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  1. It's Saturday morning. And that means 'me time'. Time for a 3 hr ride on my racer with the earbuds.
  2. Very articulate
  3. Double hear hear!!!! Best live song - sick again
  4. Rod - hi mate. what makes you suggest it's a kingdome release?
  5. Xolo. Our two year old blue roan cocker spaniel
  6. Family shot. The lads and our beloved cocker spaniel Xolo
  7. I've never bought a bootleg cd or anything on vinyl. When you buy the digital versions, do they come on a cd in MP3 format? Or are they FLAC files on a data disc? And what's the difference between 'silvers' and 'non silvers'? I'm curious. I'm hoping to have a man-cave finished in a year or two and I'm gonna get my dads old turntable out of his loft. I may start getting some vinyl and digital boots. Preferably vinyl Cheers
  8. When Freezer gave the 1977 Baton Rouge show to the head of the Traders Den site in 2008, he gave her the 1971 show as well. Nine years later, we're still waiting... I'd be more interested in the '71 show. '77 was nailed by the Millard tapes. Nutrocker - as far as you know is there this much animosity in trading circles in relation to other bands? I've read up on the Freezers Revenge stuff and seen some of the posts between Art (?) and other collectors. I mean, holy fuck!!! It gets real nasty.
  9. Are the multitracks for any of these available as bootlegs? I have all of these shows but they are in mono
  10. Me too mate. This version of TYG is my go to, because of the sound quality and the multiple guitars. Just a pity it's not Zep
  11. Black Chuckles?
  12. Electric - Ten Years Gone Acoustic - Tangerine
  13. Not with the 77 boards Rod. They add nothing imo. Better with the straight out audience recordings
  14. Great post Strider. A lot of people froth at the mouth for a 77 sbd of the LA shows. I can't think why. They will just sound like arse, just like the other boards from 77. I never ever listen to em. The Millard types are superb, especially since Andy Winston has worked his magic.