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  1. Well, as long as they are in the jann wenner hall of fame! I like Rush, saw them in concert, but they have gone down the list (mostly because of other bands).
  2. Everyone nowadays will say they like them, but I'm referring to bands/artists that were competitors, around making albums in the 60s and 70s. I'm sure there are many, so I would start with the biggest fans. I'm not sure, which is why I asked. I do remember John Lennon saying he liked them in 1968 or 1969.
  3. I love Peter Green as a guitarist (one of my favorites) and a great singer... "The Green Manalishi" and "Man of the World" are amazing songs.
  4. Saw him three times... "Dark Side of the Moon" tour was the greatest concert. "The Wall" was also great!
  5. Anyone else in here a drummer?
  6. I'm in many music message boards, but I'm sure (and reply) there were a few huge Steely Dan fans... I was wondering what happened to David Palmer, and bring you this.
  7. I love Bonham, Buddy, Moon, Baker, Densmore, and a lot of session guys, Purdie, Newmark, etc... Peart is stiff, no feel. Rhythm should have melody (and melody should have rhythm)
  8. I just got done listening to that song with Jimmy Page... Good song, thanks!
  9. I like pink floyd, beatles, Doors, zeppelin, who, supertramp, steely dan, ELO, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Black Sabbath, Neil Young, David Bowie, Marley, Stylistics, Stones, Hendrix, Dylan? John Lennon solo, Elton John, Billy Joel, Delfonics, Jefferson Airplane, Alan Parsons Project, Cream, Rush, Genesis (Peter Gabriel era), Dire Straits, The Police, Jethro Tull, Wings, CSNY, Bee Gees, Carpenters, ABBA Looking for 60s and 70s stuff that might have gone over my head.... The latest stuff I discovered was Wha-Koo (he sang lead on a few Steely Dan songs off the first album).... I usually go over many discographies and find songs I love, meaning I probably didn't like them at one point. Anyway, hope we can spread a LOT of music.... I'll start with a few songs. Paul McCartney - Old Siam, Sir Supertramp - Words Unspoken Procol Harem - Too Much Between Us Van Halen - Push Comes To Shove
  10. Pink Floyd The Doors Supertramp The Beatles Led Zeppelin
  11. I forgot to list it up top, but Terry Reid (after turning the Zep gig down) recommended Robert Plant. I guess Robert was a fan, since he was always at Terry's shows. Btw, Terry Reid is English. I haven't heard that much of Roy Harper (besides "Have A Cigar") but there are a TON of good/great Terry Reid songs. I'll put a link of a favorite down below.
  12. I'm guessing everyone knows Terry Reid turned down to be the lead singer of Led Zeppelin (and Deep Purple).. I never heard his music until last year, and MAN, the guy has one of the best voices. He also wrote all his stuff, played guitar.. He has at least a dozen GREAT songs..
  13. Never liked this song, and that's a rare thing for me to say about ANY Zeppelin song. I love Carouselambra though!
  14. I agree Plant moans too much.. I think he got bored without having anything to do, even bashing the tambourine during Stairway (what would the song be without the tambourine!)... Considering it was Jimmy Page, a great producer, it is surprising they didn't have better and more recordings. About the music, I wouldn't have minded a wider spectrum. Could you imagine a Zep disco song? Even Pink Floyd (Another Brick, Pt 2) had some great "disco" stuff. Also having the greatest drummer, I would have loved some other kinds of beats and rhythms, especially Middle-Eastern stuff since Jimmy and Robert were big fans.. Would also have loved some flamenco/classical/Spanish stuff.