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  1. I've read it in both books from reliable sources& in forums, RP owns the Slingerland kit which was (is?), a green sparkle 22 13 16, The snare is a Ludwig LM 400 14X5" aluminum, Until THE definitive book on ALL of Zepps recordings with both documentation & photos comes out I.e. Beatles & Stones recording books.All with got to go on as far as what he played on Zepp 1 is both conjecture & speculative & have to agree to disagree I've also read from Freddie Struder from Paiste that Bonzo visited the Paiste factory in late 60s so either 68 or 69.
  2. Pittsburgh (Three Rivers Stadium) 1973 - Rare Crew Shirt

    Did Bonzo or Mick Hinton wear these shirts?.

    Where do I find visuals etc of the "Stargroves" sessions?.
  4. The Song Remains The Same - Rare Fantasy Sequence Outtake Photos (1973/1974)

    Wonder what became of PG's car collection?, & what makes, models, years cars he had in his collection apart from what can be seen in the out-takes of TSRTS.Btw the Bentley is a WO "Le Mans" model 20s or 30s supercharged , Quiet powerful in it's day & mega collectable & expensive today!.
  5. Are these photos of Carmen Jane Plant Jones?

    Is Charlie Jones (her former husband), Any relation to JPJ?, Son for example?, & Is it true he only got the gig with RP because he's JPJ's son& or married RP's daughter?.
  6. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    I'd love to see both audio&video (blu ray or dvd) of the Australian &last över Europe" tours, As there's only Knebworth footage of Bonzo playing his SS (stainless steel) kit.
  7. Oakland, CA -Alameda County Coliseum-July 23, 1977

    Sprinz77.Do you still have at least ONE of those tour jackets for sale?.
  8. Anyone know who made the T-shirt worn by Mick Hinton in The Song Remains the Same movie?, & Where I can get one from?.
  9. Looking for a female singer/vocalist capable of singing in key&in tune note for note Led Zeppelin songs, Also looking for a bassist /keys&lead guitarist, Age&sex&background open, I'm 52yo a drummer, & live/reside in Melbourne's north-east.MUST be fanatical & passionate Led Zeppelin fans have pro -attitude & equipment reliable transport, This's a "start up" band from scratch NOT a formed/working band, Message me if interested & Keen, serious&sincere, Cheers & ta, Ado. P.S. Sorry BUT NO male singers/vocalists!.
  10. The bdp kit sizes are: 13" rack tom, 16&18" floor toms&24" kick drum, The snare's a 20s or 30s Ludwig 10 lug NOB (nickel over brass) possibly a Duplex or Pioneer model, Even a Black Beauty , Cymbals combination of GB & 602,Promuco 5B sticks, Ludwig Wearhermaster or Remo coated Ambassadors & Emperors.BTW/FYI Zepp 1 was recorded using his green sparkle Slingerland .As it was Jim McCarthy's kit ( Yardbirds) as Peter Grant inherited/kept the Yardbirds equipment as part of contract when they broke/split up, ended&finished.Debate rages as too whether or not he used Paiste or Zildjians on Zepp1.
  11. australian fans

    Would LOVE to meet any single female Zepp fans at either JBLZE or RP&SSS gig at the Palais next January 27&April 1 2018 respectively! :).
  12. Single black female Zepp fans.

    Any single black Led Zeppelin fans members of the forum?.
  13. Bonzo's drum cases/stands/heads.

    Does anyone know what brand&type of cases Bonzo used for his cymbals, drums&hardware?, Also when did he change/switch from Rogers Swivomatic to Ludwig 1402 straight cymbal stands?, Didn't he use Ludwig heads as well as Remo's?, ANY pics of his cases would be beaut, bonza&grouse! :), Ta, Ado.
  14. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    Single?! :).
  15. Single female Zepp fans.

    G'day from Cowes , Victoria Australia. I'm a soon to be single male 52yo Lifelong Zepp fan .Any single female Zepp fans?, non-smoker, working, doesn't do drugs, drinks , drives, likes&loves drums&is passionate about Zepp? ! lol.
  16. Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    G'day.What year is that Gibson?, I'm from North Warrandyte Melbourne Australia.
  17. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    I'd love to meet you if ever in Melbourne? ! :).
  18. Single female Zepp fans.

    I DID say FEMALE lol! :).
  19. Single black female Zepp fans.

    Ta for the support badgeholder still.I'm not attempting nor trying to be:disrespectful, derogatory, sleazy in any way to the female members of this forum&site, I'm Not fascist nor sexist.
  20. New Australian member_Dane1968

    G'day Dane from North Warrandyte Victoria.
  21. G'day from :Cowes, North Warrandyte Victoria  are you single?! :) lol.

    1. slave to zep

      slave to zep

      Hello from Gosford,  NSW


      No :)

    2. AussieOzzieZeppfan


      :( oh well hope your partner's a Zepp fan as well?! :).

    3. slave to zep

      slave to zep

      Yes we love the same music. Zep and Floyd our top two ☺

  22. Ludwig 3ply b/o 14x26/LM402/Paiste.

    Is anyone got :70s Ludwig 3ply b/o badge silver sparkle 14x26" kick drum for sale? in "players condition"? ALL original except for batter head.Also 68-69 Keystone badged LM402 Ludwig Supraphonic 6.5, 70s Paiste black label Giant Beats & 2002's&FO 602's 15" se hats&20" medium ride.