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  1. Filmed concerts

    Any new filmed concerts from 1968-1980 to be released?
  2. Filmed concerts

  3. This explains why Plant doesn't want to play w/ Zeppelin. He doesn't make one penny on record sales! I understand him.
  4. - Would Bonham approve?

    around 1.20
  5. Jimmy Page Responds to Keith Richards

    You should read Mozart's letters- They are quite something. The hate you mention is merely ignorance. Many of the Zep fans are not too bright.
  6. Peter Grant

    Wasn't a movie planned?
  7. In some poll Karen Carpenter was ranked a better drummer than John Bonham. - Sounds ridiculous until you actually hear Karen Carpenter on YT in various clips and realize she had great chops and technique!
  8. John Bonham vs Karen Carpenter

    What is interesting is her technique. It is quite impressive and way beyond Bonham's, which could explain why she won that particular poll.
  9. - Et Tu, Brutus

    Just received the Jimmy Page book, Zoso. On page 218 there is a photograph of someone who could be seen as backstabbing. Is it merely a fitting caption or is it relating to a specific incident?
  10. - Et Tu, Brutus

    After the Oakland incident, Graham was livid and pretty much tried to hurt Led Zep every which way imaginable. He really vents his spleen at Led Zep in a full chapter. Graham had a big heart. He escaped holocaust. In his early youth he sees his girlfriend in a cinema with, unbeknownst to Graham, her new boyfriend. He reacts coolly and decides she is a cunt and saunters away. - The only musician he has a warm spot for is Morrison.
  11. - Et Tu, Brutus

    - It maskes perfect sense! Bill Graham had the final showdown with Led Zep in 1977, where Cole, Grant and Bonham had a fight with a security guy in a trailer. The guy had slapped Grant's son for taking a plaque. Bonham witnessed this backstage during the instrumental section. Bill Graham flipped and called the SWAT team. The next morning they were arrested. Much to Graham's regret it was done in a somewhat orderly fashion, b/c one of the bodygiards knew the leader of the SWAT team. After the trial Graham was even more frustrated, since only a fine was given. Led Zep had gotten away once again, he writes. Peter Grant supposedly wept when he read Graham's description of him. I think it was a final showdown between proomoters and Peter Grant, who managed to reverse the allocation of a tourgross. Manzarek in his autobiography doesn't speak highly of Graham, who also in the Woodstock movie suggests to light big bonfires so to prevent the hippies from attending the heavily crowded scene: "Just like the Astecs would ward off the invasion of ants."
  12. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    There isn't plagiarism in Stairway. But there are in other cases. Were they ever sued in these blatant plagiarisms?
  13. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    - So what similarity are you referring to. Be specific!- which notes are identical and when are they played?
  14. Jimmy Page Responds to Keith Richards

    Keith Richards thought it was two guys playing ,first time he heard Robert Johnson. Isn't Johnson famous, because he was recorded? I mean he didn't primarily invent that way of playing the blues? It's first years later we are normally able to understand how important a musician/band was, ie. when you strip away the image. Abba was first healded 20 years later from their heyday for their songwriting. Led Zep was persona non grata in the 70's. Look at them now! Mozart was some kind of a clown. If you listen to his contemporary Salieri, who was revered in the 17th century, and compare his music to that of Mozart's, it's nolo contendeere. Beatles are great songwriters, but they did not invent that pop idiom, they merely wrote their own songs. Great songs, but there are thousands of great songs. Kids today don't care about the longhaired Beatles or the dangerous Stones. So when the bands image fades, there is nothing left The foundation of a band is the rhythm, the drums. Ringo and Watts are boring drummers. - Bonham is spectacular
  15. Jimmy Page Responds to Keith Richards

    Beatles and Stones are embedded within the 60's. They are not musically relevant anymore. People fron that time always state She Loves You was a new, revolutionary sound. But for kids today, it's a sixty year irrelevant, old song. No one in the year 1980 would rave about a song from 1920. When image fades, you are left with form. The music of The Doors & Led Zep is in itself highly entertaining for young kids A major factor has to do with the structure of the rhytmic patterns and how these are executed.
  16. Jimmy Page Responds to Keith Richards

    The Stones and The Beatles are very much rooted in the 60's. Young people fall asleep listenng to the music. When McCartney and The Stones stop touring, their music will fade away They have a much keener, interest in the music of Led Zep and The Doors.
  17. Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    I cannot hear one bit of Taurus in Stairway to Heaven. Taurus is latin for bullock. Nothing to do with a stairway to heaven.
  18. I like side A from IiI a lots of lots.
  19. Not only is Buddy Rich the best drummer ever. He is also one of the best musicians ever. The way he drives his big band w/o music scores is simply astounding. To tell you the truth I hear more of Ian Paice here. Bonham isn't that fast, he is much more "dry" in his playing. Bonham's drum solos are the best solos in rock history.
  20. Jimmy Page's Vault

    There are a lot of concerts from 1973 on YT. Chicago is really great sounding. I wish he would release these concerts a la The Doors Bright Midnite Series.
  21. Jimmy Page's Vault

    There is nothing left in the vault. It's gone. The vault is gone...!
  22. Jimmy Page Responds to Keith Richards

    No doubt Zep eclipses the music of The Stones., who really can't play their instruments. Richards know this.- He is jelaous!
  23. New realeases-

    I heard that Page was going to release the studio albums with extra tracks? Do you have some info on this?
  24. JIMMY PAGE ON THIS DAY (Archive)

    Is it just me, or do major rock bands avoid France? How many times did Purple, Rolling Stones, Beatles and Led Zep play there?
  25. Jimmy Page doesn't practice guitar

    And it surely shows in his solos, which are really boring sometimes. It is true that practising a scale doesn´t make you a songwriter. And Jimmy Page is a songwriter on the guitar.