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  1. John Paul Jones Snubbed Page & Plant?

    I agree. On a recent re-listen to WIC it was the only song which got my juices flowing. With a bit more production and work it had the makings of a great song. Also agree that the Window was the best song from the WIC sessions by a country mile. This was the sort of contemporary sound and direction they should have been pursuing, not the somnambulist dirge that was WIC. So frustrating as we waited for years for them to get back in the studio and they delivered an audio Xanax.
  2. Coverdale/Page being remastered/revisited

    Ha ha. That's a good one-liner by Jimmy's standards. He's now taking the Keith Richards' approach to interview questions. Anything is better than the "I hope to be playing again next year..." malarky.
  3. Coverdale/Page being remastered/revisited

    If the CP remaster and expanded album is released it will be interesting to see how much extra stuff we get. According to Coverdale he filmed and recorded tons of stuff, which means a box set-type release could be possible. Coverdale seems well up for it and has always been proud of his collaboration with Page. It's almost like he got the nod of approval from rock royalty. So hopefully Page will chill out a bit and let us have demos, rehearsals and candid behind-the-scenes footage. I find that kind of stuff fascinating.

    Any release has to be approved by jones and plant as well, and plant is picky about his vocals. Staggering live releases over a decade is selfish and designed to maximise income. They’re not short of cash. Do a dogs bolloks release of all existing multtitracks, and an official bootleg series of all soundboards in a year. But it will never happen.

    File under I plan to be playing live next year. Page has said lots of stuff over the last 17 years that have been complete bunkum.
  6. Honeydrippers intv

    Nice interview with Plant and Paul Gambaccini on the Honeydrippers. Hadn't seen it before:

    Anyway, isn't John Paul Jones doing a reunion tour with the Butthole Surfers? ;-)

    I think Robert does want to celebrate it, but gets frustrated when he gets interviewed to promote his solo gigs and gets asked more about Zep and the 50th anniversary. As for Jones, I think he generally likes to stay under the radar and the media wouldn’t seek him out for comment as he’s less recognisable. That’s pretty much been his modus operandi since 1980.
  9. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    If there was an abundance of multi-tracks then a best of the live years 68-80 would have been great. Then a low-key collectors release of individual concerts to satisfy the die-hards.
  10. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    I reckon that’s pretty close to what’s happening. Plant favours the early era stuff for sure.
  11. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    It's not just us, I don't think the surviving members of Zep consider any fans' wishes when they're mulling over posthumous releases. Lots of bands or estates of bands have a more interactive relationship with their fan base, but Zep's surviving members still think it's the 70s and non-communication and mystique are the way forward. As I've said before, they're all super rich and Plant has an active, successful solo career, so there's no real motivation for them to release archive material, aside from posterity, publicity and the kids' inheritance.
  12. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Because Midnight Moonlight is rubbish, featuring the usual Paul Rodgers' cheesy lyrics, an over-wrought vocal performance, 80s production (including fretless bass) and a disjointed stop-start drum arrangement which kills the song. It was the Firm trying to do a Zeppelin number and failing miserably. I would much rather have had Swan Song than two alt mixes of Rock 'n' Roll with slightly louder tambourines. To me SS is a great snapshot of the creative process, or a "portal" as Page likes to call it.
  13. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    A nice symbolic way to squeeze the last brass farthing out of the Zeppelin legacy. Page said the companion discs were the last statement on the studio stuff.
  14. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Completely. He said the door was shut on the studio stuff after that.
  15. Coverdale/Page

    http://ultimateclassicrock.com/coverdale-page-box-set/ Interesting that Coverdale says he filmed everything from day one and is talking about remixing the tracks as well. Could make for a really entertaining box set.
  16. I'm the same. Back in the 1990s when I went to Record Fairs I would only purchase SBs. The only audience recordings I can listen to are Millard's LA stuff and the 79 Copenhagen warm-ups.
  17. Coverdale/Page

    Regarding any sort of bonus material in a remaster, I would like to hear versions of the songs stripped of their big production and some live stuff from the Japanese dates. will never happen though.
  18. I wouldn't get your hopes up. The high standards of the band precludes any performance that falls below their benchmark - in terms of performance and sound - from being released. I'm not expecting a lot of new live stuff or anything much at all. I'm more excited about the release of Neil Young's Tonight's the Night Show from 1973 this year, and also the Neil Young vol 2 and the Pink Floyd Middle Years boxsets when they come out. Both those bands have a lot more recordings and material to play with and seem to embrace the archive format.
  19. Talking of “romping”, if they do reform, the tour could be sponsored by Viagra.
  20. He was in Seattle not long ago with his missus for another poetry reading. i thinking your clutching at straws.
  21. Complete Seattle '77 Video

    The song I always go back to on the 77 tour is Sick Again. It's not too long (well at least by 77 standards) and the rover intro sort of encapsulates the languid excess and power of that infamous tour.
  22. One of the more obscure Zep items out there..

    ha ha. great post. That would be such a cool item to have. I'm not a great fan of the memorabilia market, but if I had to have one or two things, that would be it. Very cool.

    ha ha. A bit of humour always appreciated!