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  1. Always seemed ok to me. Let's put it this way, there's far worse on this forum
  2. Banned??!! What for???
  3. Which songs make the b sides? Know where I can get em?
  4. I've never been able to get into it. Ever. But I was blown away by how good the songs are live
  5. Yeah mate I will. My mum and dad live between anfield and Goodison so I'll base myself there when I go home next - prob in about 2 years
  6. How about Bonzo and his occasional interjections - earls court - "I'd just like to say that football's a load of bollocks!!!"
  7. Me and my lads
  8. Disappointed mate. Haven't you got one of yourself in London?? Lol
  9. Anyone ever comes to Perth in Western Australia, give me a yell! The luckiest part of the Lucky Country. I emigrated here 8 years ago from Beatles territory in England. So me and the missus always welcome any waifs and strays
  10. Curious as to people's view on what the best version of this terrific gig is. Or do they all sound bollocks?
  11. Nah mate, I wish I had. But after spending years as a teenager/grown man badly wanting more live zep stuff, discovering the world of bootlegs and just getting to have a copy of 'eddie' was more than enough for me. It's enough to be grateful for. I may look to buy it in hard form one of these days. But I have a family to look after. After buying a good road bike, a mountain bike, a kayak, an acoustic guitar, vox amp and a telecaster in the last four years.....I can't push my look too far..l have a beautiful accomodating wife. But I don't wanna push my luck, know what I mean? Lol
  12. Listen to this Eddie. My prized possession. I couldn't fucken believe to the first time I heard it. Thought all my Christmas's had come at once.
  13. Thanks everyone for contributing to this thread, it's really helped me a lot. I've had a good listen now to most of the recommendations. The Eat a Peach title really doesn't do it for me. Gotta say, the Slumpy Matrix is the stand out to my ears. Really enjoy it. Good bottom and top end, as well great atmosphere/ambience. The drums sound fuller, but the guitar in particular has more body. Really evident in particular on Bring it on Home and SIBLY. Thanks again all
  14. Can't argue with the sound quality. Sounds great