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  1. "Jimmy's Birthday Party" from Royal Albert Hall 9 January 1970. If you get the full version you get the complete medley not in the official DVD release.
  2. The improvised introduction to Heartbreaker Vienna 16 March 1973. Talk about "tight but loose"!!
  3. Two moments in The Song Remains the Same in the original movie soundtrack, title track. Neither of these are in the remastered version. As the first chord rings out there is a "click" of feedback off Jimmy's pickups. So cool. Near the end of the song, Robert cries out "Oh, here we go!" during the "slidin' slidin' slidin'" part. Fantastic.
  4. My favorite jazz pianist, Bud Powell.
  5. Such a great tour and very different from the others. So much energy compared to 1975 (or even 1973 in spots). Plant was back in full force, so much better than 1975. Bonham was out of this world, there were two epics from Presence (if they had added a few more like For Your Life and Hots on that really would have been something!). It was great to see Nobody's Fault and Achilles bring the house down as the new songs. For once they debuted songs live after the album was released and I think that made a difference. The acoustic set was so energetic and fun. Plant nailed it on Black Country Woman. Could have perhaps done without the noise solo. Ok, Jimmy was "experimenting" but not all that successfully. The only other thing that was a miss was Jones singing on Battle of Evermore but at least he tried and it was a great version otherwise. The fact that they added that song and Ten Years Gone - so great! And to top it all off, No Quarter was completely re-imagined for the second time. 1975 was completely different from 1973, and 1977 was another thing altogether. And then we come to the crowds. America was so hungry for Zeppelin. They were at their pinnacle of popularity, including new generations of fans barely old enough to have seen them on any prior tour. I was thinking the other day about the shows that had to be cancelled after Oakland. The venues were enormous for the most part (except Chicago Stadium). They would have played Rich Stadium for an outdoor EVENING show to 72,000. That would have been incredible. The Superdome with about 76,000. And to top if all off August 13 would have been insane - a noon show in the heat and humidity of Philly outdoors at JFK stadium in front of nearly 100,000 fans - the same venue of Live Aid 8 years later. Go back and look at the crowd and listen to the crowd at Live Aid and it gives you some sense of the scope of what might have been on August 13, 1977.
  6. Not the best live Renaissance audio mix but it does have rare live video. Jon Camp on the bass!
  7. Jimmy's Birthday Party at Royal Albert Hall January 9, 1970 is up there in my book. The sound is not quite as good as on the DVD but it is still a superb recording. And the show is astonishing.
  8. June 22, 1977 just because it is so over the top in every dimension.
  9. I would find it rather difficult to choose one Whole Lotta Love Medley. My favorite covers that Zeppelin did is an easier question to answer. C'mon Everybody and Something Else from Royal Albert Hall January 9, 1970. So much energy and power. Plant's range is magnificent and the band is a juggernaut. Tight but loose indeed. Jimmy is over the top.
  10. Yesterday I was listening to June 21, 1977 and I was thinking back to when I saw Zeppelin on June 11, 1977. I was trying to remember what it was like to hear that show for the first time and it struck me that I had never heard White Summer before that show. I had never even heard of White Summer. I didn't know Zeppelin bootlegs existed, and I had no Yardbirds albums. I recall wondering what Jimmy was playing when he sat down by himself. As he weaved his way through White Summer I was quite intrigued as to what this was and where it was going. I thought he is making this up on the spot? Then I realized it had morphed into something familiar, it was Black Mountain Side ! Wow. This is amazing. He is playing Black Mountain Side! Then as it built to a climax, he stood up, kicked the chair back and the band blasted off into Kashmir. We have all heard that a thousand times now but it was so overwhelming then. One of my enduring memories of that show.
  11. June 22, 1977 A powerhouse show. Over the Hills deserves special mention. Sure the beginning is not spot on but such power, and Jimmy is OVER THE TOP in the solo starting around 2:36. I am going back through all my 1977 versions of Over the Hills to see if he was ever quite like this on another night. How he does this after playing 2 and half hours is beyond human. Same goes for Bonham and Jones of course.
  12. Great stuff! This forum helps me find music I would not otherwise know about. Thanks.
  13. That is some fantastic 77 footage. Probably the best non Seattle 77 footage I have seen. Thanks for posting it.
  14. Bluecongo - this is great work. I really like it ! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Very cool. Glad to see the video clip at the bottom of the page. Has anyone come across any audio or video of Tres Coyotes?
  16. First track from their first album 1972
  17. Back in the days when these guys were the best American rock band. Killer set list of early prime Aerosmith
  18. Heartbreaker - March 16 Vienna and not just because of the improvised introduction.
  19. From an incredible album, a monster track.
  20. I have two questions. Right before they start that wonderful intro (the one Luis Rey tagged as "spastic" (in a good way)), Plant says "That's not good." I cannot figure out what he is referring to. Anyone know? Second, did they ever play an intro like this at any other show? It is such a cool groove. I think it is better than the old Rice Pudding intro to Heartbreaker, which as amazing itself.
  21. In that show the Heartbreaker intro is the main riff from Jeff Beck's "Rice Pudding". A great intro indeed.
  22. The opening of Pompeii with the very slow zoom into the band playing one of the best versions of Echoes is amazing, probably one of the most cinematic openings to any rock movie. That entire Echoes is incredible.
  23. Always loved this one. The Jones/Bonham trio !