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  1. Wow. Great thread fellas. Very interesting stuff.
  2. So what's another month....?????
  3. Nice, but at the same time, completely sterile. Since all the 75 boards sound terrific this one is a Holy Grail to many.
  4. 6/19/72. A much better recording than it gets credit for. I could listen to this show/recording every day for a year and not get tired of it. That summer 72 tour was just blistering, brilliant stuff.
  5. I applaud you. Fantastic concert. Legendary night. I'd take this in a heartbeat. SIBLY-NQ-TYG is a flawless nearly hr long period of live music. Take out the flub in Kashmir and we're talking about a perfect live experience. As it was, it was about an 8/10. "Ten out of ten!"
  6. I'll never have any need to watch that Pink Floyd Bath footage EVER again. Yuk.
  7. Yep-exactly what I'm talking about. I'd be all over those Hi-Res downloads like a homeless man on a bologna sandwich. How hard could that possibly be?!! The D&C you mentioned above and Thank You from the 25th is absolutely GLORIOUS. If the royalty shit prevents you from putting out stuff like Louie, Louie and some of the other tracks inside WLL, fine. But what exactly is the reason for not having STH and TU from 5/24/75?!! Those are two of the best performances from that entire year (and that STH might just be a top 3 Page moment live on stage). Give it to us!!
  8. Don't know how much more is out there... could be a lot, could be very little, to nothing. I want what we know exists, that hasn't been released yet. Like the rest of the 6/25 & 6/27/72 shows (ESPECIALLY Louie, Louie and Thank You) and the remainder of the EC shows (ESPECIALLY STH and TU from the 24th.). Jesus, make them available flac downloads somewhere... I'd spend A LOT of money per song if this was done. Makes no sense that we don't have STH and TU from 5/24/75. Some of the band's best playing EVER.
  9. Bonham's playing on this is staggering. He overpowers EVERYONE on this version.
  10. That's the first I've ever heard of that. Interesting.
  11. I didn't even read this before I posted mine. I swear! Very similar introductions for us.
  12. My older brother brought home Physical Graffiti back in 1985 or so and had Kashmir BLARING in his room. I was 10/11 at the time. Got me very interested in it. Then knowing how much I LOVED the drums as a kid he let me listen to Bonzo's Montreux from Coda, and that was it. Hook, line and SINKER. Have been worshipping at the altar of John Bonham ever since.
  13. Was that meant for me?? And for the record, I agree with you-Page wouldn't entertain this for 1/2 second.
  14. Oh, I fully understand that. Why can't Page just release two of the most badass live Zep moments of all-time? STH and TU from the 24th. Is that too much to ask?? And I've studied Bonham's live playing so closely the last 25 years that I could EASILY imagine every place a bass drum hit would be on that 23rd recording and would be able to listen to it with no issues WHATSOEVER.
  15. Why would we need to mathematically determine where and when it was used? We have a decent audience recording that could be used to pinpoint exactly where and when Bonham hit the kick drum.
  16. Last night of the tour. In NY. And we all know about the performance and set-list... Maybe top 5 for both. Just a perfect night all the way around. I've always wondered about this one.
  17. Yep. Everything about that night is just MONSTROUS. Guess we should just be fortunate this near excellent audio source was unearthed...
  18. God, that'd even be fabulous.
  19. Bonzo's Birthday Matrix - a Slumpy production. Happy Birthday Bonzo!
  20. Great reading fellas. Thanks.
  21. That version of TY is out-FUCKING-standing. Damn.
  22. That is a phenomenal pic. My God, I wish we had a recording of Moby Dick from this show. DAMNIT, why wasn't this professionally recorded!!!??????