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  1. Striders right Mook. After having the original vinyl I couldn't fuckin believe the change when I heard the re-release. Now, my go to version is the Heywood version. It has the best of everything - the extra songs, the original edits, the plantations, "thankyou" at the end and just an all round better mix to boot
  2. Which date, or both? The 24th is an epic gig
  3. That's fuck all compared to how they butchered No Quarter. Shocking!
  4. Well between me, you and Stryder we have four to choose from!
  5. Sounds good porgie. I'd really love to hear the whole thing. By the way, also love Heavy Vibraphones
  6. I thought it was oscar Wilde?
  7. EV will probably get wind of it and offer the guy or gal a few bucks to let them have it. It will then get released as part of a box set of all previously released 1971 boots. Retail price to you $3,799. Who's gonna stump up first?
  8. Some of these songs were played by Page with the Black Crowes and were absolutely outstanding - e.g In the Light, Hots on for Nowhere, Custard Pie. They also played the best version of TYG I have heard live. Just a pity Plant wasn't involved. Custard Pie was also played by Page and Plant in 1995 in Japan, as was Tea for One.
  9. Assume it's an audience recording?
  10. Haha fuckin hell that's so harsh....but fuckin funny
  11. Walter does this mean we now have a release date or not? Believe it or not, I've not actually heard this show before, so I'm really looking forward to the SBD release.
  12. Very well put. Completely agree. Don't like em myself, but that wasn't really the point I was making.
  13. The 4th. It has its detractors this gig, but I reckon it's pretty good. Ten Years Gone is superb.
  14. Reminds me of black dog that song for some reason
  15. Oh wow! Blown away by the insight in this and many of your other posts. I think I'm right in that it was you that referred to another poster as a 'retard' because of a sub standard use of English (in your view). Nothing screams poor self esteem, insecurity or fear than an angry person that needs to label or denigrate others to make himself feel heard or important. Good for you. I'm sure you're feeling very satisfied. By the way, I have no tattoos. I don't really care for them either. But I know plenty of people that do have them that demonstrate plenty of humility and intelligence. Get my point?