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  1. Jimmy's Birthday Party at Royal Albert Hall January 9, 1970 is up there in my book. The sound is not quite as good as on the DVD but it is still a superb recording. And the show is astonishing.
  2. June 22, 1977 just because it is so over the top in every dimension.
  3. I would find it rather difficult to choose one Whole Lotta Love Medley. My favorite covers that Zeppelin did is an easier question to answer. C'mon Everybody and Something Else from Royal Albert Hall January 9, 1970. So much energy and power. Plant's range is magnificent and the band is a juggernaut. Tight but loose indeed. Jimmy is over the top.
  4. Yesterday I was listening to June 21, 1977 and I was thinking back to when I saw Zeppelin on June 11, 1977. I was trying to remember what it was like to hear that show for the first time and it struck me that I had never heard White Summer before that show. I had never even heard of White Summer. I didn't know Zeppelin bootlegs existed, and I had no Yardbirds albums. I recall wondering what Jimmy was playing when he sat down by himself. As he weaved his way through White Summer I was quite intrigued as to what this was and where it was going. I thought he is making this up on the spot? Then I realized it had morphed into something familiar, it was Black Mountain Side ! Wow. This is amazing. He is playing Black Mountain Side! Then as it built to a climax, he stood up, kicked the chair back and the band blasted off into Kashmir. We have all heard that a thousand times now but it was so overwhelming then. One of my enduring memories of that show.
  5. June 22, 1977 A powerhouse show. Over the Hills deserves special mention. Sure the beginning is not spot on but such power, and Jimmy is OVER THE TOP in the solo starting around 2:36. I am going back through all my 1977 versions of Over the Hills to see if he was ever quite like this on another night. How he does this after playing 2 and half hours is beyond human. Same goes for Bonham and Jones of course.
  6. Great stuff! This forum helps me find music I would not otherwise know about. Thanks.
  7. That is some fantastic 77 footage. Probably the best non Seattle 77 footage I have seen. Thanks for posting it.
  8. Bluecongo - this is great work. I really like it ! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Very cool. Glad to see the video clip at the bottom of the page. Has anyone come across any audio or video of Tres Coyotes?
  10. First track from their first album 1972
  11. Back in the days when these guys were the best American rock band. Killer set list of early prime Aerosmith
  12. Heartbreaker - March 16 Vienna and not just because of the improvised introduction.
  13. From an incredible album, a monster track.
  14. In that show the Heartbreaker intro is the main riff from Jeff Beck's "Rice Pudding". A great intro indeed.