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  1. 1972 and 1973 Shows

    Forgive me if I have missed this in another thread If this has been addressed, please direct me to the appropriate thread. What 1972 and 1973 show stands out most to each of you? I am interested in what each of think in regards to band performance and sound quality.
  2. Favorite opening song?

    I went back and listened to that. I see what you mean. I would like to replace that one with: “Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown”- Olympia Theater Paris – October 10, 1969
  3. Starting Bootleg Recommendations

    I fully agree about LTTE, DVD and BBC. I would also add Blueberry Hill September 4, 1970
  4. What are the best live bands of all time? (apart from Zep)

    Mk IV is such an underrated band, imho.
  5. Favorite opening song?

    Which one are you referring to?
  6. Favorite opening song?

    "Immigrant Song"- September 4, 1970 "Rock and Roll"- Earls Court "Train kept a Rollin'"- July 7, 1980
  7. What are the best live bands of all time? (apart from Zep)

    Humble Pie, Deep Purple, the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers Band.
  8. Best/Worst Live Years For Each Member

    Plant: Best '71-'72 Worst: '80 Page: Best '72-'73 I don't really think he had a bad year, but he was a bit sloppy in '79-'80 Jones/Bonham: Please...those guys were always hitting on all cylinder, imho.
  9. R.I.P. Jason Peterson Royal-Orleans.com webmaster

    I attempted to sign up for the RO group and it wouldn't allow me.
  10. 1972 and 1973 Shows

    I just listened to the San Bernardino show. You are right. Whole Lotta Love and SIBLY stood out to me..
  11. 1972 and 1973 Shows

    I listened to Mobile last night. That was a damn good show, Does anyone have a link for Southampton 1/23/73 ?
  12. 1972 and 1973 Shows

    I tend to lean toward Essen as my favorite. I certainly intend to check out some of the other suggestions that I don't have in my collection.
  13. Plant's change in vocals

    It sounds similar in nature, for sure.
  14. Plant's change in vocals

    I fully agree Bonzo_fan. They sounded awesome in Vancouver and Seattle!
  15. Plant's change in vocals

    I actually dug his voice on the '75 tour. He had a few rough spots, but overall, I thought that he sounded great.
  16. 1972 and 1973 Shows

    You know, traffic wasn't too bad this past weekend. I drove from McDonough back up to Woodstock yesterday in 35 minutes. But I constantly have the boots going in my vehicle.
  17. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Earls Court- May 24, 1975
  18. No Quarter live

    Not that I am aware of. JPJ is the most underrated member of the band in my opinion.
  19. What is the best bootleg?

    I replied to the post and then reading further down the feed, I realized that I had already responded to the question awhile back. I am not sure how to delete it.
  20. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    March 22,1973 Essen Germany. The sound quality isn't perfect, but I think the band put on a stellar performance.
  21. Page vs Millard

    I fully agree. As I sit here listening to the "Eddie" show, I am amazed at the sound quality. It would be nice if some of his '75 shows would surface....
  22. Introduction

    Hello, I am a 40 year old Zeppelin fan from Atlanta Georgia. I have been listening to the band since 1983, when my dad would play "Stairway" and "The Rain Song" for me on his acoustic and, in turn, made me dig into his record collection. I appreciate you all allowing me to be a part of this group.
  23. What is the best bootleg?

    "There's tons of amazing ones though and my favorites tend to change depending on my mood." That is exactly the case with me. My current listening is "Live in Japan:1972"(Daiichi Hall-October 10, 1972-Kyoto, Japan) and "Rampaging Cajun" (February 28,1975- Baton Rouge, LA). They are both killer shows to me, but my favorites could change next week. I tend to favor the 1975 tour in terms of set list and performance.
  24. What the hell is going on with Bonzo on 9/29?

    What show was this? 9/29/?