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  1. Found this great live version of When the World Was Young. Much better than the studio version. So much energy and check out what Jimmy does starting at 3:57. He develops a full blown solo from the very spare figures on the original recording.
  2. Fantastic - and what a great photo to boot! Trampled in 1977 was a great treat.
  3. Finally got it. FANTASTIC !! Sounds much better than the original. I can't believe I waited to order it. At first I was frustrated - why does it need to be remastered? Why didn't he do it right the first time in 2003? Why should I pay for another version? But then some friends told me how incredible this is. And they were right! This is the greatest live album ever by anyone. We will see if Jimmy can top it later this year. When you consider the range of material, the sound, the mix, and the level of energy and execution there is no other live album that can "hold a candle" (if I may use that phrase in regard to these shows) to this one. So as I reflect - it cost me $18 to buy this. That will get me a burger and a pint at my local brewpub. This remastered set is an absolute treasure I will cherish for years. Not a bad deal if you ask me. Especially when you consider that a single album cost me $6 in the early 70s. $18 for this is an absolute steal. Icing on the cake - the photos in the booklet are superb. It takes me back to that day in 2003 when I bought the first version along with the DVD. When I was checking out at the counter the young woman (maybe 20?) said "alot of people are buying these today. Is this a big deal or something?" Well that made me feel old at age 44. I just said "alot of us have been waiting a long, long time for this." She smiled and said she hoped I liked it. I almost blasted the windows out of my car on the ride home.
  4. the stooges

    I have only Raw Power from 1973. I love the sound and the material, especially Search and Destroy - including those lyrics! - as well as Raw Power and Shake Appeal. I will have to listen to the first two albums. I think Williamson is great - will have to compare him to Ron Asheton. The sound of Search and Destroy is just amazing.
  5. Best No Quarter from '75 US Tour

    March 25 and March 27 LA Forum The thing about both these versions that I like most is the way the three instruments interact and play off each other. They are not just "jamming" - they are creating new music on the spot.
  6. KEZAR. I wish we had the whole show in the quality of the last few tracks. I love Bonham's little twist on the intro "a - one, a two, a-three, a- four!"
  7. Elvis vs. Plant

    I can't really answer the question posted at the beginning of this thread, but I agree that the 68 Elvis Special was amazing. My favorite has always been this one - and check Elvis playing guitar very well indeed. And as described above here is the 1977 clip of Unchained Melody just 6 weeks before he died in August. He plays the piano here too.
  8. Favorite version(s) of The Ocean?

    I am enjoying the Kezar 2 June 1973 soundboard version right now. I love the Bonham spoken intro. He seems so playful "a-one, a -two, a -three, a- four!" I don't recall that exact spin on his intro anywhere else. But what is really cool is his tone. So fun and into it. Then we get to the end. All time classic Plant "I gotta tell you, this is the best vibes since we played the Fillmore 5 years ago. So vibes are real ! See ya."
  9. Jeff Beck Thread

    My favorite Jeff Beck album. Man the spring of 1976 was something else. First Presence on March 31 then this one and Aerosmith Rocks in early May.
  10. I have checked every WLL from spring 1970 that I can find including on YouTube and I don't hear another version where Jones plays the organ as he did at Montreux 1970. Are there any other such versions?
  11. I don't have that many 1970 shows. How often did they have the keyboards in Whole Lotta Love like in this one? Reminds me a bit of Steppenwolf or Deep Purple. Also of note here - the different intro to How Many More Times, and the relaxed bass solo in Communication Breakdown. If only this entire show exists in the quality of the last 4 songs here.
  12. Good cover songs

    Every element of this kicks ass. Paul's vocal. Ringo (especially during the last part) !! The bass. Rhythm guitars, and two separate guitar leads, first one by John and second one by George. Whenever someone tells me the Beatles were not rock and roll I play them this.
  13. This version of Swan Song is pretty good. If Jimmy could release Sugar Mama he could certainly release this. It was funny when Jimmy said he didn't want to release stuff that was out on Bootleg then he put out a fantastic version of Jennings Farm Blues - so glad he did. And think about how much better Sugar Mama is than the old bootleg. Come on Jimmy - this is worth a release.
  14. Random Newspaper Articles

    I know this piece from the New York Daily New June 12, 1977 is on the Forum concert section, but I found a better version. I wish I still had the original. I can clearly recall reading it that Sunday morning. I had been at the June 11 Saturday evening show. It ended around midnight. We had a 90 minute drive home, and I had to open my dad's store at 8 am on Sunday. I ran the store myself on Sundays. It was the start of the summer season so we were busy. My high school graduation was later that week. As the piece says they sure did have Madison Square Garden "packed and howling". I still wonder who that is with Maureen and the kids in the photo?
  15. I think Southern Harmony and Musical Companion by the Black Crowes shows alot of Zeppelin influences, lyrically and musically. Sting Me and Hotel Illness are a bit Graffiti like. No Speak No Slave and Sometimes Salvation are Presence like, and My Morning Song is a monster rock blues extravaganza showing bits of In the Evening and When the Levee Breaks at least conceptually, and some In My Time of Dying musically and lyrically for good measure. Remedy and the other tracks are not Zep like, but that is alot of Zep influences on one album.
  16. The Deep Purple Thread

    Recently saw the "Classic Albums" episode for Machine Head on AXS TV. Very well done show. Mostly interviews with the band members with lots of discussion of actual music, riffs, lead parts, drums, rhythms etc. Only downside was there was no discussion of my favorite song on Machine Head - Lazy. That track has all the elements that make Machine Head so great. Great riffs, a swinging rhythm section, keyboards and crystal clear guitar leads - and strong strong vocals. The construction and arrangement are both superb on Lazy. And the production.
  17. Next Soundboard Release

    Indeed that is one the great versions and such a fantastic recording. That part near the end of the final jam when the guitar stops for a few seconds (3:46- 3:50) is so cool. I think if the Osaka version came out in this quality it would be a virtual tie for best version. I would also mention Hampton 1971, and Orlando 71, but in that one unfortunately Celebration Day is in the lower quality part of the tape. Interesting that for Toronto 71 Celebration Day is in the soundboard part of the tape.
  18. Next Soundboard Release

    Friends would be so amazing. The other one I would really want (if we don't get the whole show) is Celebration Day. That version is so incredible, so energetic and over the top, top , top top top !!
  19. The last few days I have been listening intently to all my various versions of Royal Albert Hall 9 January 1970. Jimmy's Birthday Party, Having Some Fun Tonight, and "The Initial Tapes". This is one of my favorite recordings of Zep. Such a great performance from everyone. Plant is so outstanding, so much power in his full range from the lowest to the highest. It is one of my favorite Plant performances ever. The band is so fantastic in every dimension and the sound/tone/mix is just absolutely astonishing. Such a gem.
  20. Rush

    I agree about Working Man. I also think that Finding My Way is a bit Zeppelin-ish, in an over the top way. Rush have always talked about Zeppelin being a big influence on their beginnings. Anthem has a bit of Zep in it, as does By-Tor.
  21. My favorite parts of Swan Song are when Jones comes in on bass. Such a killer tone!