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  1. Regarding the tour and the end of Page/Plant, I read that Robert wanted to do smaller venues. One way they could have accomplished that would be to do a Zep free tour with all of the Clarksdale album, the two bonus tracks /b-sides (Whiskey, Window), Yallah, Wonderful One and City Don't Cry. That would have been a lot of new very creative material.
  2. Agreed on The Window and Whiskey. They should both have been on the album - they could have left off two of the weaker tracks and had a real groundbreaking record there.
  3. Funny you should mention that gig. On Jimmy today is a clip of that gig showing part of Clarksdale and No Quarter. JImmy is in fine form.
  4. some I recently rediscovered And now we bring you the most exciting thing you are likely to experience in the next ten minutes. (or something to that effect) the finest percussionist. . . that led Zeppelin has ever had! A man who keeps getting better and better and better. I've known him 10 years and he just keeps getting better, and better, and better. And of course this classic: a man who keeps Budweiser, . . . going strong - Plant's delivery of this one is great they way he pauses for effect and the way he says "going strong". Perfect
  5. I have been rediscovering this album lately. I remember loving it when I first heard it, and it gets better as the years go by. It has Zep elements but it is obviously different, more mature (because they are more mature). I love most of the vocals. Great guitar throughout. Some very creative things by Page here. shining in the light - great acoustic work, Friends type strings, good groove, Plant excellent on lyrics and vocals When the World Was Young - fantastic lyrics and vocals. Plant is wistful, reflective, and ultimately positive. Very moving, especially when the band and guitars kick in. Upon a Golden Horse - great guitar riffing and countering string arrangement. Plant gets into it. blue Train - an absolute gem - a knockout track for the ages. Grown up Zeppelin! Haunting. Please Read the Letter - I don't like this much - just strikes me a contrived and a bit pop Most High - I get the criticism in this thread, but it moves and the guitar and rhythm groove are fantastic. Plant is over the top and in fine form. Heart in Your Hand - the real showstopper and my favorite track because it is so completely different from anything else they ever did. Plant is so heartwrenching, and Page plays dream like lines, harking back to things like Santo and Johnny's Sleepwalk from the 50s that Page used to talk about. Great lyrics and what a delivery from Plant. It was horrible how fans on the 98 tour would ignore this song and go for a break or talk. There were Jimmy Page and Robert Plant playing and singing their hearts out on wonderful new, creative music and the "fans" only wanted to hear Heartbreaker or WLL. It must have been so depressing for them. I wonder sometimes if they might have carried on if the new music had gotten a better reception on that tour. Clarksdale- killer from start to finish, both Page and Plant. Burning Up - boring. i don't like this one at all. Contrived, a parody of a parody, like a bad version of a John Myles Outrider song or a bad Coverdale page song. When I was a Child - a much less effective version of When the World Was young. Not very good in my opinion except for a few good bits. House of Love - very strong modern rock with all kinds of elements. Strong riffing from Page. sons of Freedom - a fantastic blast of a track. Page is all over the place in Wearing and Tearing mode. this is one of the powerful yet off beat Zep type rhythms. they really kick up a storm here for a very strong closer. Plant goes out of his mind in a dizzying delivery of dizzying oblique Plant lyrics. Something like Presence meets Wearing and Tearing. So by my count that is two or three weak tracks- the rest is great, and the best tracks stand the test of time with any other post Zep output. Yes the production could be better but I like Michael Lee's playing and I can hear plenty of bass. Crank it up and enjoy. It is a full album of original music by Page and Plant and it is worthy of both of them.
  6. Very cool. Thanks for posting this. I had never heard of it.
  7. Where do you get this definition? The Zoso symbol is a magic symbol for the planet Saturn, dating from the 16th Century
  8. Thank you very much for this. You put it so well. another thing that strikes me about the long Page solos is how very different they are and how much variety there is within any one in particular. I don't know of any other guitarist who plays that many different types of solos that well and who has anywhere near that variety within solos. The variety in Dazed us utterly amazing. Then compare that to the long NQs, the 73 Stairways, the 70-72 Immigrant Songs, the 71-73 Celebration Days, the Over the Hills variety, the WLL medlies, the list goes on and on. I don't are for note perfect playing that sounds the same on every song. Those players are so boring. Page is creative and full of life and energy in his playing. Unpredictable, exciting. That is what makes him the best. Compare the Immigrant songs versions - very different. Compare 1971 Celebration Day to 1973. What a difference! Both tremendously interesting an exciting.
  9. My favorite Chuck Berry song. The title in YouTube is wrong. It is Promised Land.
  10. Wow. Cool to hear Jones so clearly in the mix, especially in the last third when the band comes back in. Thanks for posting this.
  11. For Your Life is just about my favorite thing from O2. When I first heard it on the original bootlegs I could not believe that they played it and how absolutely powerful it was. Always one of my favorite songs. The lyrics and music are so strong. It was a new type of riff and rhythm for them in 1975 and it still sounds fresh today. At O2 Robert sang his heart out on this one. A very special moment indeed.
  12. I know it is only half the band (you can barely see Bonham) but this picture captures a good deal about what made the 1977 tour. So atmospheric.
