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  1. Re-reading Barney Hoskyns' Trampled Underfoot and noticed a quote by Robert Plant "I was only 19 when I heard the tape of the first rehearsal". And I thought, what the hell? Why didn't I notice this first time round?! So what about this mythical tape? In a way it'd be the first Zeppelin bootleg... Possibly Plant misremembered and he listened to something else. But if it existed, either 1) there was a tape, that is still in Jimmy Page's vaults, or 2) there was a tape but it got lost / erased / unknown fate. Has anyone on these forums ever heard credible evidence of a recording of the first rehearsal in Soho? Or the 1968 rehearsals in Pangbourne? As someone who's fascinated by very early Zep the existence of such a thing would be close to the Holy Grail, but you just assume if it was around and in a decent condition someone would have leaked it to the 'net by now. Still, I live in hope.
  2. I reckon a "telll all" book about Steve Weiss would make Hammer of the gods look like Mary Poppins. Cole said the rumour that went round back then was that Weiss' father had worked for Meyer Lansky
  3. Ready to be released just in time for the 50th anniversary... I wouldn't put it past JP to suddenly discover an unheard recording, with that sense of theatre he has. I've always had the feeling he's someone who by nature holds onto things rather than throwing them away. It is in the Mick Wall book too that when Peter grant went to New york in November '68 to negotiate a possible record deal he was "armed with tapes of the band's early gigs". Make of that what you will. Again if this is true it'd be good to know what happened to them. By which I mean I'd virtually spontaneously combust if a decent quality bootleg of a Sept-Dec '68 show leaked onto the web.
  4. I was under the impression that's with Plant only though, not all four of them? About the same time as the Alexis Korner / Plant stuff
  5. Apparently even in his Way of Life days he liked to stand on the drum seat and get his shirt off!
  6. I bet if you'd have asked 100 people in the music industry in 1980, will Jimmy live to see 1990, 99 would have said no. In that sense he did extremely well to pull out of it. We're lucky he's still with us.
  7. Joking!
  8. Fantastic photos. I won't even try not to envy you for being there! Oh for a time machine! Incidentally, there's a bloke who looks like Hendrix in the front of the first pic. Now who says him & Page never met?
  9. Not on Facebook, but maybe someone who is could see if there's a group for alumni of Luton College of Tech. I know it's a long shot but if we're going to take it this seriously why not see if anyone's online who was a student at the time & remembers the gig? I've seen online reminisces of a similarly obscure show at an RAF base (!) from '67, so surely someone who was in the audience would remember?
  10. Sounds about right too ("drizzle"), as 1968 was one of Britain's wettest summers of the 20th century.
  11. I wonder if colleges paid money up front for gigs back then? Interest rates were very high in the late '60s, and take the money for a month and then return it when/if the gig is cancelled, and you've earned one month's worth of interest!
  12. Too bad there's not more of Jones or Bonzo either. Most of the photos are either the gangster sequence, Grant's cars or the rescuing fair damsel part. Amazing to see them in such good condition though!
  13. Rod is one of those artists where you think "great voice, shame about the choice of material". Similar to (in a completely different genre) Alicia keys, who wastes a great soul voice on "contemporary" R&B sh**
  14. Cheers for that, it looks like the putting together of the band really was quite a bit more haphazard than legend. I know Peter Grant asked Clem Cattini out for lunch to discuss him being the drummer, but Clem was too busy with sessions. Interesting that Dreja was semi involved in July, when the Mick Wall version was that he was getting cold feet early on in the process. Wall also said that Ace Kefford was considered for bass, but I don't know his source for this.
  15. If they knew they were to disband, it doesn't make much sense to then play a gig in Luton a whole month after the last US date, unless it was a contractual commitment of some kind. Speaking of which, when the venue for the first UK Zeppelin gig in Newcastle was demolished, the promoter was interviewed and said it was originally booked as the "old" Yardbirds. I wondered if this was another date postponed (due to being delayed in France or for whatevr reason)?
  16. Talking of them being in bad shape, the Yardbirds wiki page used to have a short section on the formation of Zeppelin, saying Page considered various drummers including Paul Francis. He was a good drummer, in Maggie Bell's band in the 70s, but this is literally the only place I've ever seen it said he was on Page's shortlist. I wonder where this came from, there's no citation listed. Same with the assertion on the Zep page that Ginger Baker was on Page's shortlist for the Zeppelin drumstool. No citation, and I've never seen it mentioned elsewhere. ETA: Just seen your additions Mercurious and not only does it summarise the 1968 period better than before, it's far better written than the old wiki page. Nice one!
  17. Steve, I recall from somewhere that the 7th July gig was postponed from earlier in the year? It was to take place in mid-March '68, but they were in france just before that & strikes delayed the recording of a tv show, so the Luton gig was postponed and ended up in July. If it were a pre existing date, they must have had to play it contractually. Does seem an odd time to play a college gig though, since exams finish a month before and you'd imagine most of the studes would have gone by then.
  18. that a Zeppelin song gets used in a film trailer and 1) that trailer immediately becomes the most watched on the 'net, and 2) half the comments are "what is this song, I gotta have it!"
  19. he's refusing to do any interviews for the album?
  20. The comments about Plant are intriguing in the extreme, especially given I believe what Curbishley says 100%, he's that kind of bloke. I can understand his comments about being driven by not wanting to go back to where he was brought up. Life in Britain after the war was unbelievably grim and in the East End especially grim. I don't know the background in his case but can imagine his association with the Krays came about just by being around East End venues - the Krays had many interests in boxing and nightclubs. Interesting also that Don Arden backed down when confronted with Charlie Kray, shows he recognised when he was up against a genuine threat. Great interview that paints a picture of what it was like in the industry back then. In the early days of rock and roll in Britain, talent managers tended to have come from the "disreputable" end of the London stage industry. And more than a few in the London music industry had connections to gangsters, I think it was Lionel Bart who introduced Grant to John Bindon?
  21. Doesn't look quite such a sinister image now, does it?
  22. What I just fail to grasp is why anyone would move into a historic home in a historic neighborhood and then wish to make such drastic changes and improvements which would run counter to the homes design and neighborhood history and charm. Because that person has no class or character?
  23. Agree (mostly) with chillumpuffer on this. For me the real jump the shark moment was late 90s when the ticket prices were jacked up to pay for the wall. It went into the realms of only being affordable by Joshs & Jemimas who like, really want to get in touch with the countryside (while living in Islington & driving 4x4s). It's the patronisation of the festival by similar upper middle class wankers that's led to the appearances by Katy Perry & Kanye West. To these Hoxton twats it's all like ironic, yah?
  24. Are there any records of the gigs JPJ did with Herbie Goins and the Night Timers around 1966? Venues, dates etc.
  25. Yep, they rented the space out after moving while they stilll had the lease, presumably purely to make extra cash. The first pic at this link is Ronnie Scott's as was pre-65. ( has quoted 19th Aug '68 but I've seen both dates given in various sources)