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  1. I officially hate all 3 remaining teams. I really could care less but I do not want Nashville to win. No way. That country town does not deserve to win the Stanley Cup. Let Pittsburgh win another one. I do not care. Or Ottawa for the Canadians that really care. I am sure many Canadians do not like the Sens, especially Leafs and Habs fans?
  2. Bundy pitched well but and only gave up two runs But Santana was lights out and shut us out. Cant remember being shut out at home recently. I hope Tillman rights the ship. Day game. Yankees lost so KC helped us out for once. We need to win today, as we must travel to Houston for 3. That will be a bitch. Britton's absence is really hurting this team. But they have the horses to get it going. Buck is finally starting to listen as to Jiminez and how useless he is. No way do I start him again. Ever. Call up Gnoa. And the other kid Verette. They have earned their shot. Give it to them you thick heads.
  3. Boston will likely go down swinging. They cant be very disappointed. They could force another game? But I cant see them winning 3 in a row. Golden st will be ready to feast on Lebron's boys. There will be no saving them in the finals this time.
  4. I am happy for them
  5. I do not like new expansion warm weather teams winning the Cup when they did not pay their dues. Teams like My Sabres in Buffalo, the Blues in St Louis at least have paid them and then some. Buffalo is a great hockey town. Nashville might be ok when they are winning. When they are not winning they are like the Florida Panthers and such. Its pathetic. That is why I guess the Penguins get another no biggie. Ottawa at least is Canada and they certainly deserve to have the Cup up there again though not in Ottawa really. More in Vancouver IMO. Or Toronto or Calgary. The Ducks are the only team left I do not hate. So no matter who wins I care not. But I do care about our new GM and what he is planing. My money is on an assistant from Pittsburgh given his connections. Not sure if he knows Lindy Ruff? I would love to have Lindy back. But I want Miller more. Big time in fact. If we cant get Miller, option two is Fluery or Murray.
  6. Regardless of outcome, a fabulous job of coaching and adjustments
  7. Your boys better win for me. I have them on parlays. One small flat I didnt get enough punishment earlier
  8. Oh these fucking Tampa infielders. Just blew a double play on a routine grounder. Muffed the catch at second. Pricks.
  9. I dont get this lineup. Adam Jones just hit one out as I type. Great! I am not sure who is in the outfield but Janish has no business in the lineup. He is a AAA player. Is Kim or Rickard in the dog house? I mean, WFF is he doing in there.? As for the Yankees I see they are up 3-1. At last check. But I tuned in for a minute and Archer had struck out 8 Yankees by the 3rd, Judge twice and somehow they have the lead? Maybe its change. Come on Davis! Almost. Janish is replacing Hardy today:? Why? Because of an error? I do not get Buck. Janish cant hit. Stupid fucking move. Estrada mowing us down. One bad inning by Miley, typical first, could do us in today? I hope not with this explosive lineup you never know when they might wake up. Only two innings left. Minnesota comes in tomorrow. Weather could be an issue I hear. We need to sweep them because we go to Houston on Thursday. Yikes. WE have to get a streak going. We are in first place but its win one, lose one. WE got where we are early. Gnoa is due back soon and I am anxious to see him pitch again. I see Cleveland is cooling off Houston. The Indians looking like the team most expected finally. The White Sox put an ass whipping in Seattle last night. They have some good young players on that team and I say they contend next year. KC is coming to life. Just in time for their visit to NY tomorrow.
  10. The finals likely wont be boring. I hope Golden St rolls them
  11. So will the real Texas Rangers stand up please? I mean, they have won 10 in a row. This with supposedly the worst bullpen in the big leagues, bar none. Shallacked, blued, screwed and tattoed the start of the season. They are scoring in bundles. But I guess I have to ask who they have really beaten during this streak? I tell you now if my Orioles had Zach Britton out there they would be with Houston on top. They are still mighty close. I am hoping he is back sooner than later. The injury in itself is not anything huge. No surgery. Just rest. One man can make us the best team in baseball. Assuming he is ok. if so, his 54 game save streak is still in tact and is the second best in big league history. 1/2 a game separates the top two teams in the AL East and Boston is not one of them. Pitiful is the word for them. Chris Sale gets no run support again and another stinker vs Oakland.
  12. So far, NO> My damn Orioles are making me suffer every night lately. 3-3 in the 7th Yankees tied also. A long season ahead OMG King. I just cheered on your Red Birds!!! 3 run HR as I flipped to check the rain delay. They are back out and boom, into the right field seats goes the ball!!!!!! Yes, I bet the Cards with the Red Sox and Dodgers all minus a run to get more moola if I win. I may regret it if Boston keeps stiffing Sale. The shitbags. They will never catch us or the Yankees. Its a two team race unless Tampa heats up I take back what I said Cardinals SUCK SUCK SUCK. No Bullpen. The Yankees lost too thank God. Orioles win on a walk off HR by Castillo.
  13. Glad you brought up Bill Walton. He was plagued by injuries so bad they used to call him "bone spur Bill" and of course teased him about his drumming for the Greatful Dead His short career with the Portland Trailblazers was memorable. The year they won the title, he was as good as any center that ever played the game. He is not on the lists with the other greats only due to longevity and his injury shortened career. But he was some kind of player. He was a good TV analyst too. Not to rub this in because I do not like Cleveland, but ht Wizards would have been a better opponent. Boston is down 40 in the 2nd quarter for Gods sake.
  14. 1 pm. I have MLB. Thank God, that way I can escape the Yankees. I never watch them unless they play Baltimore. I do not think Bundy is going to give up more than 1
  15. Whoa. Cabrera tried to act hurt. Kind of hard when the ball hits the stub of the bat and it was louder than a hockey puck hitting the crossbar