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  1. Any single black Led Zeppelin fans members of the forum?.
  2. Single?! :).
  3. G'day from Cowes , Victoria Australia. I'm a soon to be single male 52yo Lifelong Zepp fan .Any single female Zepp fans?, non-smoker, working, doesn't do drugs, drinks , drives, likes&loves drums&is passionate about Zepp? ! lol.
  4. G'day.What year is that Gibson?, I'm from North Warrandyte Melbourne Australia.
  5. I'd love to meet you if ever in Melbourne? ! :).
  6. I DID say FEMALE lol! :).
  7. Ta for the support badgeholder still.I'm not attempting nor trying to be:disrespectful, derogatory, sleazy in any way to the female members of this forum&site, I'm Not fascist nor sexist.
  8. G'day Dane from North Warrandyte Victoria.
  9. G'day from :Cowes, North Warrandyte Victoria  are you single?! :) lol.

    1. slave to zep

      slave to zep

      Hello from Gosford,  NSW


      No :)

    2. AussieOzzieZeppfan


      :( oh well hope your partner's a Zepp fan as well?! :).

    3. slave to zep

      slave to zep

      Yes we love the same music. Zep and Floyd our top two ☺

  10. Is anyone got :70s Ludwig 3ply b/o badge silver sparkle 14x26" kick drum for sale? in "players condition"? ALL original except for batter head.Also 68-69 Keystone badged LM402 Ludwig Supraphonic 6.5, 70s Paiste black label Giant Beats & 2002's&FO 602's 15" se hats&20" medium ride.