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  1. Yes, thanks for the info. It shows what a legendary performance this show was that people are getting excited about footage after all these years. Surprised if Peter Whitehead was not approached about the footage for the DVD in 2002/3? Or, I wonder, did he say back then it was in too poor condition to use?
  2. Wow! This is like finding a nugget of gold in a stream in California. Couple of observations: "it is now [presumably with technology only available in recent years?] possible to restore the footage". So that means it is a job to be done, not one that has already been done. Is Peter Whitehead amenable to a restoration project I wonder? Maybe one that might be finished just in time for the 50th anniversary of the beginning next year, hint hint. also "a lot is backstage". Did Lewis ask what percentage of the 20-30 mins is onstage? I wouldn't sniff at backstage film, but for that particular show, onstage is what we're all looking for I'd think.... Most of all, if only the footage could be synced up with the existing bootlegs of the show...
  3. Just a fun thread for riffs that make you think Zep but are actually other artists, to start off Lenny Kravitz - Rock and roll is dead Stone Roses - Driving South Think it's fair to say both were inspired by listening to Zeppelin....! Any others?
  4. As I understand it they're on some tracks but not all of them. Steve A Jones could probably give you exact dates, but it was recorded between the first rehearsal (19th Aug '68) and departure for the Scandinavia gigs (6th Sept), and not released till the following year. I think there must have been several different sessions spread over a while, as there are other instrumentalists e.g. Clem Cattini credited, as well as the four of them. Jim's Blues is recognisably Zep, and sounds halfway between an early version of You Shook Me & I Can't Quit You Babe.
  5. The intro to Lola leave your light on sounds like a tuned down Custard Pie. I like this band!
  6. imo the "inspired by" credit that now applies to D&C is a good way of resolving the issue. "Dazed" as played on the first album may not be 100% original, but if you listen to Jake Holmes' track, can you honestly say it has anything in common beyond the first four words and the descending bassline? So "inspired by" is a good way of putting it. As in, no credit doesn't feel right but nor does a co credit, if you see what I mean.
  7. I forgot to add this from the same album as the other Roses track above
  8. Freo & the West Coast Eagles Aussie Rules sides are moving to the new Perth stadium next year, so sadly it looks as if the days of Subiaco oval as a working stadium are numbered. The exhibition could be a kind of "farewell to the old place". Nice one for getting involved, pics from the Slade gig a year later might be fun too.
  9. Dread to say it, but yep, Motley Crue. Can't think of many others though.
  10. I love the guitar playing on the Coverdale / Page album, but Coverdale's lyrics ruin it for me really. Cliched rock BS. And the shiny / too trebly early '90s production. By contrast Zooma had a lot of bottom end whump.
  11. I think it was an ego thing. Each of the really long ones is a showcase for each instrumentalist. Guitar / noise solo, No Quarter, drum solo. By 1977 each stretching out to close to 30 mins long.... I agree it was a mistake to go that way as it left no space for songs that would have sounded great live: Custard Pie (just listen to the storming Page / Black Crowes version and imagine it with Plant, Jones & Bonzo), Wanton song, For your life, Royal Orleans, Carouselambra, I'm gonna crawl, all could have had some / more showtime, but ego got in the way, jmo.
  12. I'd argue they changed music temporarily, in some areas like recording the ambient sound of drums, backwards echo, etc. These things were revolutionary at the time but I'd argue music technology has moved on so much since then that it was only a real change in the 70s, not now. And they changed things permanently in terms of some other areas: the business side of things, gigs, asking for and getting 90%, etc. So they left a permanent mark on the commercial side. Tbh though I don't really care if they did change music or not. Not many bands have after all. The Beatles arguably changed recorded music more than any other act, but for gut wrenching riffs and so on I'd rather listen to Zeppelin.
  13. Certainly looks like him. Even with that being filmed in '74, Grant knew Bindon long before hiring him in '77.
  14. I figured as much. There are a couple of dates at the Lafayette in 1969 on the official gig timeline, so I guess it's possible it was scheduled but postponed to the following year to allow more time to rehearse for the Marquee date the following evening.
  15. Steve, wikipedia has just had added a gig supposed played in 17/10/68 at Club Lafayette in Wolverhampton. This doesn't appear on the timeline on this site. Is there any info in your notes about this mythical gig? I don't remember seeing it in any of the obvious sources e.g. Dave Lewis' book of Zeppelin shows etc.
  16. Zooma is brilliant. If you want to see JPJ stretching out & throwing every musical idea into the mix, that album has it. Great drumming from Pete Thomas as well
  17. In that sense grunge was so very necessary
  18. Given that even the "Avril Lavigne is dead / replaced by a lookalike" conspiracy theory has resurfaced today, I'm surprised no one on the 'net has yet come up with an entertainingly loony theory for why Page hasn't been playing live. It needs to involve alien abduction, the Illuminati & the masons. Come on internet, you're letting us down...
  19. I've heard a rumour of a bloke who has a boot of the Denver 26/12/68 show and has hoarded it all these years. Came to bootleg the Fudge and started the tape early. Probably just be a rumour who knows...but for me that one is the one I'd have as my "fantasy boot". Not so much for the performance, though by all accounts it was pretty good, but for the historicness (word?!) of the occasion, and to hear if there were any comments from the crowd near the taper, along the lines of "Led who?" "aw never heard of 'em". my other fantasy would be any recordings of the Oct / Nov / Dec '68 UK shows turning up, especially the Wood Green Fishmongers Arms gig as I used to live just down the road from there.
  20. With a bit of imagination there's plenty that could go in an exhibition. It'd be about recreating a time and atmosphere - pictures of the Grande Ballroom as it was then not the sorry state it's in now. The underground clubs Zeppelin played on their early visits to the US. There are tons of pics and vintage posters that could be used, tickets, memerobilia, some of which could be loaned by collectors. And a section devoted to bootlegs, after all they must be the most bootlegged act ever excepting Dylan. Costumes, guitars. There's more than enough for the proper exhibition that Zeppelin deserve on the anniversary.
  21. Fair play, but i don't remember the Unledded set being anti climactic. Isn't this realistically the only way Plant will ever agree to it?
  22. Imo an acoustic short (45 mins) set would be a good way to mark the anniversary. The absence of an acoutic set was my only gripe with the o2 show, and it would give a chance to showcase the likes of That's the way, Gallows pole, and the "softer side" if you like. And JP could sit down all the way through
  23. I doubt Plant gives a toss tbh. Back in the early 80s he tried to coax Page out ("come on it's quite nice out there you know" pace Barney Hoskyns - Trampled Underfoot book) but nowadays I'd imagine he leaves him to his own devices. Maybe there's a tiny chance this message is about a RP/JP collaboration that has miraculously stayed a music biz secret but I bet it's a new Plant solo album.
  24. Is the film any better though? Anger was very critical of Page at the time, but at least Page produced something that was eventually (sort of) released. The actual film as far as I know, was never released.
  25. OTOH Since the O2 there has been the guest spot at the 2008 Foo Fighters Wembley gig; Roy Harper in 2011 (acoustic only iirc), and the "several guitarists on stage" jam at Seattle in Dec 2015