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  1. Yeah, a insider to a band that doesn't exist. Thats funny!
  2. Plant wants no regression so his live shows are 75% Zep songs.....he's actually prostituting Zeppelin in my opinion.
  3. To make the most overrated collection of songs ever. Awful LP.
  4. Yes, you're correct. I've always felt these photos reprsents the end; a real noticable decline in Jimmy and John's appearance while JPJ and Robert are looking pretty helathy. Still to this day I am surprised Robert continued on with Zeppelin after his son died.
  5. I've been saying Seattle Mariners for 40 years now. I'm a life long Seattle resident who will never give up! LOL. Cubs are a very good team, but I just got done placing another 100 year curse on them so they're out. Go Mariners!! On a side note, I attended the very first Mariner game ever, in April 1977. 3 months later I saw Led Zeppelin perform in the same venue, the Kingdome.
  6. The Seattle Mariners are loaded and are my pick to win it all
  7. Is this the same fan who believed JPJ to be writing an Oprah and didn't get his Joke? All I hope for is what another member mentioned; a release of the 77' LA shows.
  8. He sure does; looks stiff and tense, not to mention off cue numerous times. I noticed he shaved; maybe that's it!
  9. It only worth what someone is wiling to give you. Take it to the bank and you'll see
  10. Yeah, Page is working on his solo
  11. Its really funny to watch these bands pretend to be someone their not. How can they look in the mirror? Just too funny.
  12. I've never seen or heard about any off stage group photos right before or during the 80' Tour Over Europe. My guess is the group photo shoot in the field for ITTOD was the last off stage.
  13. What a waste of talent -Roger Daltry