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  1. Yep, they rented the space out after moving while they stilll had the lease, presumably purely to make extra cash. The first pic at this link is Ronnie Scott's as was pre-65. ( has quoted 19th Aug '68 but I've seen both dates given in various sources)
  2. Rather than being above it, the rehearsal room was the old site of Ronnie Scott's, before it moved (in 1965) to its current site in Frith St. The building above at street level is now a Chinese restaurant called Ykkusan. ETA: I know they rehearsed Train Kept a Rollin, and apparently As Long as I have You, but does anyone know what the other songs rehearsed were? I wonder did Page introduce the others to Dazed & Confused this early, or was that at the rehearsals at Pangbourne before going off to the Scandinavian dates?
  3. JPJ, consistently doing musical things that are interesting and new
  4. The review is written like a parody of an old fart that doesn't get rock n roll. "whatever the youths do nowadays when there isn't a crime to perpetrate"
  5. There's a vid just popped up on YouTube of Clapton playing at the Royal Albert Hall. He's returned to the stage even after his problems with neuropathy, giving his fans a chance to see him live. Meanwhile, we can't see our favourite guitarist on stage except giving out awards etc.
  6. Not many other big bands have stopped and never restarted. Pink Floyd & The Smiths is about the only ones I can think of, and that's only because the "frontmen" can't stand to be in a room together, never mind share a stage.
  7. Camper than a row of tents
  8. Two more venues with Zep connections on that Blue plaque list. The Mayfair ballroom in Newcastle, site of the the first UK gig in October '68. And the Boston Gliderdrome, where Terry Reid was impressed by his support act Band of Joy earlier the same year. ETA - actually three connections, since Sandy Denny is on the list too
  9. Good for BBC Hereford & Worcester. If I won the lottery I'd bung the authorities the cash to pay for that statue of Bonzo in Redditch town centre. Look forward to it eventually going up
  10. Gotta love that pic of Plant on his bike with Strider on his lap. "Der Zeppelin ist explodiert!" Never a truer word spoken!
  11. I'd say back garden of Bonzo's place in West Hagley, before he moved to Old hyde farm. The drying rags are probably what he used to clean the bike. The pic has a very 1970/ 1971 look about it. OT, but looks like he's using a matched grip?!
  12. A magazine for roadies?! Truly there is a mag for anything and everything under the sun.
  13. In the order of "how often I listen to them", rather than critics' choice.... 1. Led Zep 2 2. Physical Graffiti 3. Presence 4. Led Zep 3 5. Led Zep 1 6. Led Zep 4 7. Houses of the Holy 8. Coda 9. In thru The Out Door
  14. The Hipgnosis covers for late 70s bands must be strong candidates for inclusion here. E.g. Scorpions - Animal Instincts I mean, seriously.... Spinal Tap was written to ridicule this kind of thing. "What's wrong with being sexy?!" ETA - for some reason my computer won't let me cut and paste the cover. Perhaps because it's so awful.
  15. You might say ITTOD was the only record Zeppelin could have made, in the state they were in in late 1978.