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  1. Since there is no LA show from 1977 today (June 24) I am listening to this on its 48th anniversary.
  2. I was standing right in front of Jones on Oct 12, 1999 at Pearl Street Nightclub in Northampton MA. Small club - maybe 500 people. I had seen many shows there including Little Feat, The Black Crowes, the Ramones, Phish, etc. But this was the absolute greatest show ever played there. I did not realize it was the first US Zooma show! An incredible, blistering show and a very, very appreciative audience. The next day I opened the local paper to see the review. Great review, and then I read that the reviewer was hanging out at the Hotel Northampton a few blocks from Pearl Street, and at 2 am Jones and the band walked into the bar to have some drinks and hang out. The reviewer got an interview. I had no idea that is where Jones was staying. If I had just waited 2 hours and gone to the Hotel Northampton. Oh well.
  3. Strider - well put. As I have listened to this recently I thought of that old movie quote - "I'll have what he's having!" There is something extra special about Jimmy that night. Maybe it is partly the ambience of the recording.
  4. Hints of what was to come. The Yardbirds rhythm section was always great but they kill it on this one. And then we have this one:
  5. Indeed! I spent the past week cranking out the MSG 77 run of shows. As good as they were, LA was obviously the peak of the tour. Those on the west coast who got to see it were very fortunate indeed. I would even say "Hat's Off" to all those who attended any of the Forum 77 shows. Such Magick. One of my favorite moments is the Over the Hills solo on June 22. As someone said in the YouTube comments, "Dude, that Page solo in OTHAFA was crispy." I would say it was Jimmy's extra crispy recipe. During the first part of the solo he gets into earth orbit, and then just when it is supposed to end, he blast off toward the far reaches of the galaxy, bending if not breaking the space time continuum. Somehow Jones and Bonham keep up with him. That solo for me epitomizes Jimmy in 1977.
  6. This is a very difficult question to answer. In addition to all the excellent choices above I could add Out on the Tiles We're Gonna Groove Poor Tom Darlene - especially the last third "swing" section Traveling Riverside Blues I will note that the first time I heard the Fool in the Rain isolated drum track I was utterly amazed. First, that shuffle is perfection, Then the middle section epitomizes the phrase "Over the Top". I always knew it was there but to hear it all by itself in all its glory was something else.
  7. The last truly great epic by Yes, from summer 1977. It was released in early July and then the tour started Steve Howe is over the top on this one.
  8. The live intros where they played another song to start, and it fit perfectly. Good Times, Bad Times into Communication Breakdown Rice Pudding into Heartbreaker Bring It On Home into Black Dog The Rover into Sick Again Out on the Tiles into Over the Top Top Top Top Top . . . .
  9. Unfortunately in the second level in the back. But the sound was overwhelming! One sound that will stay with me forever was the guitar tone in the Rover opening to Sick Again. And the drums !! This recording bears that out. I just found this recording recently. For years I had only the soundboard snippet and much worse audience tapes. This is a revelation! The sound at least in parts is up there with some of the LA recordings. Just listen to Nobody's Fault and Dying Time. Wow.
  10. It seems like a good day to listen to the show I saw 40 years ago today.
  11. I enjoy Presence and Out Door as much as any of the others. Yes they are different, but every Zeppelin album is different from the others. I think Presence is one of their best, and Out Door is amazing in so many ways. To each his own I guess.
  12. And this one always reminds me of For Your Life, both musically and lyrically
  13. June 21, 1977
  14. July 17, 1970 Essen July 17, 1973 Seattle
  15. I hear you about the early Beatles but they were superb songwriters and craftsmen. They also played everything in addition to writing most of it, so not really a "boy band". Many of their songs up through the album Help are fantastic, and I think they started to stretch the boundries a bit earlier than Rubber Soul. A year before Rubber Soul they released Beatles for Sale with "I'm a Loser" and "No Reply". In April 65 they released Ticket to Ride. In July 65 they released Help and I'm Down, an amazing gritty, powerful rocker. In August the Help album included "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away." Rubber Soul is great and on the same day it was released (Dec 3, 1965) they put out a double A side single with Day Tripper (one of the early riff based classics) and We Can Work it Out. One thing about the Beatles is that released so many fantastic singles that never appeared on albums. As another example, in June 1966 two months before Revolver they released one single with BOTH Paperback Writer and Rain !!!
  16. When this first came out I thought now there is a Zeppelin riff.
  17. Pink Floyd Nassau Coliseum, June 16, 1975. I was 15. In February of that year my older brother and his friends saw Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden - my parents would not allow me to go. The stories they told when they got back ! Then a good friend's older brother was driving into the City for Floyd after school was done for the year. Such anticipation. Years later when I got the tape I realized that the first song was an early version of the then unreleased Sheep. And what a version! (Finally got to see Zeppelin two years later June 11, 1977). This Floyd show was definitely a mind bender.
  18. This one is a real gem. Gary Rossington on the guitar and Billy Powell on piano.