  13. Agreed on all counts. Walsh was amazing in his prime. I like their rock stuff in addition to the prog rock tracks you listed. On the first album you have Can I Tell You, Bringing it Back, and Belexes (which sounds alot like classic Deep Purple), and another prog rock epic Apercu. On Masque there is the amazing Icarus and also Mysteries and Mayhem - fantastic stuff. Song for America has Down the Road, a great boogie rocker. Then there is The Wall on Leftoverture. Such a wonderful track. Those vocals. If you don't have the reissue of the live album "Two for the Show" it is well worth it. The original one CD version was great but the expanded and remastered 30th anniversary edition has alot of other great tracks including Down the Road and Bringing it back. Kansas could really rock out, the fiddle was an amazing edition (Robbie is so talented on fiddle) and they had great vocals with Steve and Robbie.
  14. One of my favorite live albums ever. Such a great recording. Check out the piano and bass on this track. And of course Annie on vocals.
  15. Thanks for posting that blog entry. It brings back so many memories - I do recall it was a fantastic show, one of the loudest shows I ever attended and the band was on fire. I had been so blown away by the Philly and DC shows in Oct 2009 - I really can't recall what the best of the three shows was. I am just so glad I got to see 3 Vultures shows.
  16. Thanks for the list. Here is one update I am aware of. I saw Them Crooked Vultures February 8, 2010 at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City.
  17. Classic Tull from 1969 - recorded in April, released August 1 and this gem from the first Tull album with Mick Abrahams on guitar - he left after one album to form Bloodwyn Pig. I wonder it Tull ever played this when they were on the bill with Zeppelin? Released Oct 25, 1968
  18. Some Fairport Convention with Sandy Denny This next one builds slowly and rocks out at the end. Listening to stuff like this makes it clear how Plant chose Sandy to sing with him on Battle of Evermore
  19. Worse than Candy Store Rock?
  20. I think all three are superb and show that Zep had plenty of life in 1978. I wish all 3 had been played at Knebworth and in the 1980 tour. Wearing and Tearing is a monster and has great lyrics in what I think is a strong anti-drug message. Darlene swings like mad in the second half and the band is on fire. Page plays a fabulous solo to close out the proceedings. Ozone Baby is just a fun romp. I was amazed by all three when Coda was released and have really enjoyed them ever since.
  21. For the riff - The Ocean That opening is just so spot on. Best overall track - Over the Hills. It has everything. Close second would be TSRTS except for the horrible effect on the vocals. Plant sounds so much better in the 1973 soundtrack version. If the vocals were strong o the album it would be a tie for me between Over the Hills and TSRTS I really like all the live versions of NQ but the vocals are way too processed on the album and I don't like the keyboard sounds on the album anywhere near as much as I like all the various live keyboard sounds 1973-1977
  22. I have been listening to alot of the Crowes lately. Every time I go back to them I realize how great they were. Not many bands can come back after a lull and knock it out of the park with back to back albums in two consecutive years after 20 years together. Warpaint and Before the Frost are great albums and they include some of my favorite Crowes tracks. A great deal of the Crowes rebirth was due to the addition of the amazing Luther Dickinson. (side note - if you never heard the album "The Word" by Medeski, Wood and the North Mississippi All Stars it is a treat. Luther is on fire. Check out the long intro to "Without God" and the hidden track at the end "Joyful Sounds- Reprise" for starters. Luther is joined by Robert Randolph on pedal steel throughout the album. ) Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution - the ultimate distillation of everything that made the Crowes rock Movin on Down the Line - fantastic, spacey No Quarter type opening, and then a rock solid groove. This song blew me away when I saw them in a small club on the Warpaint tour - the opening was much extended and Luther did a slow burn along with the keys. Wounded Bird - a very Zeppelin type song - and in a good way - not the stuff like Whitesnake and Kingdom Come which never sounded anything like Zeppelin. Good Morning Captain - another classic Crowes romping rocker A Train Still Makes a Lonely Sound - perfection Of course my favorite Crowes album is Southern Harmony. When it was released I thought many of the tracks were in a Zeppelin vein, but not in the caricature nonsense way that bands like Whitesnake and Kingdom Come were "said" to "sound like Zeppelin" which they did not at all . To my ears the following tracks were very Zeppelin like in spirit, in lyrics, and in overall power and intensity. Sometimes Salvation - son of "For Your Life" but it is a Crowes original through and through. Heavy, great lyrics and that Robinson vocal especially at the end!! Wow. Lyrics are akin to both For Your Life and Hots on for Nowhere. Hotel Illness. Could be a cross between elements of LZ III and PG, but it is not an imitation. It is pure Crowes. No Speak No Slave - This is in the spirit of Presence. Those guitars. So much power and wall to wall intensity. My Morning Song - When the Levee Breaks meets In My Time of Dying meets In the Evening . Fantastic oblique Plant type lyrics. Great structure and arrangement. Blistering guitar in a rock/blues tradition . This may be the best Crowes track ever. This album was a breath of fresh air after the insipid hair metal of the 80s. I liked Pearl Jam back then in 1992, but this Crowes album was rooted in rock and the blues, it was a connection to a byegone era but with a new attitude and energy. One more great Zep like Crowes track from later - Horsehead. Again with For Your Life type lyrics and heavy guitar/bass/drums. When they played this with Page in 2000, it was a revelation. To hear Jimmy jamming on this track was amazing. My brother turned to me and said "What the hell is this?? It kicks ass !!". He was there for Page and knew very little about the Crowes outside rock radio.