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  1. Not a great scan but it's the whole article from Classic Rock. Same stuff we heard about already.
  2. beautiful photos. must have been incredible to witness at such close range.
  3. For what it's worth, Jimmy's photo book lists the Luton date as "unconfirmed".
  4. Hope to hear this gem. Some pics from this concert in the time-line,
  5. Really good interview
  6. Seems like sources taken off YouTube and other dvd bootlegs.
  7. Appeal -
  8. +1
  9. That would be lovely! Hope there is more of Hampton, VA '71 then. This is a source of the new rumor, from a Japanese boot vendor describing a new Knebworth audience release and mentions 9/9/71 at the end. Google conversion to English LED ZEPPELIN / GALACTIC MESSIAH "savior of the galaxy" (3CD BOX + BONUS DISC) EMPRESS VALLEY SUPREME DISK Excavation the cassette master of famous analog boot "KNEBWORTH II"! Complete recording of an ultra-high-quality audience recording! 1971 Japan Tour "Black Dog" of authentic sound board master, and the 1970 Montreux performance of the impact of the sound board master released in quick succession EVSD, appeared once again amazing sound! Finally discover you know boot LP "Knebworth II" Roh master cassette! You can enjoy the show of the festival second day of August 11, in that wonderful sound quality. It was incomplete recorded in There is also Duration of the constraints that the analog LP, will be this first complete recording of version! Sound board sound source is the famous show, but is an excellent master that can feel the realistic feeling of air live on the day. Moreover, recorded live in New Barbarians which had appeared in the same festival this time as this box of bonus disc (paper jacket)! Nantes! Here also you a complete recording! Of course sound quality is the best! I do not miss the Stones fan. An article published on the day of NME in this master cassette was being sandwiched as an index. I guess was time for me because their appearance time was early. Because just the article was on the plane of the paper you can also check the date. I I'm such only so much of it I feel the era realistic. It is binding, but it is beautiful obi with paper jacket specification luxury band with box while every time. And I think that was the last live at the Red Tsupperin home country the United Kingdom there are emotional ones. At that time in 1979, I want to obediently grateful to me to come to record over the sea! thank you! Well next time in 1971 sound board! ! ! What what? The full-length version of that "Black Dock"? Ha-ha, no no. Shalt listen to buy the time being lock Carnival box. Although the story has it, it appeared on September 9 Hampton concert 1971! New excavation! But the full-length version of that stereo source! ! !
  10. Haven't seen reviews yet, but this is the artwork. Still not complete. Looks the same as before? pics: yuminori0616