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  1. DOOD. That Mr. Jimmy cover band is fucking sick. if thats not historically accurate, i don't know what is
  2. I love to speculate but I think Eddie Kramer either said he wasn't there, or was somewhere else the same night. If memory serves me right. Not sure though. Carnegie Hall. Doesn't mean that a soundboard that sounds as good as 4/27/69 doesn't exist though. And regarding 8/28/71, if theres a soundboard from Orlando and Hampton, who's to say there isn't one from New Orleans.
  3. That was the best sounding '77 board when it came out, IMO. Since then they've all had more Jonesy and Bonzo, and in recent '77 soundboards you really hear that the alembic wasn't that bad. I prefer it on the opening numbers, Over the Hills, IMTOD, especially.
  4. If Zeppelin threw some soundboards or great audience recording, say 2/12/75, 8/31/71, 3/20/75, 3/11/75, 5/30/77, 6/21/77... You know people would eat that shit up. Example:,16333/Grateful-Dead-mp3-flac-download-5-8-1977-Barton-Hall---Cornell-University-Ithaca-NY.html Why not, is what I'm wondering?
  5. Good call. Never noticed that. And yeah, I have a Tiger 2 as my avatar, but I thought Jimmy wore it because he didn't have anything else, and wanted something, well, that a rock god would wear. Besides, I doubt many people realized what it was live, and the hat emblem is the size of a quarter. From afar, the outfit just looks cool to me. Doesn't look like a nazi. Just like a guitar god. Could be mistaken for the swan song logo.
  6. Hell if the soundboards were reissued and released officially I'd buy the shit out of them. Just not paying for bootleg crap no matter how epic this soundboard will be, 3/21/75. Led Zeppelin needs a freakin' few shows on a live downloads site. Like the thingy. For christs sake.
  7. Of course this board is gonna take a while. I also love how we got a glimpse of somebody at Empress Valley's favorite live picks from '75. Watched the bootleg kings youtube video, and they hit the nail on the head. The people who seek out these soundboards have bought all the albums and live releases multiple times. I for one have bought How the West Was Won 5 times, and DVD 3 times, for backup copies and for copies to give to friends. I gave my drummer buddy disc 1 of DVD and he's never been the same. If this was officially released I'd pay a good $50 bucks for it, if it was a digital download even, end rant. But won't be paying shit unfortunately. I'll only pay the band.
  8. Whew, definitely changing Stairway to 3/11/75. 2/28 is cool and unique, but I must have factored in the finger or something. 2/28 is such a great performance though.
  9. Jonesy's on 11 for 3/17/75
  10. Never heard JPJ compared to Phil Lesh, but I like it. A lot. Neither were were second fiddle, neither were low in the mix, I could go on. The 6/21/77 Millard recording does wonders for JPJ and Bonzo, and Page too. Also, bass in an arena or concert hall can echo like forever. So the acoustics of the arena (if you were there) probably helped JPJ and Bonzo really come through and more audible. 6/23/77 6/25/77 and 6/27/77 are great ones too. If you've ever been in an old school concert arena with bad echo, and a poor mix, its usually (in my experience) because the bass is drowning everything out because its echoing like crazy. Just like boooooooooooooooom... On top of everything else.
  11. Anybody have info on this photo? Posted by admin, but don't see it on this thread. Is that Bonzo? Hmm. Never seen this one, I've seen all the others on the web from Pontiac but not this one. Thanks Edit: its also on the Zeppelin Photo Mysteries thread. Bonzo goofing off with a bass.
  12. I'm gonna guess... Its after "do I look the same", Jimmy goes for that little high chord doodle, before Robert wails "Hey baby!". Then to the Sick Again chorus. Best Zeppelin photo there ever was. Period.
  13. heres a control, original
  14. I love some Beck, and borrowing is a bluesy thing. Zeppelin perfected the art of borrowing, though some unfortunately didn't see it as a tip of the hat. This Nausea vs. Buena thing is driving me crazy though. Morphine's song is much better IMO.
  15. I like The Led Zeppelin. Better than The Nobs. Would have been nice if they were billed as such, for a night.