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  1. I'm sure even if they had toured in 2009 with Steven Tyler / Myles Kennedy / whoever, they'd have had trouble credibly calling it Led Zeppelin. Bit like "Queen + Paul Rodgers", no one seriously thinks it's Queen do they, that band died when Freddie Mercury did.
  2. Now there's an image to conjure with.
  3. I'm guessing / hoping the next musical release JP is involved with will be some kind of Yardbirds remaster. Either a much better version of Little Games, or a cleaned up version of the Anderson Theatre 1968 bootleg. Just guessing, I have no inside track.
  4. In their pomp, say, Guns n Roses might have had a chance to knock Zeppelin "off their perch", but they couldn't keep it together. The Killers? Heh, yeah right.
  5. Hammer of the Gods ought to go in the fiction section. If you want a good Zep book, "Trampled Underfoot" by Barney Hoskyns is about the only one.
  6. That's interesting. I'd always previously assumed it was a percussion instrument of some kind, overlaid on the track. It is quite noticeable.
  7. It'd be completely accurate if it was meant to be David Coverdale, wearing the dragon suit
  8. I once knew a drummer in our work band who fancied himself and shot his mouth off about how most Zep songs weren't that difficult and their complexity was "overrated" (one of his favourite words). I asked him to do Good Times Bad Times, and after 15 minutes of what sounded like a fender being dragged up a back street, we gave up. He was a bit quieter after that.
  9. If only Plant had stuck to wearing the tank top for the live performance rather than that godawful shiny "it's the 80s you know!" thing he wore. ETA: Do my eyes deceive me or is that JPJ on bass in the rehearsals in the pic? I thought Paul Martinez was nailed on for bass from the start
  10. Good find. Being 1992 I'm guessing he was promoting the Stairway To Heaven book at the time? I'd love to know whether Mark Zep comes on these forums as his YT channel is a goldmine of Zeppelin stuff.
  11. Wasn't it the 3rd that was cancelled due to Page's flu? I think they played the 2nd, 4th, 5th.
  12. I hate the term "classic rock". By using that term, it puts rock and roll in a box and says it's safe. Sort of "Don't worry people, they were dangerous back in the day but it's safe to listen now". Safe & neutered is the last things rock and roll ought to be.
  13. Vaguely remember on another thread, seeing it captioned as Milwaukee Arena? Not sure that's correct though
  14. Tests have been off live free to air tv in England since 2006. It completely sucks. Is the Big Bash on free to air in Oz?
  15. "Spanish Blood" is one of JP's best but least known riffs imo. A tinge of Ramble on about it. Gawd knows what the lyrics are about though.