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  1. The 75 soundboards are some of the best I've heard in terms of depth and warmth. Take a listen to 77 for dry, and throw in the crappy no-bottom Alembic bass for good measure.
  2. I'm 99 per cent sure I read the studio time was free in return for Zep using it and putting it on the map, so to speak, as they were a huge band and word of mouth would spread. The studio was new and Sweden wasn't on the map as a recording mecca. Can't remember where I read it, unfortunately.
  3. I loved the mixed on Presence. Crystal clear and you could hear the drums and guitars perfectly. Only dubious production was on Tea for One which was a bit muddy, but they maybe intentionally wanted a kind of hazy feel to that song given it's downbeat, world-weary vibe. I wished they had returned to the Presence studios in Germany for ITTOD, instead of being tight arses and going to Sweden to take up ABBA's offer of free use of their new studio. I mean, they weren't short of a bob or two and it was like -20 in Sweden when they went there. And they didn't even check out the studio beforehand and Page admitted the sound was "dead" when they got there. I don't think any of that helped the vibe of the ITTOD sessions.
  4. If they want to take the tapes to the grave like some modern day tutenkhamon, then so be it. Who knows, the 50rh anniversary year could throw up some surprises. Probably an empress valley titanium box set for $10 zillion Bucks.
  5. This pretty much sums it all up. But as I've said before, never say never in the world of Led zeppelin. Probability is very low, but Houston and Pontiac could still exist. I contacted a reputable source last year who was in close contact with ex-show co employees and said he had seen a high quality 20-minute video of a 77 soundcheck. But I'm in the I'll believe when I see it camp. Until then it's all fake Moon landings, JFK conspiracies and Loch Ness monsters.
  6. OJ Simpson with a projector screen and a mound of coke.
  7. The rain song from the 11th is not too bad as well. Kneb 11th was the first pro-shot boot I got on VHS and watched it to death. I remember Page hitting an awful bum note in SIbLY and songs like MMH being borderline abysmal - a rushed punky mess with no feel or swing. I think the negative press from the first gig rocked their confidence a bit on the 11th. Despite all of that, I loved it at the time and still have some affection for it.
  8. Yeah, I tend to agree. I think this line up has peaked with the whole world music thing, but plant loves the band on a personal and musical level so he'll feel he can take it upwards again. Plus he's earned rave reviews with this band, so he's probably thinking why ruin a good thing. i don't expect him to come out bare-chested and summon virgins from the fjords of Norway anymore, but mixing it up would be good.
  9. "Ain't singing for Pepsi..."
  10. Sounds like a classic conflict of interest: Curbishley was managing both Plant and Page at the time, so giving Page more of the spoondoolies would have irked Plant and vice versa. I don't agree with Page's stance on wanting more of the royalties split, but I can see his point of view regarding Curbishley. He was paying Curbishley to represent him, not the other surviving members of Zep, so he would expect him to fight his corner exclusively.
  11. Great find. Thanks for sharing. Looks like Curbishley made a shed load of money for Zep's surviving members in the 90s with that royalties deal. They should be very thankful, and interesting that Plant, Jones and (Bonham's estate?) agreed to Give Page extra cash unofficially because he was producer. Would love to know the point of principle that caused Curbishley to resign as Plant's manager. Maybe Curbs was a West Brom fan ;-)
  12. Chase, that is your funniest joke ever!
  13. Why? What would he use it for?
  14. If that's the case it makes sense for EV to space out the releases and maximise the demand and $$$ for them. The stories of how these tapes got from a sound desk in some auditorium in North America in 1975 to Japan in 2017 are almost as interesting as the concerts themselves. The bootleggers should include this story in the liner notes, obviously omitting any names to avoid legal repercussions.
  15. Does anyone have an idea of how much EV pays the owner of these Zep soundboards to get them? Would be interesting to find out. Maybe the owner gets a cut of the sales. I have no idea.
  16. Sure, we can look at things in terms of probability, but with Zeppelin you always have to factor in the distinct chance of a curveball. For instance, nobody predicted the Pod, Pod track from Presence, and I'm sure there are private collectors out there hoarding gems, wallowing in private showings of footage we have never seen. As a long time Zeppelin fan I've learnt to never say, never—the band is a capricious beast.
  17. The irony is that Jimmy seems more comfortable in his own skin, healthy and happy than he has been in years. Yet he's not releasing any new music. These are his Dakota years ;-)
  18. According to LZ news, the release of the boot has been delayed: A source inside Japanese bootleg label Empress Valley reportedly said that upcoming soundboard bootleg Deus Ex Machina "has not been completed yet." The bootleg of Led Zeppelin's March 21, 1975 Seattle show was supposed to be released in mid-June, but it hasn't arrived yet. The source reportedly said that the album is still in production.
  19. Agreed. Let's move on.
  20. Can't let it go, can you. Have to reply with another insult. I put forward my reasons: specifically that you thought scraping a 50 per cent return on companion tracks was acceptable and I thought, along with many other fans, that it wasn't and the release was a major disappointment. To rationalise your argument you had to go to the lengths of creating a convoluted key system with ratings. When it comes to the point when your creating keys and tables and graphs to judge music, then you've lost the argument already. As I said, "music is judged with emotion and gut feeling" not pie charts and protractors. What's next a gantt chart to justify Page's musical inactivity.
  21. I think most people on this forum are well aware of that, but after years of false promises from Page, they don't expect anything, and have sort of mentally given up on the whole thing. I just find it sad that a guy of his talent, hasn't produced anything new music since WIC in 1998. It's his choice, but please stop with the "next year I'll be"...rhetoric, Jimmy. It's not doing you any favours.
  22. Spot on.
  23. What, the guy that looks like Noel Edmonds? ;-)
  24. I've put forward my logical argument, if you want to resort to personal insult, because you don't have a counter argument, then that's up to you. But I'm not resorting to mud slinging. We'll need to agree to disagree.