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  1. That would be great, man, I am interested 100% (let's do this through PM, I guess). I'll definitely get down to bootleg hunting myself to find what I'm looking for and If I do, I'll post it here for anyone interested
  2. It would be great if you could check, if it would be easy of course Yes, boards or multitracks since with an audience it will be more difficult, I fear
  3. Unless I'm having the wrong copies, no bootleg of which you suggested has the guitar on only one channel (although Southampton and especially BBC come close), unfortunately
  4. No other bootlegs with the guitar on only one channel?
  5. I have listened to this bootleg a few times, but, being an absolute dumbass, I didn't think of checking it Thanks a lot, Nick
  6. I'll check it out, man, thanks!! Other shows?
  7. Hi, I was wondering whether exist bootlegs (from any year) where the guitar is only at one channel. I was spinning Live At Leeds the other day and it astounded me how good the separation is. On one channel you have the band without Pete and on the other the whole band minus some backing vocals (if I recall correctly). I ask this because it is great for going "full-geek" on the various details the rest of the band played without Jimmy's lead "getting in the way" lol. The official live releases sadly don't have this (unless I bought the wrong edition, which is unlikely), but what about bootlegs?
  8. It ain't easy, for sure, but most Zeppelin songs are intermediate (or more) level difficulty-wise. The difficulty of TSRTS is mainly its frenetic tempo -the techniques used are not that different from other LZ songs (apart from hybrid picking). Try slowing it down to a comfortable speed and practice the shit out of it
  9. Are we seriously debating Led Zeppelin's innovations? For starters, they simply invented heavy metal. Before you come with "Black Sabbath did it!!" remarks, take the time to re-listen to "Dazed And Confused" (the studio version) and try to put yourself in early 1969. Zep were not the first "heavy" band, or the first "hard rock" band, they were the first "demonic" band. Stolen or not (and it is indeed stolen), Dazed was unlike any other song before it. It was too dark, too menacing, too satanic, too eerie, too schizophrenic to be compared with any other hard rock song before it. There were heavy songs, there were dirty songs, there were some dark ones, but there weren't anything like Dazed in 1969. This song (and Zep's debut as a result) was the main influence for both Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, as their members will admit. So, creating heavy metal (and this is something even the most amateur rock historian will tell you, it's common knowledge). It doesn't matter if the song were stolen or covered. What matters is the innovation in sound, attitude, mood, playing, period.
  10. Houses Of The Holy 12/15 01. The Song Remains The Same 13/15 02. The Rain Song 15/15 (top 10. best original ballad) 03. Over The Hills 12/15 04. The Crunge 10/15 (Plant's vocals just ruin the whole jam) 05. Dancing Days 10/15 (filler) 06. D'yer Mak'er 12/15 (lightweight, but actually enjoyable) 07. No Quarter 15/15 (top 5) 08. The Ocean 12/15 Physical Graffiti 12/15 01. Custard Pie 12/15 02. The Rover 13/15 03. In My Time Of Dying 15/15 04. Houses Of The Holy 12/15 05. Trampled Underfoot 15/15 06. Kashmir 15/15 (top 5) 07. In The Light 10/15 (always preferred the demos to the final take. this one is too long, repetitive and boring; has some great ideas, though) 08. Bron-Yr-Aur 12/15 09. Down By The Seaside 12/15 10. Ten Years Gone 13/15 11. Night Flight 12/15 12. Wanton Song 10/15 (riff too similar to Immigrant Song, plus doesn't offer anything that the first disc rockers didn't) 13. Boogie With Stu 10/15 (filler) 14. Black Country Woman (10/15) (filler) 15. Sick Again 10/15 (same as Wanton Song; redundant) Presence 11/15 (Most Underrated Album) 01. Achilles Last Stand (top 5) 02. For Your Life 12/15 (could have been half the length) 03. Royar Orleans 9/15 (average is the word. Average funk, average rock. not bad, but hardly anything special) 04. Nobody's Fault But Mine 13/15 05. Candy Store Rock 9/15 (again, very average. generic rock) 06. Hots On For Nowhere 10/15 (slightly better; more interesting rhythms, catchier, but still filler) 07. Tea For One 12/15 (overlong; jimmy's soloing is emotional, solidly written, but SIBLY could tell so much more with fewer time...) In Through The Out Door 10/15 01. In The Evening 13/15 02. South Bound Suarez 9/15 (average) 03. Fool In The Rain 9/15 (average) 04. Hot Dog 9/15 (average) 05. Carouselambra 7/15(horrendously misguided; second worst song. has some cool guitar parts in the middle, though) 06. All My Love 13/15 07. I'm Gonna Crawl 15/15 Top 10 Songs (original or not; apart from the top 5, the order was made on the spot) 01. Stairway To Heaven 02. Since I've Been Loving You 03. Kashmir 04. No Quarter 05. Achilles' Last Stand 06. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 07. Dazed And Confused 08. Going To California 09. The Rain Song 10. When The Levee Breaks Albums Ranked 01. Led Zeppelin I 02. Led Zeppelin IV 03. Led Zeppelin II 04. Led Zeppelin III 05. Houses Of The Holy 06. Physical Graffiti 07. Presence 08. In Through The Out Door
  11. My rating system is ripped off of George Starostin, fyi. Such a wide range for ranking stuff Led Zeppelin I (Best Album) 14/15 01. Good Times Bad Times 13/15 02. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 15/15 (top 10-quality song. Best ballad of the group; original or not) 03. You Shook Me 15/15 04. Dazed And Confused 15/15 (top 10) 05. Your Time Is Gonna Come 12/15 06. Black Mountain Side 12/15 07. Communication Breakdown 15/15 08. I Can't Quit You Babe 13/15 09. How Many More Times 13/15 Led Zeppelin II 12/15 01. Whole Lotta Love 15/15 02. What Is And What Should Never Be 15/15 03. The Lemon Song 14/15 04. Thank You 9/15 (their weakest ballad) 05. Heartbreaker 13/15 06. Living Loving Maid 10/15 (filler) 07. Ramble On 13/15 08. Moby Dick 8/15 (drum.solos.suck) 09. Bring It On Home 11/15 (much better live) Led Zeppelin III 12/15 01 Immigrant Song 15/15 02. Friends 12/15 03. Celebration Day 13/15 04. Since I've Been Loving You 15/15 (in the top 5) 05. Out On The Tiles 10/15 (filler) 06. Gallows Pole 12/15 07. Tangerine 12/15 08. That's The Way 13/15 09. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 12/15 10. Hats Off To Roy Harper 7/15 (worst song in their career) Led Zeppelin IV (Second Best Album) 13/15 01. Black Dog 15/15 02. Rock'n'Roll 15/15 03. The Battle Of Evermore 12/15 (could've been shorter) 04. Stairway To Heaven 15/15 (in the top 5) 05. Misty Mountain Hop 11/15 06. Four Sticks 11/15 (both this and the previous have solid riffs, but don't go anywhere) 07. Going To California 15/15 (top 10) 08. When The Levee Breaks 15/15 (top 10) Off topic: does anyone know how can I change my display name?