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  1. I must say I would have really feared the Netherlands if they had won that game in extras. They were the surprise to me. They scored a ton of runs. I am not so sure the USA is the greatest country right now. I am not talking about baseball in that regard. The one thing I do not like about the World Classic is the fact that its a one and done game thing. Not really fair in this sport. Also, the timing of it. But I guess there is really no real good time to do it without interfering with the season and weather. I expected Japan to be a handful. The USA did not even have its best pitcher's there. Stroman is good but usually not that good.
  2. I think they made it back in the 80s? That may be the last time I remember Scotland being in? Alot of qualifiers in the coming days. If I had to make one pick it would be Mexico to take Costa Rica down. Mexico never takes any game lightly. And I expect them to be a force in the upcoming world cup in 18.
  3. So chime in and tell me how significant this match between England and Germany is tomorrow? Will the top units be out there? Will Vardy play for England? Is this considered a World Cup qualifier? PS. I see the Scotch team are favored by a goal over Canada. Not a real surprise. But I wonder if Scotland will make it in this year?
  4. Wow To win it all? Quite a statement. Is that your team? Boston and the Nationals will get tons of support from the media also I imagine. But the Cubs are still the team to beat. Let that be known. My own team is not without a chance by any means. They have the bats and the gloves.
  5. If I was thinking with my heart I would be picking Buffalo. St Louis and Calgary are playing lights out. I believe the Flames have shot also. The Flames are playing lights out at home. Washington is in a bit of a funk so I would not be surprised to see them get knocked off by Calgary tonight. St Lois has been shutting teams out lately. Both goalies are on fire. I tell you with that and having Teresenko, I do not know how you can discount them. So who would you pick? The Hawks? They have finally started to play better. Do not foget St Louis eliminated them last year. It took alot out of them and San Jose was lucky for that and wound up in the final. I say they will not do it again.
  6. Well Machado being robbed by his team mate Adam Jones made the highlights. Adam Jones is in great shape. He is ready t rumble for us and is our leader on the field. I feel go about the O's going in
  7. I am now gaining tremendous respect for Calgary. They brought in 3 parlays for me last night in my off shore accounts and have been a monster at home. Calgary is a true sleeper in the West. To me they are a player in this.
  8. Mark my word. They will make it and they will surprise everyone and win it. They have the horses to do it. They have been red hot in case you have not noticed. The Wild have a shot too in the West and my sleeper is Calgary who are playing very well
  9. Even though we are only less than 3 weeks from the opener, don't you think there could be some more big FA signings still to come? I am hoping there are but it seems in my owns teams situation they are going t bank on experience of another year and some of the youth within the organization. Tillman cannot pitch opening day and is getting a cortizone shot. That sucks. But I still feel Gausman is our true ace. And will prove so. Him or Bundy could get the ball on opening day. I would give it to Gausman. We have a few things going for us. A great infield, plenty of power (led the bigs in HRs), a great bullpen and a manager that knows how to use it. Except in the 11th inning of a do or die playoff game. I hope he has learned his lesson. Go to Zach Britton when you have no more rope.
  10. If we had Machado at 3rd instead of that kid last night that threw the ball n the dugout, a ground ball that would have gotten us out of the inning and saved Miller and the US perhaps, we would have a far better chance. I cant believe that play. He had plenty of time to throw also as the TV crew tried to stick up for him. It was just pathetic. It killed any shot we had. Jones had just homered also. The defense is terrible on this US infield. Now I realize just how good my Orioles infield is.
  11. Season 5 make its debut at 9pm on FOX and I cannot wait!!!! The Trailor is out. If you are a fan, you know the story. If you are not, I highly suggest getting up to speed. They are replaying the first 4 seasons over and over on AUDHD (601 on my Direct TV). Netflix and rental places have all 4 seasons. My own personal rating, and they are all great, would be 1, 3, 4, 2 if I had to rate them in order of preference. Season 1 is the escape from FOX River prison and season 3 is the escape from SONA in Panama. A prison that makes Leavenworth or San Quentin look like a 5 star hotel. The new season was shot in Vancouver and Morocco. The bulk of it in Morocco. Morocco being Yemen. Action packed. If you know the story, T Bag, yes the bad boy himself is the one to discover that Micheal Scofield might be alive. It makes sense because none had homes when they had last seen each other 7 years back and the only one Micheal could reach by mail would be T Bag because he was in FOX River penitentiary with a grudge and hatred for Micheal. Somehow he gets out and contacts Link, Mikes brother. Sara has moved on with her life, raising Micheal's child with a new husband but I do not think he has much of a chance once the incredible news hits that Micheal is or may be alive. This must hit her like a mack truck in a tornado. But he is the love of her life. C Note will have a bigger role. He has become a Muslim an that will help them get to places that a Christian would not be able to find or access. Mahone (Fichtner) will not be back for season 5, sadly. I will miss him. He is on some sitcom called Mom. Of course if you do not know who he is, he was shot dead in the movie HEAT by Robert DeNiro in the scene near the swimming pool. If you watched that movie. If not you may have lived in a cave your entire life. I highly recommend you watch this. If you cannot watch all four seasons, watch the First season. If you cant do that, watch episode one from the first season, and the last 2 of season 1. Then watch season 3 SONA, the last 2 episodes. And the last episode of season 4. My current personal photo is of Sara Wayne Callies from Prison Break. A woman I could easily love!!!! In fact, I do. Must bump this. This is a must watch 9 episode series and I am sure a season 6 will follow. With Fichtner I hope
  12. ADAM JONES goes deep again. Now the US is down 1 and a man on base. Go USA. How about the Netherlands? Unreal
  13. Thanks Paul. I will be on it soon. AS soon as I see the final moves. My only real O's jersey is of Matt Wieters. That truly sucks we let him get away. My boy Givens just got the Puerto Ricans out to give us a shot at another rally in the World Baseball Classic that is a great thing. I am really shocked at the Netherlands and have been betting them. They are not just winning they are kicking ass. But how in hell does Schoop and Bogaarts play for the Dutch? They are as Dutch as I am Italian. I will be on my picks soon. Feel free to re post over this, IE, bump it so others can see. You may have to create new thread? Talk soon pal. OH, my mistake. I read the title wrong. I thought it was the regular season thread. SORRY Adam Jones goes deep to cut the leads to 1!!!!!!!
  14. I stand firmly. St Louis wins the Cup over the Caps or if it must be the Pens Dangerous sleeper in the West could be Calgary
  15. Blizzard conditions. 14 inches of snow over night. A nightmare.