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  1. Won't someone on here remember that man's phone number!
  2. Ironic given what happened around Knebworth when they did play. Bet Freddie Bannister regrets that. On topic, someone once posted here (possibly earlier this thread) that Plant told him in the 80s that he signed all his Zep royalties over to Maureen! Seems unlikely. Maybe we'll just never know.
  3. Hi George, I know it's off topic for this thread, but I've been enjoying your YT uploads at Bonzology.
  4. The odd rock gig took place at a football ground in that era, e.g. The Who at Charlton. But I think the club owners had such a problem with hooliganism at the time there was a feeling of "don't let another bunch of hooligans in". Which is daft cos the average Zep crowd, firecrackers or no, was probably a lot more peaceable than the crowd for Man Utd v Liverpool. I wonder if the 90/10 split put them off too. Wembley was quite happy to put on any old nonsense in the 70s (Evel Knievel jumping over buses and suchlike) but those people allowed more than 10% of the gate, perhaps they just felt they wouldn't make enough cash from a Zeppelin show.
  5. Imo Zooma pees from a great height over Walking into Clarksdale. Pete Thomas' drums are Bonzo-esque too.
  6. Bear in mind there were hardly any large (20,000+) venues in the UK then. Apart from the Empire Pool (Wembley Arena) & Earls Court which are both London. In touring terms, Zeppelin couldn't play arena type venues across the UK because they just weren't there. City Halls (usually 2-3,000 capacity) was the upward limit. They weren't playing small venues cos of a lack of popularity in the UK. Even ITTOD went no 1 in the UK album charts.
  7. football

    Congrats to Robert Plant's beloved Wolves, who have won promotion to the Premier League this evening. I'm sure he'll be drinking a pint of Thatchers or two!
  8. Random Thoughts v.3

  9. Really enjoyed the '73 TSRTS you posted yesterday!
  10. Random Newspaper Articles

    It'd answer the question of why there wasn't a Denver show in 1977. I'd assumed it was cos the McNichols arena wasn't built yet (and the Coliseum was too small), but it opened in '75.

    You forgot the part about getting him to practise 6 hours a day....

    Or perhaps Dwayne "The Rock" Leverock, Bermudan cricketer Although there would be a fairly obvious historical inaccuracy, it couldn't be more inaccurate than Ian Hart as Grant in "Vinyl"

    I nominate Andy Fordham for the Peter Grant role. He's a big unit, as they say
  14. Shoulda kept those guitar lessons up!
  15. In the Evening lyrics

    Well it'd be embarrassing if it wasn't.
  16. In the Evening lyrics

    To me the song that really is Plant singing about this is Carouselambra, not In the Evening. Plant said "the whole story of the band in its later years is in that song, and I can't even hear the words" (Trampled Underfoot, p. 409).
  17. What better time to clutch at straws than the year of the 50th anniversary? It's fun!
  18. A Heavy Mind and Heart

    One of the least accurate sayings is "the camera never lies". It frequently does
  19. Well spotted! Wonder if this is part of filming a documentary for the 50th? I remember the Wilson sisters talking about seeing this show.

    I've felt for a while that Raising Sand was the moment when he stopped being "Robert Plant, former Led Zeppelin singer" and became "Robert Plant, singer". I suspect he feels if he goes back to Zeppelin in any live way that will go up in smoke and once more he'll be "the former Zep singer". To me it was significant he complained that he gave Page & Jones a copy of Raising Sand and neither complemented him on it (quoted in the Mick Wall book). It's clearly a record he's very proud of and rightly so imo. Guy Pratt said Plant had told him as far as he's concerned rock and roll's a young man's game, and that's that. I don't think he's being selfish or denying the fans anything at all.

    2 days? Sir Geoffrey used to take three, and folk enjoyed it an all
  22. Yes, this ties in well with the website "tease" being from the inside cover of Zep 3.

    This. Anyone expecting a show both electric & long is dreaming. I can just about imagine an acoustic half hour to launch a live multimedia exhibition-type thing, but only on the first night.
  24. Earls Court - an eye-witness account

    This is one of the best ever posts on here. Chapeau!