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  1. The interplay between them is wonderful in that moment. I'm still not sure why Bonzo shakes his head though, was JPJ warning him he was slightly off beat when he did the first fill? Or did Jones play a bum note? (surely scientists have established this is impossible)
  2. Isn't it Pat Bonham with them? Every time I see that photo I can almost hear my mum saying "if the wind changes you'll stay like that!"
  3. hate to say it, but I'm not so sure there is a lot of new material. It Might Get Loud showed the two "Embryos", but other than that? Can I say perhaps we are letting ourselves be blinded here: i.e. as fans it would pain us to imagine (certainly pains me) that someone who once upon a time had these fantastic riffs pouring out of him, might not be so creatively fertile now. Didn't Peter Grant have an offer to manage Queen circa 1974? Just imagine Zep at Earls Court being supported by Bohemian Rhapsody-era Queen. It would have done the job of demolition years before the building finally came down.
  4. it's cos that annoying idiot who does the hype before they come out to play couldn't think of anything else that rhymes with Leicester.
  5. "golden thing is just staggering " "(Laughing)" "Is that the head of Robert?" "Yeah, it's swanking" you sure this is a video of LZ playing music they're talking about?!! #NSFW?
  6. I love the way the caption on "Robbie's mansion" actually shows the Tower House. Clueless paper. There is no evidence from the "story" that Page is upset at the shed either. Could this be the Fat Dancer's way of staying in the papers given he's been in commercial decline for a while now?
  7. 10th April '77, the legendary "Stormtrooper outfit" show. You are indeed a lucky dog, if you'd chosen the previous night to go, then....!
  8. Like the rumoured but never verified bootleg of the Denver 1968 show.
  9. 30/5/77, which makes me a Gemini
  10. "any time now" You tease Robert. Maybe it'll be an acoustic set, Battle of Evermore to include special guest Alison Krauss for the Sandy Denny part?
  11. I'd love to see Ben Harper work with the imaginary PageJones. Such an underrated artist, and he could add second guitar live with the Weissenborn.
  12. Funnily enough, my birthdate. be interesting to know if anyone in the band has mentioned it in interviews etc. I don't recall so in the interviews I've seen & read though. Pity it never happened, because it means Wham! were the first major western act to play behnd the iron curtain. (albeit in China rather than Russia)
  13. Nice looking 6 string bass there. Wonder what's Finnish for "wow I can't believe I'm playing in the same band as John Paul Jones"?
  14. Really wide ranging interview. Many quotes there I recognise from the Barney Hoskyns book. If Plant was PG's least favourite member of the band as speculated above, I wonder if Cole was influential in that? He seems to have fallen out with Plant early on. Pity the film never got off the ground, though I'm glad the 1990 one didn't: imo Malcolm McLaren wasn't the man to make it. But I hope one eventually gets made, or a tv series: because that scene around the 2is is one of the least written about but most consequential in British popular culture.
  15. In Mick Wall's When Giants Walked the Earth, it says that while on the '77 tour Peter Grant had opened negotiations with the Soviet embassy in Washington to have Zeppelin become the first rock act to play behind the iron curtain. Does anyone on the forum know anymore about this project? Naturally it got left to one side after the events of later in the tour, but I wondered if Grant ever mentioned it afterwards as something he still wanted to do in 1981 had the band not split up. Playing in such an unusual (for a Western act) place would have suited Page's self image as an innovator, and maybe Plant might have got some lyrical inspiration similar to the Iceland trip ("I come from the land of vodka and potatoes"?). Seriously, it would have been fascinating to see what kind of reception they'd have got, since I assume the records would have had to be smuggled in. Was there much of a fan base east of Vienna?