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  1. 20th anniversary led

    Collectibles have no set value; you can not take them to the bank for a dime. With that said collectibles monetary value end up being what someone is williing to offer. I would take MANY photos, research the piece and write a bio for it and list it on Ebay. Problem with "flyers" is sometimes they can be easily duplicated. With todays computer and printing technology reproductions are sometimes as good as the real deal. I would recommend "verifying" this is a actual real piece. How you do that .....I don't know. Maybe get PSA to authneticate? Would love to see a pic. Decrease the size of pixels thru edit.
  2. I remember a flood of fans going off to the bathroom after about 10 minutes of Moby Dick - Seattle 1977.
  3. Beautiful, but nothing is rare anymore
  4. Lucifer rising is total garabe; drugged out nonsense aimed at the whole "lets create mystery" crap. A 5 year old could have made that.
  5. Just some english fun
  6. Wow....this is almost as good as his "I'm on the touchlines" quote
  7. He's 73, rich and done. He looked like crap by the end of the 02 gig and that was 10 years ago. I seriously don't think he could play a 2 hour show unless seated.
  8. At least Jimmy's stopped running his mouth about "new Music and wanting to be seen Live." He's a strange duck for sure.
  9. Robert made a fool of himself in the 80's but he didnt seem to care; was having fun, but those clothes and haitcuts are quite embarressing today
  10. Page looked completely fucked physically after the 02 show. I don't think he could play a full show now.
  11. All the stills from Grants videos and such will be included as a bonus inside the jacket from Jimmy's new LP. He's finishing it up now.
  12. Jimmy will living in the past until death.
  13. Yeah, a insider to a band that doesn't exist. Thats funny!