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  1. What was the original release for this SB from Hampton '71? I remember Jim's Pick "Tarantura" and Antrabata Reference Masters "Inspired" back in '96. Antrabata being a label set forth in place to outdo the original Tarantura label. With a few of their box sets they very well did possibly.
  2. Coblas 1996 release is still one of the best boots out there IMO.
  3. Hey take your Maroc to the Sticky Thread!Ruining my workout just thinking of that.Kidding!!Merry Christmas to everyone!!!
  4. Boxing/gym session tonight.
  5. I picked up the Noise Generator release when it came out and have Condors version as well as Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by the Muddog label.Noise Generator was always my go to version but Winstons maybe the best recent set of this show.Its one of those shows where you just need anything available from it.
  6. Anyone have comments on Noise Generators silver release Cellarful Of Noise?Seems to be a decent rip from vinyl as you can hear the hiss n such as a definite giveaway. An old release but interesting from years ago.
  7. One of the rawest Heartbreakers Ive ever heard.Love it!
  8. Martial arts~Wing Chun training.