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  1. I agree about the precise combo of individuals creating a magic. But I do think that a band with a substitute for one who has left or died can play the songs that the original line up played and it can still be very enjoyable and worthwhile. I would LOVE To have seen The Who in the early 70s. I would still like to have seen The Who in the late 80s. I am kind of too young for either. Well, actually not too young for the late 80s. In any case, you get my drift
  2. Was just enjoying TSRTM live album this morning
  3. I have listened to some of these shows. For an audience recording (that is, just a guy and a good quality microphone) they do sound decent. Its sad that they are no where close to a professional recording. But they are still fine documents of some great shows
  4. I think its human nature to 'hoard' things. Not everyone does this, but a great many do. Whether its food, supplies, or even non essential items, there is something that makes us feel good about hanging on to stuff that we made want or need one day, whether to keep for our own use or for bartering with others in the future. I like buying nice wine and spirits. When I discover something good, I always buy an extra one (or two) for the cellar or cabinet. But taunting other with what you possess, knowing they want or need it -- man, that's kinda sick
  5. No Ten Years Gone on this list!? Personally, I rank the song really, really, really high. I can't imagine picking 20 Zeppelin songs that I think are better than it. Did they simply overlook it? I don't know. I have problems with almost all of their various lists, but I know the real point of them is to inspire debate, discussion, and get people to check stuff out. But here they just must have missed this exquisite gem. The whole songs is just achingly magnificent. Its wistful and yet rocking, agonizing, and with guitar work that just stuns. I love it.
  6. I think there will be some efforts to mark it. Question is, what sort of things?
  7. Wow. I did not know this. 4 days later?! The Who were always odd. Lots of stories of them physically fighting each other. They were so serious. Different animals altogether. But that is news to me that they played 4 days after Entwistle's death. Was it kind of in tribute to him?
  8. Anyone know what its worth? My friend has a copy - perfect. Its from the UK and its practically mint. He was offered a few hundred dollars but says its worth thousands
  9. It is hard to imagine them as an 80s era band. And for the record I am not unhappy with them calling it quits when they did. What would they have sounded like? I don't really know. I am thinking about the Stones in the 80s with Dirty Work, but also a White Snake sort of sound. I'm also thinking of the sounds of the Page and Plant solo albums. They would not likely have ever equaled their greatness of the 1970s. But they would have been Led Zeppelin so a few gems might have come forth. But again, they made the choice best for them and it was there decision alone.
  10. I know that he was pretty much always awesome and that his approach, style, and heaviness a constant feature of Led Zeppelin's music. But if someone who didn't know Zeppelin very well asked you for 2 or 3 songs that show Bonham's greatness the most, what would you suggest?
  11. The Who with Moon did their best work. I simply believe there are there are a few very good songs and good concerts post-Moon. I can't see all of their out-put (what little there is) after Moon's time as being all bad. It's certainly not on the level of what they did while Moon was around. But also my point was that we can't be 100% sure that there decline was because of Moon's absence. I don't begrudge the decision of a band to carry on or to keep going even after it appears their best songs have been written and their best performances have been done. If we'd gone back in time and changed the future to make Zeppelin continue into the 1980s and 1990s, results may have been interesting, but they made their decision and it one we all accept. However I don't begrudge the decision of band to go on after it seems their best work is behind them or their best performances are behind them. Zep didn't move forward, and i accept and respect what they decided.
  12. So... when EXACTLY is the 50th? I guess fans can only hope that as the band as well as those who handle their merchandise begin to talk of the 50th, some of the aforementioned ideas will at least be discussed.
  13. I agree. A box set of 4 or 5 discs, maybe a broad selection of live recordings personally chosen by the band. That would be nice. Choosing live tracks from various years could work very well. Choices could be based on themes, or maybe just a 'best of' live. When you commit to one show only, you have to deal with the bad bits, poorly recorded parts, songs that were less than stellar, etc. So for the 50th, give me a box set of live material, selections of concerts, individual songs, whatever. And no gimmicks like repros of tickets, just put everything in to a thick colorful book that fits nicely n the box.
  14. I think its hard to really make the case that The Who were never the same with a different drummer. First of, they have recorded some excellent music and done some awesome performances after the death of Moon. Secondly, they were experiencing other changes in their lives and their music was changing. So you can't be sure if it was Moon's death or other things that changed them. Its like looking at the progression of the Rolling Stones. They lost Jones, then the acquired Mick Taylor and lost him too. They have had some distinct phases in their 50 plus year career and each brought some qualities different from the previous ones. I'm a big Who fan and I think they have some very fine music post-Moon, although they have not been that active (25 years between albums, for example) As far as I know, it was the three remaining members decision to end things. Was it right? I don't see it as right or wrong. Zeppelin might have made some good albums in the 1980s, toured, etc. Of course its doubtful that they would have produced music as great as they did in the late 60s and 70s, but that does not mean that we would not now be praising their 80s albums to some degree or another.