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  1. Tons of rumors. Wonder if Chris Paul id done in LA? Reports that Lebron could go to Clippers. Isn't Golden St good enough for Gods sake? Who else do they want? Westbrooke and Melo need to get help and so does Harden. All top players along with Paul. I think Blake Griffin will be moved unless CP leaves? Draft and then trades and then all things will look much different. I hope the Wizards go after either Westbrooke or Melo or someone that will put them in the mix with Cleveland. I believe the 76ers might be the most improved team
  2. Things are bad for us too. Britton is close and he could be a shot in the arm. We are only 5 out. And we get Davis back around the All Star break. We get healthy, we start winning. And the way the Yankees and Red Sox have played, its not too late
  3. They should win those games. The Mets will be tougher than the Marlins one would think? Jiminez just gave up a HR to St Louis. Its a miracle only 1 run. I cannnot stand Jiminez. I cant believe Buck has put his sorry ass back on the mound. Desperate. Britton is going to pitch Monday in the minors. That will be a day to rejoice when he returns because he will put the staff back in order all by himself. Once you have him to close it changes everything. Davis will be missed too. Maybe he can straighten his act out as far as his average goes? I am not very familiar with the Cardinals current roster and Holiday was one guy I always knew would be trouble. Wow Mancini just hit one out for us. A slugfest may be in order today. 2-1 but that wont last long. This kid really has hit for us.And with Machado waking up, that will help. Good luck and I am sure the Cards will win with you in the house I wish they would just walk Carpenter and Fowler and go after the rest
  4. What a difference a day makes huh pal? We are both sitting in very strange places and far from are expectations for our teams. I think the Cards did well picking up Fowler but losing Holiday to the Yankees really was not a good thing for either of us. Yet, with no Zach Britton for two months, and our best reliever in O'Day on the DL along with Chris Davis, here we sit only 5 off the pace. I tell you we are still in this thing. When we get healthy, we will make a run.
  5. Lebron likely could have made it to the NFL also
  6. Durant saved them. He was lights out. An off night for Curry and Thompson. As far as shooting. Durant was unstoppable. Lebron was too but I believe some of those drives to the net by him are offensive fouls. He elbows the opposing player often
  7. The trash talking between Green and the rest of the world is in full vigor. I hope Golden st hands them their heads on a platter
  8. I believe if Steibrenner were alive Girardi would not have survived last year and would have been fired. But things are different with his absence. I know what our problems are. And tare magnified with Britton being out for two months. Machado out and in a slump. I have to blame Showalter to a degree on how he has handled things. I am not calling for his head though. The rest of the division is winning also if you have noticed. Its still early. So nothing is set in stone and its possible we can overcome this. Just as big a surprise are the Rockies and the Cincinnati Reds. I think the Reds and Rockies can hit with anyone. Its the pitching that will ultimately do them in and the Yankees too. I say Houston will win the AL and the Dodgers and Nats will battle for the NL and the Rockies are the sleeper. The Cubs refuse to wake up but if they do, we know what can happen. I will always hate the Yankees. I do not hate the kid Judge but I hate the rest of them, Popeye especially. That is what I call that punk ass fucking Gardner.
  9. The Yankees will get theirs. Houston, now that is dominance
  10. Well you had to know Golden St wanted that extra revenue from a sellout at game 5. It was in the back of all of their minds, so a desperate team will always beat a complacent team. Next game, its over. Golden St will wave that trophy in Lebron's face. In yo face Lebron!!!!!!!!!
  11. I am now going with the 9 horse. Meantime. I may get burned but on the Undercard Songbird, Time Test and 2 Classic Rock in race 7 I like alot. Yes, Classic Rock folks. All aboard!!!!
  12. Well the Belmont Stakes are today My trifecta box is 7. 11, 8. Songbird will win the 5th, but you will get about 1-9 odds
  13. Bundy pitches great, and Buck pulls him after 7 and the rookie gets shelled. We have to have Castillo back (today). Joseph sucks. Cant hit. His defense is good but that is it. As for the rest, Machado's bat is missed too. Mancini is a hero two nights ago and a goat last night. Had a guy on 3rd and cant get him in. Wee had a chance to put them away early and did not. I do not get Buck though. Why put that kid in? He had better options I do not see the desperation that is needed.
  14. I know we have an Aussie member who is into the Melbourne in Australia. I just heard Red Cardinal will race at Belmont in NY tomorrow will be one of the favorites in that race later on