forums have their advantages and disadvantages. God forbid anyone would ever have to search for the 3/21/75 soundboard.
  8. yo, makes me pretty confident we could be getting the complete 3/21/75 soundboard considering they're releasing the last song of the gig as a sampler. Almost everything we have from '75 on soundboard, except 2/16 and 3/5, is complete, minus a missing intro to Rock and Roll here and there, if I remember correctly.
  9. so... any word on the content of Sonic Boom? The soundboard and the stereo/2 track mix have already been out there for a while, and considering there was no hype behind it it's probably not an upgrade, but who knows? I'd love a version of Hampton '71 that was on par with Orlando '71 and the Black Dog from 9/28/71, with clearer drums and hi hat etc. My two cents... If it is a site dedicated to Zeppelin's live and bootleg recordings, chances are I like it. That site has more info on Sonic Boom than this site has.
  10. Nah man, I might go back as a lurker one day. Thanks. If anybody wants me to point them in the direction to find any Zeppelin 1969-1980 soundboards to download or sample, feel free to private message me. 3/20/75 is a must have, so is 3/19/75. Those are about as close as you can get to 3/21, save maybe the 3 LA gigs after Seattle which has 3 great Millard recordings.
  11. 1980 live is the black sheep for me. I don't always listen to 1969 live stuff either, because the recordings from the latter portion of the year aren't that great, and soundboards and good audience recordings are few. But I do listen to '69 live on the regular. Can't say that about the 1980 live stuff. Just don't care for it. 1979 live stuff is the shit but idk what happened there in 1980. I listen to all other years and tours on the regular, if they are above average audience recordings or soundboards, they're playing.
  12. 1977 versions are good, the great Millard audience recordings have solid versions, as do some of the soundboards like 5/30/77. There are other versions from '77 that are good that we have on soundboard, but some are kinda sloppy. Jimmy rarely "nails" a Nobody's Fault solo, but a few notes here and there no big deal. Its heavier in '77 than the album version, thats for sure. Oh, and DVD version, the ones from 1979 Knebworth should do it justice.
  13. In Robert Plant voice "thaaaats a fact"
  14. 3/12/75 and 3/21/75. Starting to lean towards 3/21 as my favorite from 1975. Wow. You know they're having a great night when they bust out a Since I've Been Loving You. See 2/14/75 or 3/27/75. They're playing really well and they know it! Its not like breaking out the occasional Heartbreaker on a GOOD night. They bust out both on 3/21.
  15. Millard's, and what he ^ said. Raw form is available for each but people put time into putting the best sources together and gently tweaked them, so of course those versions shine more than other versions. Balance between EQ'd and amplified to hell by bootleg companies and the raw form is the way to go. These gigs kick total ass and in my opinion are the pinnacle of Led Zeppelin's live career, PERIOD. They finally found the heaviness of their albums, a "When the Levee Breaks" type of sound, and were able to take it to the stage and be dark and deep, yet tight as a band and Robert making the absolute most of his voice, Bonzo being better than ever , Jimmy being heavier and darker than ever (In My Time of Dying from '77 and also the 5/30/77 soundboard come to mind), Jonesy putting 101% at all times. 1977 kicks total ass ladies and bros. My favorite versions of The Song Remains the Same, Sick Again, Over the Hills, SIBLY, NQ, In My Time of Dying, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Stairway, Black Dog, Rock and Roll, Trampled, Communication Breakdown, all from 1977, i could go on but I'm not... They just hardcore, heavy, and fun.