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  1. That version of TY is out-FUCKING-standing. Damn.
  2. That is a phenomenal pic. My God, I wish we had a recording of Moby Dick from this show. DAMNIT, why wasn't this professionally recorded!!!??????
  3. Nice post. Bonzo's playing during the Fort Worth show on 3/3/75 is some of his best, tightest playing. He was/is the best ever, so this shouldn't surprise me, but every time I listen to this FW show my jaw hits the floor. Just amazing listening to that guy play. OTHAFA is the epitome of tight but loose playing. And his performance on TSRTS is just ridiculous. Moby Dick isn't as crazy as some of his earlier versions, but the technicality of it is mind blowing.
  4. Oct 25th, 1969 at the Boston Garden... Hoarded?? We've got a ton of great stuff from Boston... All the Tea Party shows. The great September 70 and 71 shows. And the 73 show. I'd be willing to bet the October 25th, 1969 show exists. And the Carnegie Hall show has always intrigued me. I mean, the first rock show there in 5 years-at the prestigious Carnegie Hall-and you're NOT going to professionally record it? And if it is being hoarded that's a damn shame. The reviews of that show make it sound like that was one KILLER Zeppelin show.
  5. Yep.
  6. This would be a fantastic show to someday have. Why this wasn't professionally recorded is beyond me.
  7. I agree with everything here. And Bonham's Pat's Delight is a real treasure. One of Bonzo's best.
  8. You lucky bastard!
  9. Looks like it. Although I think our buddy from Japan could surprise us at any moment...
  10. That overrated comment about '72 made me laugh.
  11. People on here seriously think 1972 Zep is overrated? 6/15/72 is some of the raunchiest, nastiest playing I've ever heard. EVER. The Nassau shows are legendary. As is the 2nd Seattle show. The playing in the first Seattle show is extraordinary too... wish more of that great recording existed. And we all know about the LA/LB shows and how great they were. Zeppelin in 72 being overrated makes me laugh.
  12. Uhhhhhhh.... WHAT? You can't recognize how BEASTLY Bonzo was that night?? Seriously? Wow.
  13. Getting back to this TY from 8/31/71... We all know the legend that was John Bonham's right foot, but the way he used and employed his bass drum in TY from that night just blows me away. No other drummer I've ever heard could've pulled that off like Bonzo did. Just remarkable. Bonzo is THE reason the live recordings never get stale.
  14. Bonzo's playing during this version of TY is one of my favorite Zep live moments. Just doesn't get any better.
  15. North_Bridge over at RO, I believe. He did a killer job on it. I can't get enough of it.