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  1. Well said.
  2. The '75 boards are highly enjoyable. If you think they suck you should probably stick strictly to the studio stuff.
  3. Rightly or wrongly that was his way... that's all I was saying.
  4. I don't mean to sound pushy and selfish here, BUT WHERE'S THE REST!!??? Have listened to these back to back for the last 30 min or so and they sound freaking fabulous! I know this stuff takes a long, long time and requires tons of patience, but man... I sure hope you have plans on doing this whole show. Great job.
  5. Bingo! Those fills make every hair on my body stand up. God damnit, was he special.
  6. I had been on the look out for the 3/11/75 matrix for months and just found it yesterday. Gotta say, it was very underwhelming. Not because of the job that was done (not sure who did it), but because Millard's audience source just doesn't complement the SBD (and vice-versa) well at all. I thought it'd be devastatingly good, but it's not. That audience source just breathes so much it just doesn't make for a tight fit/match of the two. This 5/14/73 matrix sounds great. Heartbreaker rocks.
  7. Love it. Think it sounds great.
  8. Been a few years since I've actually bought silvers from Eric, due to him using PayPal now and my account being jacked up. If I remember correctly, about a week. Maybe even up to 10 days.
  9. I was playing the first couple numbers from 4/27/77 Destroyer... TSRTS and then The Rover/Sick Again at a tailgate party at Notre Dame last fall when a guy started yelling from 3 aisles away, "That's Zep in 77! That's Zep in 77!" Came over and had me play the entire Disc 1 and then Achilles as he pounded beers, telling me all about the Pontiac show he attended "3 days later!" Had a blast with the guy.
  10. That's awesome Bong Man! Thanks. Can you give more details about the sound during the show? You say there wasn't a "Oh my ears, man!" moment... Just how loud and clear was it and how'd Bonham's stainless kit sound? I've heard the stainless gave off a much more pronounce "boom" sound... His drums in Cleveland on the 28th sound absolutely spectacular. Did the Silverdome just make his kit sound worse (muffled), like you say? Lucky bastard having seen Zep Live! Wow. Envy you, Bong Man.
  11. I saw that. Something tells me had Prez still been around that post would've been nuked in 2.2.
  12. Yep. Don't get this mentality at all. Never have and I never, EVER, will. Let the tapes be heard!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Well, yeah... a pic of tapes and CD's... Hopefully it gets released.
  14. It looks like it is. But word over at R-O is the guy has ZERO intentions of letting the audio get out. Sad.
  15. And just like that a recording of 5/4/1971 from Denmark with a phenomenal set-list shows up!! Incredible.