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  1. If the Wizards can dispose of the Hawks, who are pretty good with Milsap and Howard, they can beat the Cavs in my opinion. In the West, the loss of Blake may not necessarily count the Clippers out. Now Chris Paul is going to get the ball more often. And if he is hot, they can be trouble
  2. Oh I dont huh? But my Orioles sit in first place and I am the only one that picked Colorado in the contest. So far so good. Now the Yankees start to play the real schedule.
  3. I just read recently that Texas has major problems in their bullpen. Do you agree with this?
  4. MY take is Ottawa wis a tough series and then gets beat by the winner of Wash and Pitt. I am taking Washington in 6 as I believe they are far more stable on defense than Pittsburgh. The team that will hoist the Cup, and they are the most deserving by far, are the St Louis Blues Write it in my blood. Nobody will stop the St Louis Blues from winning this thing. They have the balance. The best goalie right now is Jake Allen. The best defense is in St Louis. They are playing as a unit better than any team and beat the only team I feared, the Wild. Teresenko is a superstar. They have Berglund, Stastny, Swartz, Sabotkva, Steenn and the guy I a picking to be the MVP. Pietrangelo. The most underated defesnseman in the game and one complete hockey player that can score, pinch, check, think and do it all. He took out Parise at the end of game 5 to send them a message. And if you need a complete stopper type of defenseman you have Bowmeester. St Louis is loaded. And peaking at the right time. Now I know about Nashville taking out Chicago. But if you noticed, it was not really Chicago. Not the Hawks we have seen win 3 Cups. They were a compete mess. No coordination and burned out from playing so many games in so many years. It does catch you to you. Ask the LA Kings. Ask the Dallas Stars. Things have fallen perfectly for the Blues. No Chicago and no San Jose. But they will have to beat a tough Ducks team and to me, that will be more difficult than disposing of Nashville. Nashville are a good checking and decent defensive team but do not have the weapons that a team like St Louis has. They do not have a guy like Teresenko. Teresenko and Allen together can be the difference. Add Pietrangelo and those other stars and you have a team built to win the Cup. And that is exactly what they are going to do
  5. Who has the best record in all of baseball? Oh gee, the Baltimore Orioles. And their make shift starting rotation is in great shape and Tillman is coming back very very soon. I want to sweep Boston today I do not know how the Yankees are winning but I think part of it is them taking advantage of a weak early schedule. Lets see how they do when they have to play the big boys. They have been feasting on Pittsburgh, who they lost one to, and other teams with trouble like St Louis who has no infield.
  6. The Rangers have Lundquist and that is about it this year. I do not see them winning the next round. But if they do, no way can they beat the winner of Wash and Pitt. And I pick Washington. I love the Blues in the West. I picked the Blues to win the Cup last August. Have the ticket I bought in Vegas. I intend to cash it.
  7. I expect Chrystal Palace to have their heads handed to them today. I think United and City both should win
  8. No doubt. Or give them to me. LOL We have the best record in baseball. That punk Donnie Hart. Why does Buck have so much faith in him? Thank God O'Day came in and finished off Boston. Two strikes and two outs and Hart drills the guy Asshole almost cost me $80
  9. It sucks. But I tell you, with him out, Chris Paul took over that game last night. The Clippers are still going to win this series IMO. Can they be better without Blake? Sometimes I wonder because it takes the ball an puts it in CPIII's hands. Let him have it He can take a game over like Curry can. And with De Andre down low, they are still a handful.
  10. Well I think this is going 7.I will take Montreal today. But on a much larger note, I am sure hoping the Blues can put the Wild away in Minnesota today
  11. Vegas had the game at 2 1/2 so of course I loved it over. I got a push on Everton who let me down. I really thought Tottenham were the one team, well maybe MU or MC also, that could give Chelsea a time of it? Tottenham can score. I consider them somewhat of an elite team
  12. What do you know about this Aquino? Pitcher we got from your Cardinals? Did he ever pitch a game for St Louis? I have no idea why Buck would start him over Asher who was tremendous last week in his debut? We take the best record in baseball into the game tonight. Why mess with that?7-5 and the Reds still batting in the boittom of the second. Unreal 2nd inning of the Reds and Cubs. Cubs score 3 in top of first. Then Reds get 4 on Arrieta bottom of first. Top of second a grand slam by the Cubs and now its Well the Cubs are at the Red Sox next weekend. The Cubs announcers are talking about the Pedroia injury at second base in Baltimore last night. They also said the Orioles have the best record in baseball and the Cubs will be at Camden Yards later. EBK, I would get a ticket to that one for sure. Will be interesting to see if Pedroia plays tonight. HE has told the team he does not expect to miss time, but that his him talking. The team I believe will be more cautious. I am not for this Aquino move tonight. I would have given the ball to Asher. Oh well. We scored 9 on Wright in the first inning in Boston last out So he goes for Boston and maybe we can send him to the showers early Paul, I see your boys have a huge one tonight. DeGromo and Gonzalez. Bumgartner on the long term DL list. I now have no regrets taking the Rockies as my Wild CArd. But I do wonder if the Reds would have been a good pick also? They are giving the Cubs and Arietta hell. This looks like it might be a football score.
  13. Orioles shut out Red Sox!!!!! 3 great starts in a row!!!!!!!! First place baby
  14. 2-0 O's in the 9th. Brad Brach must go for the save as Zach Britton is on the 10 day DL. Scary times
  15. 2-0 Orioles in the 8tha and Bundy pitched a great game. 3 games in a row by our starters that they went into the 8th. Now the reliever is in a jam. 2 on with no outs. Bad calls by this fucking ump on these balls that are strikes. Fucking Pedroia has a full count. Put the ball down main street on the prick